How did make his fortune: Is Montgomery Ward still in business?

Yes, Montgomery Ward is still in the business, but they are not going with the name they started with. Now Montgomery Ward operates under the name “Wards”. From 1872 to 2001, Montgomery Ward served as a mail-order business. Later, Montgomery Ward transformed themselves. In 2004, the then-new Ward changed itself into an online retailer. The online retailer company adopted a new approach of “Buy Now, Pay Later”. 

This allowed customers to buy the things they wanted and later on settle their balance. Wards started to offer quality products. This includes a wide range of selections in furniture, home décor, electronics, clothing, and jewellery. However, the company was not as popular as it used to be when it was named Montgomery Ward. But now “Wards” has captivated the hearts of quite a number of people through their online services. 

Montgomery Ward began its journey in 1872. When American Aaron Montgomery Ward was founded, it was first established as a mail-order business. They used to offer a single-sheet catalogue of items of about 163. Later, in 1904, Montgomery Ward sent mail to nearly 3 million patrons. The company also started to offer a wide range of products, which helped in its growth. Fast forward to 2004, Montgomery Ward was relaunched as “Wards”, an online retailer platform. 

With its “Buy Now, Pay Later” approach, the brand continues to provide high-quality products to its customers. Let us understand more about Montogomery Wards, aka Wards. 

Is Montgomery Ward still in business today?

Yes, Montgomery Ward is still in the business. They are still active. But they don’t go with Montgomery Ward’s name now. The company has renamed themselves as “Wards”. 

This renaming was done after its buyout in 2004. Wards has expanded its services. They now sell furniture, decor, and whatnot. With their business model, the “Buy Now Pay Later” move. The company has gathered the attention of many folks. Though the company’s popularity is comparatively low compared to Montgomery Ward, Montgomery Ward, a.k .a. Wards, is still operating. 

What is Montgomery Ward’s current status?

Montgomery Ward is now called as Wards. The company has been operating as an online retailer since its purchase in 2004. The company was later acquired by “Colony Brands Inc.” in the year 2008. Montgomery Ward was the global leader in the mail-order and departmental store chain business. 

Later, as time passed, the company began to see its downfall, and soon, it was sold out after shutting its stores. Wards now provide their services on the basis of buying now and paying later on. They offer quality products to their clients. 

Is Montgomery Ward still in business

Has Montgomery Ward undergone any significant changes recently?

Yes, Montgomery Ward has undergone some of the major changes. Here is a list of some of the big moves that Montgomery Ward has made. 

  1. In 2004, Montgomery Ward renamed themselves as Wards. This decision was made after the company reportedly faced hard times and they decided to sell the company. 
  2. In 2001, after Montgomery Ward sold off all of its physical stores, The company was acquired and relaunched in 2004. This time, the company was relaunched as an online retailer platform. 
  3. In 2008, Montgomery Ward was acquired by another company called “Colony Brands Inc.”
  4. Colony Brands Inc., a family-owned direct-mail business, acquired a brand inspired by its founder, Aaron Montgomery Ward. 
  5. The company, now operating online as Wards, upholds the brand’s heritage, traditions, and values. Wards offers customers a “Buy Now, Pay Later” policy, allowing them to make purchases and pay balances over time.

When did Montgomery Ward transition into its current form?

Multiple transitions took place between 2004 and 2008 for Montgomery Ward to reach where it is currently. In the year 2004, Montgomery Ward was acquired by some companies and was renamed and re-established as an online retailer platform, “Wards”.

Skipping to 2008, “Montgomery Ward “was acquired again. This time, it was a family-owned business that was into direct-mail services. The company “Colony Brands Inc.” is influenced by the heritage and culture of “Aaron Montgomery Ward “. 

As of today, the company offers services on the get now pay later scheme.

What is the name under which Montgomery Ward operates now?

Montgomery Ward brand operates under the name “Wards”. The company now works according to the “Buy Now Pay Later” scheme. For more information, we suggest you look at the official site of the company. 

  1. How did Montgomery Ward evolve after its original mail-order business?
  2. The company was initially registered as a mail-order business. Which was later renamed and acquired by “Colony Brands Inc.” 
  3. When the company sold all of its physical stores, In 2004, Montgomery Ward was acquired by “Digital Marketing Service Inc.” aka DMSI. 
  4. Digital Marketing Service Inc. acquired and reintroduced Montgomery Ward as “Wards.”
  5. Advancing to the year 2008, Montgomery Ward was brought by “Colony Brands Inc.”
  6. Colony Brands Inc. is a family-owned business specializing in direct-mail operations.
  7. Currently, the company functions as an online retailer named Wards. They provide customers with a “Buy Now, Pay Later” policy, enabling them to make purchases and settle balances gradually.

Who owns Montgomery Ward at present?

