Hey Humans Deodorant Discontinued

Hey Humans Deodorant Discontinued 2023 – Did Target stop selling it?

Is Hey Humans Deodorant discontinued? Hey Humans is a brand of personal care products with a luxurious feel at reasonable prices. Their deodorant is naturally made and uses safe, effective formulas and plastic-free packaging. Hey Humans is an eco-friendly personal care company that Jada Pinkett Smith and her family have founded. Jada will be the company’s spokesperson, creative director, and co-founder. The packaging for Hey Humans’ goods is made of paper and aluminum. It is 100% recyclable or 100% biodegradable. Research shows that Hey Humans deodorant is not discontinued and is available in stores. Let us view the details of this product.

Where can we buy Hey Humans products?

Hey Humans Deodorant Discontinued

Hey Humans is a personal care company that uses 99% less plastic. Jada Pinkett Smith co-founded it. It was expanded to 6,000 US Walgreens locations and will also provide countrywide shipping on Walgreens.com. Hey Humans range of products includes a curated selection of natural toothpaste, body washes, and deodorants. These products are made without paraben, silicone, or phthalate.

This vegan and cruelty-free brand charges between $6.99 and $7.99 for deodorant and body wash. The brand claims that joining Walgreens is a crucial step in making clean-label personal care accessible to all consumers. Target stores, Target.com, Walgreens stores, Walgreens.com, HEB, and Amazon all sell these products.

Are Hey Humans products safe?

Highly recyclable Aluminum and FSC paper are used to create all of Hey Humans’ packaging. This is mainly to reduce the use of plastic. Its body washes and deodorants are aluminum-free and made with recycled materials. They are perfumed with oil blends like apple matcha, rosewater ginger, coconut mint, and cedarwood sage.

Jada Pinkett Smith is a well-known actress, and Maesa is an incubator for beauty brands. They created the business in 2021. Hey Humans have always prioritized environmental concerns. They are keen on decreasing the huge quantities of trash produced by the personal care products sector. The company claims that working with a significant drugstore and healthcare retailer like Walgreens is achieving its goal of making itself available to all consumers.

Best natural deodorants of 2023

There are two things to think about when picking a natural deodorant. They are: Is it natural, and does it work? The well-known website Outlook published an article listing the top 20 best natural deodorants for 2023. Hey humans, Rosewater Ginger Deodorant is ranked sixth on the list.

The ingredients of this rosewater ginger deodorant are special. Rose and geranium are two relaxing floral aromas. They are combined with the unexpected addition of ginger. The coconut and essential oils in this product deliver better anti-odor action. Hey Humans specializes in gender-neutral smells, so everyone in the home can use this one.

Hey Humans is available on Amazon, which we believe to be a more reliable source for customer feedback than a company’s website. The Rosewater Ginger scent receives the most reviews, with over 200 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

For those who want to test the waters with natural deodorants on a budget, Target also has another deodorant that is a wonderful option. This doesn’t entail forsaking the environment. This is because it comes in a 99% paper-based, plastic-free container. Please be aware that this product may need to be slightly pre-warmed for optimal use, depending on the ambient temperature.

All Hey Humans deodorants contain aroma. The chemical ingredient used to make cosmetic perfumes may harm people’s health. Consumer health data was examined in depth for a medical review. It was published in the journal Air Quality, Atmosphere, and Health. The review’s authors concluded the study’s findings. He claimed they provide strong evidence that everyday scented products can cause serious risks to human health.

Unfortunately, Hey Humans does not currently provide an unscented version of their deodorant. Other than that, the product is really well-formulated and reasonably priced.


Compared to the standard deodorant from a drugstore, Hey Humans deodorant is a far healthier choice. According to several users, it is believed to be useful for blocking odors. It’s because it has several natural substances that studies have supported.

Hey Humans provides 99 percent plastic-free packaging, which is fantastic for the environment. This means that this is the finest deodorant brand for customers who prefer environmental responsibility.

The majority of Hey Humans deodorant reviews found online are positive. Also, at roughly $7 per bottle, the product is relatively cheap compared to other natural deodorant brands.