Why Apple iMac 27 discontinued

Why Apple iMac 27 discontinued? – Should I buy an iMac now or wait?

Why Apple iMac 27 discontinued? iMac is a line of desktops created by Apple that provide all-in-one facilities. This product by Apple was launched in August 1998 and has been a major part of Apple’s revenues since then. The product has evolved, and significant improvements have been made, keeping in mind the changing demands and the new technology.

The first product from this line was iMac G3 which had an egg-shaped look along with a CRT monitor. To give it a sleeker look, a translucent case was also added. The next variant, iMac G4, had all the requirements you could ask for at that point and an LED screen. This was a dealbreaker because people needed to become acquainted with sleeker screens and desktops.

The next variant was called iMac G5, and the word Intel iMac also had all the facilities and was sleeker than the previous variants.

Causes of Apple iMac 27 Discontinued

iMac 27 and iMac 24 continue to be available for sale from Apple for a very long period. It was one of the few Apple products still functioning on the Intel processor. But over time, Apple felt that there was no demand and need for such a big screen now. This is why Apple discontinued the production of the iMac 27 and only kept supplying the iMac 24 in the market.

Why Apple iMac 27 discontinued

No official statements were made regarding the same, and Apple decided to discontinue this product quietly. This is why for a very long time, many people thought that Apple had temporarily stopped the supply of iMac 27. Later on, they realized that the brand had permanently discontinued the product.

But a lot of people, even now, are assuming and hoping that Apple will come up with an even better and bigger desktop screen in the future. There are a lot of fanatics in the market that still love big screens and huge displays.

 This is why to target that sector in the consumer list, Apple will likely come up with an even bigger screen. Since 24-inch and 27-inch are not that big of a difference, the brand might be thinking of coming with a much larger screen. But there has yet to be an official statement regarding the decided plans of Apple.

Specifications of iMac

The company then used anodized aluminum to give it a more tin finish. Over the years, many variants of the iMac have been released in the market. A 21.5-inch variant was also released to give a big display. Apple iMac 27, which had a 27-inch display, was also released and was much appreciated by the public. 

A few years ago, having a big screen that was thin and sleek was a USP for a company as this technology was not so rampant now.

In April 2021, Apple announced the new variant called Apple iMac 24, which had a lot of new features, such as an Apple M1 processor. Many color variants were available for this desktop: Silver, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Pink.

History of iMac

When iMac’s manufacturing and launch in the market were announced, it attracted a lot of criticism and skepticism from the public. This was because Apple faced a lot of seal decline and losses due to consumers’ preference towards Wintel.

As Apple started focusing on Macintosh hardware, people needed to be more sure about their future.

Many people started assuming that Apple products would be just a copy of the already best-selling desktops in the market, not giving customers any new or special reason for purchase.

But when the iMac was released, it became really popular. This was because the designer of iMac, Jonathan, I’ve focused more on giving people an out-of-the-box experience. Only two steps were required to tone on your desktop and connect to the internet. 

By that time, you had to follow a three-step procedure to activate your desktop into a fully functioning internet-stimulated device. This made the customers happy as connecting to the internet got less complex.

People’s reviews 

Why Apple iMac 27 discontinued

Since its release in the market, the iMac has gained a lot of appraisal for product quality. A lot of people have even said that the color options that the company provided to the public were a major reason behind its mainstream success.

But Apple has also been subjected to many controversies for its product. In 2008 a lawsuit was filed against Apple as the brand claimed that its desktop showed all the present colors, whereas, in reality, it was sounded out that the desktop was only able to radiate 262,144 colors. The case was further dismissed in January 2009.

The product has come under the radar of critics, stating that it has become more of a status symbol with time. It has no room for people who want to upgrade their desktop further, as Apple provides no such opportunities. It is also more expensive than most desktops available in the market, making it accessible to a large portion of the public.


iMac 27 has been discontinued by the brand for a very long time. If you’re looking for a bigger screen than 24 inches from Apple, you might have to wait for some time now. You can buy a secondhand or a pre-use iMac 27 if you want to switch from your regular 24-inch iMac or buy a bigger desktop directly.

 But if you want a new desktop from Apple with a big screen, then yeah, there is no option available for you in the market. Apple keeps coming up with new products every year, so there is a high chance that a new range of iMac will also be released with a different spectrum of colors available. For concrete information, one can only trust reliable sources from Apple only. These are assumptions, and Apple may or may not develop a bigger iMac desktop.

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