Montgomery Ward, or Wards, is now owned and managed by “Colony Brands Inc.” Colony Brands Inc acquired Wards in the year 2004. After the company filed for bankruptcy, for more information, follow the company’s official site.

In what year did Montgomery Ward & Co. operate as a department store chain?

Montgomery Ward and Co. was in operation from 1926 to the 2000s. Montgomery Ward and Co. inaugurated its initial standalone retail store in Plymouth, Indiana, in 1926.

The Montgomery Ward store chain rapidly expanded. Thus, it boasted 556 stores nationwide by 1930, with retail sales surpassing catalogue sales. 

However, they started facing formidable competition from emerging discount retailers like Target in the 1990s, and Montgomery Ward struggled to keep itself afloat. Ultimately, Montgomery Ward declared bankruptcy in 1997.

Despite the company’s efforts to modernize itself. The company sustained losses. Therefore, it led to the announcement of its closure in December 2000. 

By 2001, all remaining stores were shut down following the company’s acquisition by a catalogue marketer. Montgomery Ward underwent a revival as an online entity in 2004. 

Presently, it operates as an online retailer under the name Wards.

Can you provide information on Montgomery Ward’s online relaunch in 2004? What happened to Montgomery Ward after their acquisition in 2004?

Here is the low-down on Montgomery Ward and what happened to Montgomery Ward post-relauched in 2004.

  1. After the company decided to file for insolvency, it was bought by DMSI, who were into catalogue marketing. 
  2. They relaunched Montgomery Ward as Wards in 2004. 
  3. This time, Montgomery Ward or Wards’ main focus was on providing their customers with a high-end experience in online shopping. Wards offered services similar to those of their Montgomery Ward departmental store chain. 
  4. This time, Wards added a new language to their dictionary. I.e. Spanish. 
  5. Moving forward, as of now, Montgomery Ward or Wards is now owned by Colony Brands Inc. 

What type of products does Wards, the current incarnation, offer?

  1. Wards, the present form of Montgomery Ward, presents an extensive array of items, spanning furniture, home décor, electronics, clothing, jewellery, appliances, bed and bath, shoes, and more. 
  2. Their online platform enables customers to conveniently explore and purchase products, featuring a “Buy Now, Pay Later” policy for flexible payments.
  3. Wards also cater to a diverse audience by providing a Spanish-language version of its website and a dedicated Montgomery Ward Kids site. 
  4. Furthermore, the company emphasizes delivering quality, name-brand products coupled with a user-friendly credit plan.
  5. In keeping with the brand’s heritage, traditions, and values inspired by founder Aaron Montgomery Ward, Ward strives to make shopping both accessible and enjoyable.
  6. Staying true to the saying “out with the old, in with the new,” Wards has embraced modernity while preserving the essence of its founder’s vision. 
  7. In the world of online retail, they’re taking the bull by the horns, offering a seamless shopping experience and innovative payment options.
  8. What is the “Buy Now, Pay Later” policy offered by Wards?

So, what exactly is Wards’ policy of “Buying now Paying later?” Basically, it means that Wards allows its customers to buy their desired products now and pay their due balances later on. Here is now a detailed explanation of the same. 

  1. Wards low monthly payments start at just 10 dollars/month.
  2. Wards offer fixed down payments. This allows customers who can’t make huge payments to do so.
  3. Wards also offer a wide range of products that customer can buy through their Wards Credit. This includes decor, stuff, furniture, clothes and more. 
  4. For new customers, Wards makes sure their application process is quick and seamless. 
  5. In addition to all of the above, Wards also offers timely payments, which contributes to gradually increasing customers’ credit limits.
  6. With that, Wards’ policy of “Buy now Pay later” is designed in such a way that it offers customers both convenience and flexibility when it comes to making purchases. 
  7. This not only provides ease to customers but also contributes to building their credit score through consistent and timely payments.

How does the store credit line work for customers at Montgomery Ward?

  1.  How easy is it for customers to use the credit plan at Montgomery Ward?
  2. There is no minimum order of purchase that allows customers to make payments online or in-store.
  3. Wards also offer delivery services for their customers. 
  4. Wards credit is not issued by or through any national or state bank. This eliminates any third-party fees. 
  5. Wards credit can be used on a wide range of products. This includes furniture, clothing, decor and more. 
  6. Payments can also help customers to raise their credit line. 
  7. Through their checkout process, Wards credit can be applied. 
  8. Wards also offer credit services online. 

Are Wards focused on a specific type of product or category? What are some examples of the types of products available on Montgomery Ward’s online platform?

No, Wards offers a wide range of products. With just a “Buy now, Pay later” option, customers can have monthly payments starting with just dollars. Some of the services that Wards offers are:-

  • Furniture 
  • Bed and bath 
  • Houseware products 
  • Electronics
  • Shoes
  • Appliances
  • Apparels 
  • And many other products. 

