Is a Laundromat a good investment in 2023

Is a Laundromat a good investment in 2023: How much you make?

Is a Laundromat a good investment in 2023? Is it safe and good profitable business still now? People may question whether 2023 is the ideal year to launch a business amid the current state of the economy. Targeted industries, including retail, hospitality, and travel, may need to improve as customers limit their budgets.

Yet, the laundromat sector is a recession-resistant industry that gives investors pretty stable earnings regardless of the state of the economy. So, if anyone wants to launch a company that can endure and flourish during a crisis, look no further than a laundromat.

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Are laundromats a dying business?

Is a Laundromat a good investment in 2023

The public can clean and dry their garments at a launderette. It is also known as a “self-service laundry,” utilizing industrial-sized machines that are made to withstand enormous loads and frequent use. Higher-capacity washers, such as those found in laundromats, provide more options and features than standard washers. This benefits because heavier loads and more bulky objects like blankets and even pillows may be laundered more effectively.

The US laundromat sector is estimated to be worth $5 billion and offers a vital service to towns and cities throughout the nation. Launderettes were one of the few companies to stay available during the pandemic. Thus, it demonstrated the company’s exceptional adaptability and ability to keep giving store owners steady income into the year 2023 and beyond. 

People will always need clean clothes no matter how well, or poorly the economy is doing. In reality, launderettes often do well during downturns because more individuals choose to rent rather than buy homes. Thus, they are turning to launderettes for their washing needs.

Owning laundromat pros and cons

Is a Laundromat a good investment in 2023

It is interesting to invest in a small business for a variety of reasons. Being a boss, making choices that directly impact the company’s performance, and obtaining financial freedom while offering a valuable service to our neighborhood are all reasons starting a small business is fascinating.

The capacity to accumulate wealth and develop an asset that the owners can pass on to the next generation is crucial. It can be achieved by starting a small business, mainly when operating a laundromat.

If starting a business is our ultimate goal, we have thought about the various industries we can get involved in. Also, We might have yet to think about the possibility offered by owning and running a laundromat, too. A new entrepreneur may find that purchasing a laundromat is one of the best small-business investments they can make for many reasons.

The decision to invest in a laundromat can be made for a variety of good reasons, both financial and non-financial. However, like other businesses, success will depend entirely on the strategic approach.

Managing a laundromat can be financially lucrative if the essentials are in place. This includes an accessible location, suitable equipment for the job, appropriate preventive maintenance solutions, and effective marketing methods. Due to minimal operating costs, the typical laundromat may achieve an ROI as high as 30% or even more in the correct spot. The immediate cash-for-service transaction that happens avoids many of the cash flow issues that frequently affect other sectors.

Staffed laundries have higher overhead expenses. However, they can charge for services such as pick-up and delivery or paid clothing adjustments. In turn, this improves connections with devoted clients, creating momentum for future growth and potential franchise prospects.

Another significant advantage for laundry entrepreneurs is work-life balance. If you want to manage the company, you’ll have the option of choosing the location and operating procedures. But passive investors will have the chance to make significant money with little effort.

The industry is growing more attractive to investors. But there are also more difficulties in buying it and getting lease conditions that are favorable to investors. When they hit the industry, most laundries were performing much below expectations and needed more maintenance. Too many problems should be addressed during the due diligence phase. Rent is rising, and landowners are finding it harder and harder to commit to lengthy leases and many options with guarantees of future rent prices.

As borrowing rates rise, equipment costs have increased by 15 to 20% from pre-pandemic levels. All other expenditures are also quickly growing, with water being costly. These expenses are frightening when we realize that the majority of laundries that are resold have outdated technology. It will need to be replaced in the next five to seven years to stay in business. The potential investor can become weary trying to preserve their exit option.

On the other side, by adopting the right actions, the investor will boost sales and broaden his clientele. We can predict fantastic outcomes if we have a well-developed scheme, quality infrastructure mix, high vend rates, and a customer-friendly operation.

Do laundromat owners make a lot of money?

In addition to all the benefits they provide to the owner, small businesses play a critical role in the strength of the nation’s economy. According to a recent survey, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States or 99.9% of all companies. Additionally, in 2015, small firms made up 47.5% of all jobs in the country and generated 70% of all new jobs.

There are several strong reasons to invest in laundries. This includes potential financial stability, a time to work on essential balances, and contributing to local and national economies. Laundries are a wise choice for newbies and seasoned small company investors due to their high success rate, outstanding ROI, flexibility, scalability, and manageable cash flow.

It is true that new business models that respond to neighborhood requirements and provide better customer service can become famous. In addition, their tidy, secure, and reliable operations draw a more significant proportion of the public and a wider circle of impact to their laundromat. Indeed, the consumer base for laundry services has been low up until now, at around 10–12%.

Nowadays, laundry-specific attention requires a far higher level of care. It is also crucial to build a new model with detailed objectives to address the issues with the current model and processes. A laundromat’s investigative process is rigorous, but only a few purchasers fully deal with the problems. Thus, it frequently manifests in a careless departure strategy and unfulfilled promises. Most of the laundry currently on the market is in this state.

Many purchased laundry businesses must be reformed to be safe investments with consistent profits and a clear exit plan. Today, however, the benefits of doing so and doing it correctly are far more significant than in the past.

Tax benefits of owning a laundromat

Due to the initial purchase of required fixed assets, laundromat owners might benefit from depreciation. Power, gas, and water costs are further examples of tax deductions.

We can deduct business costs from our taxable income if we own a laundry. These consist of expenses for our company’s goods sold and regular upkeep. According to new laws from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, one can purchase new equipment and claim 100% of the cost in the first year we put the washers and dryers into use. Owners of laundries save a lot of money because of the new regulations.


The fact that a laundromat is a very approachable company is one of the best things about owning one. People always require launderettes and are ready to pay for them. This makes the chance to buy a laundromat great. Due to the great demand, even though our initial investment may be significant, we will be able to recover it reasonably soon. The best thing is that by 2024, demand for washing services is anticipated to rise by up to 29%. Numerous customers are searching for a practical solution to their washing problems. That makes it a fantastic option for a startup company.