Is Hot Honey Rub Wingstop Discontinued? – what happened?

Is Hot Honey Rub Wingstop discontinued? Fans are crazy about Wingstop Hot Honey Rub. But they freaked out when they learned that their Hot Honey Rub would be discontinued. Due to this, the product is running out quickly. Somewhere it is not available this summer.

Fans demand to bring it back to menus, whether for a limited period or with a bonus, so that they can make the most of the craveable sweet heat of Hot Honey Rub.

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Do you know anything about Wingstop? If not, then let’s read on to get some more information.

Wingstop Inc. (NASDAQ: WING) was introduced in 1994. It operates more than 1900 locations, including its franchises across the globe. It is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

It is well known for its best-in-class technology as it is dedicated to serving the best of the best flavour worldwide through an unparalleled guest experience. Wingstop offers chicken sandwiches, classic and boneless tenders, and wings. It offers 11 distinctive, bold flavours of hand sauced-and-tossed in fans’ choice.

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What’s on the Wingstop Menu

It features signature sides, including Seasoned Fries, Bleu Cheese Dips, Freshly-made Ranch, and Fresh-cut. 

Last year, the sales at Wingstop boosted by 20.2 per cent. It generated over 2.3 billion US dollars. It also held a reputed position in the Best 10 Restaurant Brands Globally. Moreover, it’s franchisees and brand partners accounted for around 98 per cent of Wingstop’s total restaurant count. As of 2022, Wingstop’s total restaurant count was 1,898.

Due to its Entrepreneurial, Authentic, Service-Minded, and Fun core values. Moreover, its environmental, social, and governance. Wingstop became one of the most successful businesses. It provides these core values to all stakeholders.

Last year, the company enlisted in the Technomic 500’s Fastest-growing Franchise. Besides, enlisted in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, Wingstop ranked 1st and 22nd respectively.

Based on employees’ and customers’ reviews. A great place to work. It has maintained its certification in the same. The company also ranked 4th in the dining category. Additionally, it holds a secure position in the World’s Most Innovative Companies.

What Happened To Wingstop Hot Honey?

Wingstop introduced its crave-able, sweet, crunchy, fiery hot honey dry rub flavour in June 2022. This does not taste like a sticky, gooey honey texture. Instead, it gives a messy flavour with the sweetness of Honey. Not only this, but it also gives a bold flavour from ancho chilli and cayenne pepper. 

But the flavour ran its limited-time-only course. When fans heard about it, they joked about that. Fans said, “We would sell our soul for its return. A part of me died.”

On February 5, Wingstop’s most vocal superfans heard about it for the first time when this official news was added to the brand’s first-ever Instagram Close Friends List. 

Additionally, On February 23, 2023, Wingstop offers those curious flavour seekers a chance to be added to the Close Friends group. Those who are primarily engaged with the group can get rewards. Rewards like insider brand knowledge and limited-edition merch. 

Fans could order Hot Honey Rub online across the country until its last supply through the Wingstop app or

What Is The Spiciest Flavor At Wingstop?

Regarding the spiciest flavour at Wingstop, much of the hottest flavour is available. It’s all up to you what you would like the most. 

Let’s find out the spiciest flavours served at Wingstop!

  • Atomic Wings – You can consider it as all about the heat! As it is, by far, the hottest flavour ever served at Wingstop.
  • Original Hot – Wingstop Original Hot sauce was started to be served in 1994. Still, it is going strong. This sauce does not have crazy fans only in the United States but also nine different countries.
  • Cajun – Initially, Wingstop served its original hot sauce. Later, it started to be dusted with some Cajun rub. Customers rated this flavour 4 out of 5.
  • Louisiana Rub – You will love having Louisiana Rub if you feel a little cajun love. Its crispness with dry rub will satisfy your need.
  • Spicy Korean Q is made with Sriracha, ginger, garlic, and crushed red pepper. This could be the best option if you are looking for a Hot Honey Rub alternative. It is another spicy and sweet success specialty.
  • Mango Habanero has a simple sweet, spicy flavour. If you are looking for a bit of zip with Habanero, then you’ll be satisfied by having it. 

You can also go for some other alternatives if you want to avoid having the above-mentioned spiciest flavour. Below you can see a few more spiciest flavours served at Wingstop and are still on the menu.

  • Mild Hickory Smoke BBQ
  • Lemon Garlic
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Hawaiian Teriyaki
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Carolina Gold BBQ
  • Harissa Lemon Pepper
  • Orange Szechuan
  • Ancho Honey Glaze
  • Cajun BBQ
  • Hot Lemon
  • Bayou BBQ

Is The Hot Honey Rub From Wingstop Good?

Wingstop’s Hot Honey Rub received a 7.7 rating out of 10. Fans said, “I love to have the lemon pepper wing. Alongside something spicier. Hot Honey Rub is one of those spiciest things I prefer.”

Hot Honey went with a sweet flavour and spicy one. It was made with Honey, chilli flakes, and vinegar and added a bold kick from cornbread to fried chicken. It was the perfect fit for spicing up their favourite dishes. It was worth trying!

Wrapping Up

If you think that, it was infused with Honey. Is its texture sticky? Believe it or not, it did not have a sticky texture from Honey. As we all know, sweet and spicy sauces add flavour to plain dishes. 

According to sources, it reported that most Americans love to have these kinds of flavours. That’s why they loved Hot Honey Rub’s sweet and spicy flavour the most! This sweet and spicy trend was loved by many as it emerged with hot Honey. Its spicy chilis and honey-infused Hot Honey Rub had crazy fans nationwide.