Is Hypixel Shutting Down in 2023? – Things To know

Is Hypixel Shutting Down? The answer is Yes; according to some reports, “Hypixel shut down on June 18, 2021, for urgent maintenance and said, their host was having DDoS attacks at a larger scale.” 

On the contrary, It was believed that no shutdown had been done for now, they are only resolving the issue, and the closure is only for a very short time, i.e., a few days. The answer is No; they are not shutting down Hypixel, as it will remain in business. 

Let’s see what is happening around. If you want more to resolve this puzzle, so keep reading on!!

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About Hypixel

Hypixel is well known as Hypixel Network. It was introduced by Simon Hypisel Collins-Laflamme and Philippe Touchette on April 13, 2013, and is operated by the company of the same name, Hypixel Inc.

It was believed that Hypixel was initially available on the Bedrock Edition of the game, but now, it is only available on the Java Edition of Minecraft. Because of its top-notch quality, Hypixel is considered one of the largest currently active Minecraft servers that maintained its record in the Guinness World Records four times. 


  • Type: Minecraft Server
  • Developer: Hypixel Inc.
  • Platform: Minecraft: Java Edition
  • Available In: More than 20 languages
  • Released On: April 13, 2013
  • Website:,

What Happened To Hypixel?

It was believed that Hypixel started to use DDoS protection of the Cloudflare Spectrum in 2018. In the same year, when it began using it, several attacks were made, and Mirai hosted it (it is malware used against the server).

After being fed up and becoming a victim of multiple attacks, Hypixel shut down on June 18, 2021, for urgent maintenance and stated their host had become a victim of multiple attacks when using Cloudflare Spectrum as a DDoS protection.

Besides, before shutting down, players reported several issues and claimed to identify the issue with an upstream provider. To resolve the issue, the company shut down its server for four days, and after resolving it, it reopened it completely.

When reintroducing the server, the Hypixel team stated, “We had dealt with DDoS multiple attacks for more than eight years and now we’ve made changes but these recent changes at the host have caused a defect in the entire setup.”

How did Hypixel Come Out?

On April 13, 2013, the Hypixel server was introduced by Simon Collins-Laflamme and Philippe Touchette in beta. It operates by Hypixel Inc. Both the founders have created Minecraft adventures and started uploading them to their YouTube Channel. It was created for the players to play when other players were not there.

Also, it allows the players to play and showcase these maps; these minigames have been in popularity and have become the real identity of the server, Hypixel. 

But the server did not focus on making the other Minecraft games and maps and created new server content rather making minigames.

When Hypixel was introduced, it was not known as Hypixel Inc. On January 23, 2013, It was registered as a Canadian corporation titled 8414483 Canada Inc. Later, On February 2, 2015, the name was replaced and officially known as Hypixel Inc. 

When its name was modified to its official name in 2015, the company disclosed that the monthly server maintenance was around 100,000 US dollars.

According to one post on Twitter, it was noted that on September 2015, the server reached 1.9 million unique players every single month.

On December 21, 2016, the server attained more than 10 million new players, and when Hytale was announced on December 13, 2018, the number of players had reached 14.1 million new players. 

On April 2020, Hypixel reached 18 million new players. In April 2021, the server attained popularity and reached over 150,000 players, and the number of players skyrocketed to 216,000 by the end of the same month of the same year.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Hypixel?

After deep research, we have gone through the net worth of Hypixel and learned that the server and website have an average net worth of approximately 5.4 million US dollars.

Hypixel Minecraft Server On Twitter?

Let’s look at a few posts on Twitter that Hypixel Minecraft Server has posted. These are as follows:

“We’re aware of the issue that currently you all are facing. We’re working on it and trying to resolve all these issues as soon as possible. All in all, the company has cleared no shutdown is going on neither the Hypixel studios nor its server as well.”

“We would like to recommend our players to switch from the Hypixel server to something else right now and avoid joining it for the good. We’ve noted that some players have already shifted their focus to somewhere else because of current issues. But no problem we also recommend this, don’t forget to keep an eye on the updates for the server.”

“Although, we’re working on sorting things out as earlier as possible until then, please be patient and calm. For the time being, no reason we’ve got that may clarify all the things.”

On the official website of Hypixel, several posts are also there; let’s put light on the following: 

One said, “ I got a rumor that said, the Hypixel server is going to shut down, I don’t know what is exactly going on, and do let me know if this is true. Along with this, I heard it is shutting down because the booster cookies such as semi p2w and Mojang is not working as usual and this is considered to be one of the major reasons for its closure. Is this story true, should we have to believe it?”

To which people replied, No, it is not happening, and no official statement has been released on its closure. Yeah! Some issues are going on, but they are resolved. So be patient and try to cooperate with them.

The Final Words On Hypixel Server Shutting Down

Hypixel is one of the most famous Minecraft servers worldwide in the gaming industry, as it gained over 100,000 players at peak hours and has been counted at the top for several years.

Initially, it introduced minigames for gamers, but later, it released a new multiplayer server to attract unique players.

For now, No shutdown has been done by Hypixel Server.

The company has also cleared this point and stated, “We’re not going to shut down Hypixel. Yeah! We’re still working on sorting out the problems that people are facing and keeping an eye on every issue. Please stay updated and be patient with us. Try to cooperate with us as we are working on a solution and still resolving the issues.”