Is Ashley Furniture Going Out of Business in 2023? – Why are they closing?

Hey there, furniture enthusiasts! There’s been quite a buzz going around about Ashley Furniture lately, and I’m here to spill the beans. 

You might have heard whispers in the air about whether Ashley Furniture is going out of business. There is a lot of buzz going around that is related to Ashley Furniture’s closure. Well, let me tell you, it’s time to separate fact from fiction! So grab a seat, put your detective hats on, and let’s dive into the exciting world of furniture news to find out what’s really happening with Ashley Furniture. 

We’ll break it down into bite-sized pieces that even your adult mind can easily digest. Don’t worry. We’ll use simple words and sentences to keep you in the loop. And who knows, by the end of this journey, you might just become the furniture expert among your friends! 

So, without further ado, let’s unravel the mystery surrounding Ashley Furniture’s future and discover the truth behind the rumors. Buckle up, folks. It’s going to be an enlightening ride!

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Is ashley furniture closing?

Listen up, furniture aficionados! After scouring the search results, it’s crystal clear that Ashley Furniture is not on the brink of going out of business. Let’s dig into the deets we found:

First things first, Ashley Furniture is in the capable hands of a dynamic duo—Ron and Todd Wanek, a father-and-son team. They’ve been crafting and delivering top-notch home furniture products all around the globe. Impressive, right?

Suppose you’re itching to visit an Ashley Furniture showroom, head on over to Bolingbrook, IL. There, you can explore a vast collection of furniture, mattresses, and stylish home décor. It’s like a treasure trove for interior design enthusiasts!

Now, due to the pesky pandemic, Ashley Furniture had to temporarily shut down a few locations. They made this tough call to keep people safe and sound during the COVID-19 chaos. Kudos to them for putting our well-being first!

Hold your horses, though—Ashley Furniture did close down its distribution center in Etna Township. But here’s the catch: it was a strategic move to cease operations at that specific facility. Nothing to fret about, folks!

And here’s a little cherry on top: Howard Fineman, a savvy entrepreneur, decided to sell his five Ashley HomeStores and distribution center to 1915 South. They’re all set to revamp and expand, giving us even more reasons to be excited about Ashley Furniture.

So, rest easy, my friends. There’s no need to worry about Ashley Furniture waving goodbye to the business world. They’re here to stay, bringing style and comfort to homes near and far. Keep those home decor dreams alive!

Which specific Ashley Furniture stores are closing

The question on everyone’s lips is whether Ashley Furniture is closing stores. Well, here’s the scoop based on what we found:

There are a few signs that suggest Ashley Furniture might be closing some of its stores. You see, there’s this website called, and it has messages about store closings, specifically at Ashley Furniture HomeStore. It’s like whispers in the wind, spreading the news.

Efficiency seems to be the name of the game for Ashley Furniture. They’re making some changes to enhance their operations. For instance, they’re planning to close their Statesville plant and move their operations elsewhere. It’s all about finding smarter ways to do things and staying ahead of the game.

In Ohio, things took a surprising turn. Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. closed its distribution hub in Etna, Ohio. Imagine that—three years after they opened it! Life can be full of twists and turns, can’t it?

Some folks on Yelp have left reviews mentioning Ashley Furniture HomeStore locations being closed. It’s like a breadcrumb trail of information, giving us a hint of what might be happening.

Now, let’s not forget our dear friend COVID-19. In response to the pandemic, Ashley Furniture made the responsible decision to temporarily close select locations. Safety and well-being are their top priorities.

Reasons behind the closure of select Ashley locations

Hey there, curious minds! Wondering why some Ashley Furniture locations have closed their doors? Let’s unravel the mystery based on what we found:

Firstly, when the notorious COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ashley Furniture made a responsible move by temporarily closing select locations. They did this to safeguard the health and well-being of both customers and staff. Safety first, folks!

Now, let’s talk about distribution centers. Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. made the tough call to shut down its distribution hub in Etna, Ohio. It’s interesting to note that this happened three years after they initially opened the center. Business decisions can sometimes be like a jigsaw puzzle, don’t you think?

