Hostess Suzy Q Discontinued – Are you still buying it?

Hello Readers! Listen Up! Whenever we come back with another piece of news, you may start thinking, what will be discontinued or has been discontinued? Right!! So, again we are so sorry to announce that one of our favorite items has been discontinued, i.e., Suzy Q cakes from the Hostess Brand. 

Suzy Q’s was manufactured and marketed by Hostess Brands. It was an American snack cake brand similar to Drake’s Devil Dog. It was believed to be a devil’s food cake or banana-flavored cake filled with white creme and was established in 1961.

2012 the cake was discontinued but re-entered in 2015 and became available in the market. But after three years of reintroduction, the cakes were backlashed by customers who love cakes; then, the original cake was rebranded in 2018.

In 2020, Hostess again discontinued its Suzy Q from their websites; it indicated that the entrance and exit of the Suzy Q were frequent and fluctuated from time to time. Hostess Brand Suzy Q was not permanent, and they were short-lived.

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Did Hostess Suzy Q Discontinue?

The Hostess Brand has discontinued Suzy Q for the second time. People are up in arms, and this news has mourned everyone!! Let’s have a look at what people were saying about its discontinuation:

One Consumer stated, “Please, Hostess, bring Suzy Q back. I have seen your social media pages on which thousands of people asked for Suzy Q’s, and you are ignoring and brushing them off. We love them, and as the customer, we want them back. No matter how much they cost, we will give you our money for the Suzy Q cakes. Please, Please, Bring them back (again)!!”

Another said, “I remember the original Suzy Q’s as a kid, so much cream in the center with very dark rich cake. These in no way compare to the original. I found these at my local Walmart and was so excited until I opened the box; it doesn’t look like or taste like the original cakes. Don’t let the packaging fool you.”

The cake was removed from the stores’ shelves initially in 2012 and again introduced in 2015. However, Hostess reintroduced the Suzy Q cakes totally with a unique appearance. But in 2020, the cake was discontinued again by the company.

Why Did Hostess Discontinue Suzy Q?

Hostess discontinued Suzy Q twice. As we all know, the iconic cake was initially launched in 1961, but the company removed them in 2012, again introduced in 2015, and discontinued in 2020. 

These fluctuations in Suzy Q’s existence indicated that something fishy was happening. We know that some of you have not known the facts. So, if you are one of them, then you must have a look at some possible reasons that include:

Hostess brand discontinued many of its products, including Suzy Q when the company filed in court for bankruptcy. One of the major possible reasons is the company filed for bankruptcy. 

Other than this, the company did not release any official statements. So, we can not anticipate any other possible reason for its discontinuation. Because if we do so, we are just weaving a developing story.

Who Owned Suzy Q?

Hostess brand has been owned by Apollo and Metropoulos, Old HB had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and bankruptcy liquidation through the bankruptcy court.

Has The Company Hostess Been Back In Business?

The Hostess was one of the best companies that sold iconic snacks; as we all know, it has sweetened its industry for several decades. After filing for bankruptcy, Andy Callahan’s Twinkies and its manufacturers dominated, initiated innovation, and shifted all its productions into faster-growing occasions.

Twinkie was an American snack cake, also referred to as a golden sponge cake with a creamy filling, originally produced and marketed by Hostess Brands Inc.

People reacted on social media when Hostess Suzy Q was reintroduced in the market, but the quality and quantity differed:

One ConsumerConsumer said, “I loved it as it had the right taste. But for the money!!!!!! The size was equal to what one in a package of two was. So I probably won’t order them again unless the price goes down or at least the regular size returns.”

Another wrote, “Still love the Qs, just wish they hadn’t been shrunk down to Twinkie size.”

Wrapping Up

We’ve come to reach out; Hostess Suzy Q’s have been discontinued for the second time. Hostess produced tons of chocolate cake, tons of snacks, and tons of creme flavor. But you won’t be able to make the most of this item anymore. As this product has been discontinued already, but people want them back. Let’s see what happens!!