How has the customer experience changed with Montgomery Ward’s online platform?

Montgomery Ward’s online platform has revolutionized how customers shop. Now, they can easily browse and buy products without leaving home, putting convenience at their fingertips.

The “Buy Now, Pay Later” policy from Wards is like a helping hand, letting customers get what they want and pay over time. It’s a game-changer for those eyeing products beyond their immediate budget.

Getting Montgomery Ward Credit is a breeze for new customers with a quick application during checkout. It’s like taking a shortcut to a smoother shopping experience.

Wards don’t just stop at making things easier; they bring the goods right to customers’ doors. No need for pick-up hassles – it’s like having the store come to you.

Their online platform is a one-stop-shop, offering a treasure trove of items from furniture to electronics. It’s like hitting the jackpot for customers looking to find everything they need in one go.

Does Montgomery Ward still offer a wide range of products like before? Has Montgomery Ward expanded its product range since its online relaunch?

Yes, there is a wide range of products available on Montgomery Ward or Wards. They offer products related to furniture, shoes, appliances, and many more. For more information, let’s take a look at their official website.

How has the brand image of Montgomery Ward changed over the years?

  1. Montgomery Ward’s image got a facelift, especially when it went online as Wards. Now, it’s all about easy shopping and being accessible to everyone.
  2. They expanded their product lineup, going from electronics to furniture, housewares, and more, sticking to Montgomery Ward’s diverse heritage.
  3. Wards introduced a cool policy called Montgomery Ward Credit – it’s like a “Buy Now, Pay Later” magic trick, letting customers grab what they want and pay over time.
  4. The new Wards is all about keeping customers happy with quality stuff and an easy credit plan. More like sticking to the roots of Montgomery Ward’s traditions.
  5. After bouncing back from bankruptcy in 2001, they’ve not just survived but thrived. With new moves like the Montgomery Ward Kids site and a Spanish-language version, it’s like they’re reinventing the game.
  6. In a nutshell, Montgomery Ward isn’t just keeping up; it’s rocking the retail world by going online and offering a nifty credit plan. They are also staying true to their roots while adding cool new stuff.

Are there any notable features or benefits for customers shopping at Wards?

Yes, Montgomery Ward, also known as Wards, offers some of the notable features that attract more and more customers. 

  1. Buy now pay later policy
  2. Wide range of products
  3. Easy and seamless process for new customers
  4. Wards Credit
  5. At-home delivery 
  6. Low monthly payment starting at just 10$
  7. Implore credit line score option with many payments and purchase 
  8. Convenient for online shopping 
  9. Also, customer testimonials. 

Is Montgomery Ward as prominent a name now as it was in the past?

Montgomery Ward’s name isn’t as big as it used to be. Even though they made a comeback as Wards online, it’s been a bit low-key, especially without physical stores. The online scene, the “Buy Now, Pay Later” deal, and the variety of stuff are cool, but the name doesn’t ring as loudly as it did back in the day.

Montgomery Ward went from the old-school stores to the online game, making shopping a breeze. They’ve got all sorts of goods now, from electronics to shoes, keeping the old mix alive.

Check this out: Montgomery Ward Credit lets you snag things now and pay later. It’s like a financial magic trick, making pricey stuff more doable.

Wards now are all about the good stuff and an easy credit deal, holding onto the old vibe from Montgomery Ward’s golden days.

After bouncing back from bankruptcy in 2001, they’re not just back; they’re doing cool new things like the Montgomery Ward Kids site and a Spanish version, keeping it fresh.

Montgomery Ward isn’t the big name it used to be, but online, they’re playing a smart game with easy payments and a mix of new goodies, all while staying true to the roots.

How does Wards compare to other online retailers in terms of offerings and policies? What distinguishes Montgomery Ward from other online retailers?

So, what exactly makes Montgomery Wards different from its competitors? Want to know how? Here is all you need to know about them. 

  1. Montgomery Wards/ Wards compete among brands like AliExpress, Target, QVC, and many others. The platform is an online retailer platform that sells a variety of things like furniture, home decor, electronics, jewellery, and many more.
  2. Montgomery Wards offers a wide range of services through its Buy Now Pay Later policy. This allows their customers to get their product now and later pay the due balance according to their convenience. 
  3. Some of the brands that are available on Wards are Hamilton Beach, Hoover, Skechers, and more.
  4. Montgomery Wards also presents clearance sales, which allow folks to buy their products at a discounted price, which is up to 75% respectively. 
  5. When compared to giants like Amazon, Montgomery Ward doesn’t have as much stuff on the virtual shelves. And their prices tend to be on the higher side. 
  6. Their way of reaching out seems aimed more at folks with not-so-great credit, offering affordable credit instead of the best deals. Also, when it comes to privacy, Montgomery Ward collects info about your purchases, deliveries, account setup, and email registrations.
  7. In a nutshell, Montgomery Ward stands out with its “buy now, pay later” deal, a variety of products, and some sweet clearance sales. 
  8. But in the big online retail game, they’re in the ring with Amazon, known for a wider range of stuff and generally lower prices in many categories.