Efficiency matters! Ashley Furniture Inds. Decided to close its Statesville plant and relocate its operations. This move was all about enhancing efficiency and finding smarter ways to make things happen. Efficiency is the name of the game!

But here’s a plot twist: when it comes to the closure of the Pinellas Park store, there’s no clear-cut information available. So, we can only wait a bit longer till we have conceived info in our hands. 

How will the closure of select Ashley locations affect customers?

Well, well, well, let’s dive into how the closure of select Ashley locations might affect you, the valued customer. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

First off, if you’ve already bought furniture from a store that’s closing its doors, you might encounter some bumps along the way. Delivery or returns could be delayed or become a bit tricky. It’s like hitting a roadblock on your journey to furniture bliss.

Now, let’s talk about those distribution centers. With some of them closing, there could be an impact on the availability of certain products. Picture this: you’re eagerly waiting for that dream sofa, but it takes a bit longer to arrive. Patience is key, my friend!

If you’re used to visiting an Ashley Furniture HomeStore that’s closing down, you might need to spread your wings and venture a little further to find another location. It’s like taking a detour on your furniture-hunting expedition. But fear not; a little extra travel can sometimes lead to exciting discoveries!

Oh, and there’s more! The closure of the Statesville plant could affect the production and availability of certain furniture pieces. It’s like a ripple effect, impacting what’s up for grabs in the furniture realm.

Last but not least, COVID-19 strikes again. Some Ashley locations closed temporarily in response to the pandemic. So, if you prefer the thrill of in-person shopping, your options may be a tad limited. It’s like narrowing down your choices in the vast furniture universe.

How many Ashley Furniture stores are closing in total

Well, We’ve done some digging, and the exact number of Ashley Furniture stores that are closing in total is still a mystery. Here’s what we found:

There’s talk about Ashley Furniture totally liquidating all their Spokane stores, but the actual count remains unknown. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.

In Manhattan, New York, there’s a mention of a closed Ashley Furniture HomeStore, but whether it’s a permanent closure or just a temporary situation is uncertain. It’s like a riddle that’s missing a crucial clue.

Ashley Furniture did close its distribution hub in Etna, Ohio, and a production and distribution center in Statesville, N.C. But when it comes to the overall number of store closures, the information out there is patchy. It’s like trying to count stars on a cloudy night.

There’s even a temporary closure for a renovation at an Ashley Home Store in Columbus. It’s like giving a room a fresh coat of paint before reopening the doors.

So, my friend, the truth is, we don’t have the full picture just yet. The specific details about the total number of Ashley Furniture stores closing remain elusive. It’s like trying to solve a mystery without all the clues. Stay tuned as the story unfolds and we uncover more about the store closures.

What is the financial status of Ashley Furniture?

Ashley Furniture Industries is rocking it when it comes to its financial status! They’re like a money-making machine. With a revenue of $4.7 billion in 2018, they’re raking in the dough. And get this, and they have an annual revenue of over $500 million! That’s a whole lot of zeros. They’re not just a small-time operation either. They’ve got over 1,000 employees working hard to make those dollars roll in.

According to the wise folks at Forbes, Ashley Furniture Industries has been on a financial winning streak. In 2019, they made a whopping $6.6 billion in revenues. In the years prior, they pulled in $5.7 billion, $4.6 billion, and $4 billion in 2018, 2017, and 2016, respectively. Talk about hitting the jackpot!

But that’s not all. Their Ashley Furniture Homestore division is no slouch either, with an estimated annual revenue of $223.7 million. They’re like a money magnet, attracting those dollars left and right.

So, my friend, when it comes to finances, Ashley Furniture Industries is standing tall. They’re like a financial powerhouse, making big bucks and keeping the cash flowing. 

Now, it’s time for us to round up. We hope that through this article, we have managed to convey the information that we wanted to tell you. Till then, keep following us, and do not miss out on our latest article. Bye!!