Why is there Hot Cheetos Shortage in 2023 or discontinued now?

Hot Cheetos shortage

Why is there Hot Cheetos shortage in 2023? Nothing stimulates anxiety like the fear of a shortage of snack foods. It was recently tricky for customers to find Lunchables due to reports that demand for the snack exceeded supply. Customers may now have one additional item to consider the next time they go grocery shopping.

The tweet stated (without providing any supporting data) that “there is currently a Hot Cheetos scarcity in the United States.” This shortfall is primarily due to growing demands and limited supply. There are restrictions on how many one can purchase in some stores.

A user who uploaded a picture of a bag of hot Fritos said, “I’ve been searching the gas stations daily.” This was one of the anxious responses that came in recently. “If chips aren’t an item that is necessary, why are they restricting how many, as if the world would end if there were a shortage?” asked another commentator. Let us view this issue in detail in this article.

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Xxtra Hot Cheetos Discontinued

Hot Cheetos shortage 2023

A famous brand of corn puff snack is called Cheetos. Frito-Lay, an entity of PepsiCo, produces it. These were primarily sold in the United States of America after being created in 1948 by Charles Elmer Doolin. The people showed the brand a lot of love and admiration. This was a key factor in The Frito Company and H.W. Lay & Company’s partnership and merger in 1961. This again resulted in the creation of Frito-Lay.

Later, PepsiCo acquired Frito-Lay as a division. Since its debut, it has been recognized as the top cheese puff snack in the industry. Later, as its fame spread across the globe, the company began distributing on various continents.

There were rumors that the “Xtra Hot” Cheetos brand would be discontinued in 2020. After receiving the news, the people lost their cool and were furious. One of Cheetos’ most popular and wildly popular varieties is Xxtra hot. Many people rely on it as a regular snack, so they were angry when they learned the news.

Additionally, they were unavailable for an extended period. This flavor was not available online or in any local stores. This made things worse by creating the perception that the corporation had stopped selling this flavor. However, many people also said that the business is having some supply chain problems.

The manufacturing has temporarily stopped, but it will shortly begin. The flavors of Cheetos were in demand. Because of the massive demand and supply mismatch produced by this, the business needs support. Due to the gap, there was no inventory of extra-hot Cheetos in stores or online. Every vendor with this flavor in stock started by charging an extremely high price.

Causes of Hot Cheetos shortage 2023

As previously stated, a burst of social media posts is sometimes evidence of a Cheetos shortage. Even the latest strike by the parent firm of Cheetos, Frito-Lay, in Topeka, Kansas, only led to a brief “scarcity of specific goods” in “shops in the vicinity.” Additionally, during the COVID-19 epidemic, Frito-Lay stated that it had “recruited nearly 15,000 front sales and supply chain workers” and had actively hired over 5,000 more people until the end of the year.

There’s no need to panic because the Xxtra hot flavor will probably return. The issue of high demand and limited supply affects many businesses. The pandemic has effects like this. Because of several restrictions, manufacturing fell drastically during the pandemic. However, the demand stayed constant. Because of this, a significant supply-demand gap developed, which we still need to close.

To ensure that there is a steady supply of all the items that are in demand on the market, Cheetos is attempting to create a new plan. The extra-hot Cheetos have returned to many grocery shelves. It was previously more widespread, but the variation is now readily available. This flavor is also available on other websites for a slightly higher price. It costs money to purchase this flavor, though. If not, we can switch to another taste of Cheetos, which is also delicious.

National Flamin hot Cheetos shortage

Hot Cheetos shortage 2023

One of the well-liked snack options created by Frito-Lay and introduced in the early 1990s was Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Since its launch, the snacks have developed a devoted fan base of repeat buyers. According to a tweet from the business in May 2022, the company did halt the manufacture of the well-known snack in 2020.

The firm announced that it was streamlining manufacturing to fulfill the high demand for some goods. This would temporarily halt production of its Flamin’ Hot Cheetos brand. The production halt has several causes, including a lack of workers, a strong demand, and a constrained supply.

In addition, finding many of the typical food items needed in producing the company’s products is now more work. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread throughout the United States. According to the corporation, Frito-Lay was still investing in many areas of its operations. This includes financing new production lines, warehouse additions, and distribution enhancements.

As a result, the production capacity of several Frito-Lay products has been constrained. Customers started to exhibit compulsive tendencies in retail stores. It occurred due to the shortage of goods being supplied to merchants. Also, with the massive demand for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, people tried to purchase the snack in large quantities whenever it appeared on the shelves.

As a result, many retail establishments across the country were forced to limit the quantity of each product a customer could purchase at once. This was done to extend the product’s shelf life while the stores awaited another supply.

Several news articles and blogs also expressed their opinions on the subject. This claimed there was a shortage of the product that was being wholly withdrawn. Customers were likely further confused since they needed clarification on which media source to trust.

Furthermore, the Frito-Lay Newsroom still needs to make an official statement. After conducting their fact-check, USA Today reported on their site that a person from Frito-Lay had assured them that the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos brand would not be discontinued.

Unfortunately, despite Frito-Lay’s claims on Twitter that they are still manufacturing the chip, there is a nationwide scarcity of the well-known bag with flames on the top! Frito-Lay has employed over 15,000 additional staff members to meet the increasing customer needs for the vivid red chip that leaves a trail of crimson seasonings on our fingertips.

In a tweet reply from December 2021, Chester Cheetah assured a fan that “Cheetos Flamin’ Hot isn’t going to be discontinued.”So while we’re already scouring every store for bags, let’s hope that the scarcity will last for a while. We may soon smash the chip for a spicy flavor with wings or a nice crunch in our sandwiches.


Cheetos are only partially healthy in terms of their wellness factor. Despite having a great, unmistakable taste, they are considerably less nutritious. For this reason, eating Cheetos in balance is essential. No matter how delicious it may appear to us, please try not to make it a routine to eat a big bag of Cheetos. Many people have reportedly experienced diarrhea after eating Cheetos. Additionally, Cheetos have been referred to as “mild narcotics” by scientists claiming they are addictive.

If anyone routinely eats Cheetos, they will eventually require assistance to stop doing so. This is due to the peppers in Cheetos and other spicy foods, which cause the production of endorphins in our brains. Since endorphins make people feel good, we want to repeat the sensation repeatedly.

Because of this, we need to use the utmost caution while taking foods like these. These are poor selections compared to other market-available snacks like Doritos, Takis, and Cheetos. They cannot, however, be regarded as nutritious. Keep in mind that we are in control of our health. Always give our tongue a little zing, but stay moderate. We should remember that these foods include additives and may hurt our health.

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