What challenges has Montgomery Ward faced in its evolution?

Started in the 1800s, this retail giant has roots way back. Montgomery Ward hit the road as mail-order stores. They faced various hurdles, for instance, poor management and slow growth. Which in turn led to the shutdown of Montgomery Ward. On top of that, Montgomery Ward also faced fierce competition from companies like Amazon and Target. With their broader product services and lower cost, it added more challenges for Montgomery Ward. 

However, after their rebranding, Montgomery Ward began to set itself apart from their competitors. They began to introduce a new policy theme, “Buy now, Pay later”. 

The company also started to introduce diverse product options. With that, they were also providing about 75% clearance sales. 

In its current form, Montgomery Ward caters to customers with less-than-ideal credit, prioritizing affordable credit options over competing on prices.

Despite these obstacles, Montgomery Ward has maintained a commitment to delivering quality name brands, excellent service, and accessible credit for over 150 years.

Can customers still find quality, name-brand products at Ward’s?

Yes, they have. Wards have a diversified selection when it comes to offering quality and brand products. The online retailer also provides a variety of categories. For example, furniture, decor, apparel, bath and bath, electronics, etc. Alongside, Wards offers banded products from big brands like Hamilton Beach, Hoover, Skechers, and more. For over the past 150 years, Wards has been diligently fulfilling its promises to provide quality products over anything else.

Wards do have a wide range of categories that big shots like Amazon and Target offer, but the online retailer is trying its best to make every cent count.

Are there any specific industries or markets where Wards focuses its offerings?

No, there is no such information that suggests that Wards is focusing more on a particular industry. As far as what we have gathered around, Wards has a limited selection when it comes to product categories. For more information, keep checking the company’s official site. From there, you will be able to get some clues. 

Does Montgomery Ward have a physical presence, or is it solely an online retailer?

According to the information on the internet, Montgomery Ward is solely based Online. They do not have their mortar and brick stores anywhere as far as now. After closing down its physical stores in 2001, Montgomery Ward has not opened any of its stores. 

With its rich history, the company has been in this business for about 150 years, and it sticks to its morals and values. 

On their website, customers can explore a diverse range of products, including electronics, furniture, housewares, bed and bath items, shoes, and appliances. 

Notably, Montgomery Ward offers a “buy now, pay later” credit plan featuring low monthly payments starting from $10.

What role does technology play in Montgomery Ward’s current business model?

Montgomery Ward, now an online shop without physical stores, made a tech-savvy comeback in 2004 after closing its last physical stores in 2001. They’re not just riding the online wave; they’re using SMARTsuite software for smart merchandising, managing products, handling warranties, fixing things at home, and scheduling staff.

Their website is a treasure trove, offering everything from electronics to furniture and a “buy now, pay later” deal with affordable monthly payments. Clearly, technology is their secret sauce, making online shopping a breeze for everyone.

Are there any plans for further expansion or changes in the future for Montgomery Ward?

According to the online sources, we did find some plans in regards to Montgomery Wards’ future. As per the information, Montgomery Wards does have some exciting projects in mind. The very first thing that is clear through their future blueprint is that the platform doesn’t want to rely only on online. They are planning to explore their options in terms of having physical stores. This includes various redevelopments and revamping of old sites. 

For instance, The old Rochester site is in for a major facelift. This revamping will cost Montgomery Wards about 40 million dollars. Through this redevelopment, Montgomery Ward plans on adding more eighth stores to the existing 90-year building. 

In Hanover, the platform plans to restore the building and turn it into 16 fancy apartments. Furthermore, they plan to develop 3000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. 

On the other side, Spartanburg’s Montgomery Ward building will also be getting a makeover. The latter plans to transform Spartanburg’s Montgomery Ward building into a mixed-use space with new apartments, townhomes, and spots for offices and retail. Looks like Montgomery Ward is shaking things up both online and in the physical world!


In conclusion, Wards, formerly known as Montgomery Ward, has weathered challenges and transformed into an online retail force, captivating customers with its “Buy Now, Pay Later” policy and a diverse product lineup. Despite the shift from its heyday prominence, Wards navigates the retail landscape, marrying tradition with modernity. With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, Wards is not just surviving; it’s thriving in the dynamic world of online retail.

Bonus Question

Will Montgomery Ward still be in business in 2024? Will Montgomery Ward file for bankruptcy in 2024?

No, there is no indication that suggests that Montgomery Ward would be shutting down or filing for bankruptcy in 2024. For now, Montgomery Wards has big plans to develop. So, we can not say that Montgomery would be shutting down any time!

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