Hellmann's Mayonnaise Discontinued

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Discontinued – Is there a Shortage only?

Is Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Discontinued in 2023? Is For more than a century—until now—Hellmann’s Mayonnaise has been a favourite of condiments. A now-deleted Facebook post from the business started to spread panic online on January 30, 2023. According to the ad, the company was “discontinuing Hellmann’s till further notice” due to rising import prices and inflation.

Mayo fans have been sad that the product won’t be available for a while. Many of them have thought it won’t be available in other places, which is inaccurate as this writing.

Along with Redro Fish Spread, Cadbury’s Tempo, and Simba’s All-Gold Tomato Sauce Chips, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is the newest condiment to be added to the list of goods set to be phased out in South Africa in 2023.

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Do they still make Hellmann’s Mayonnaise?

Hellmann's Mayonnaise Discontinued 2023 - Why this is world No 1?

Richard Hellman and his wife Margaret first established Hellman’s Mayonnaise in New York in 1913. It has become well-known worldwide, notably in Latin America and the United Kingdom.

Due to low demand and “extremely expensive import costs,” Unilever-owned American mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s Mayonnaise has been discontinued in the South African market. The popular Mayonnaise is being withdrawn from South African markets as of January 31. Also, it won’t be sold at any retailers there. In contrast, it would continue to exist in the US.

Hellman posted a statement regarding the product’s discontinuation in South Africa on Facebook. They acknowledged that it was sad to say goodbye to the Mayonnaise but that it had to go due to the high cost of imports. “A big thanks to our faithful followers for all the mayonnaise love over the decades,” the statement read.

However, the message created an online sensation since some internet users believed it would be blocked internationally. Even though the message was removed from Hellman’s Facebook page, it raised concerns. The company failed to specify that the product would only be withdrawn from South African markets.

Since it has existed for more than a century, Hellman’s Mayonnaise has been a standard in kitchens worldwide, especially in America. After hearing that it was being withdrawn in the United States, Americans panicked. In 2023, one user guessed that Hellman’s mayo was “closing down,” while others commented that they were not interested in hearing it.

Hellmann’s mayo discontinued 2023

Hellmann's Mayonnaise Discontinued 2023

Since consumers have enjoyed Hellmann’s Mayonnaise for more than 100 years, it is expected that many people will find it difficult to accept its discontinuation in South Africa. According to the company’s official website, it is made with carefully selected, finest materials that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Local homemakers tended to purchase the Mayonnaise, which was initially sold in grams from newly created batches in its early years. However, Richard, the company’s founder, copyrighted “Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise” and began marketing it in little jars as demand rose.

Hellmann’s, a brand of American Mayonnaise held by Unilever, is leaving the South African market because of “extremely inflationary import costs” and low demand. It will nevertheless continue to be accessible in the US.

The cost of imports and exports has increased due to inflation. Almost every business, from cosmetics to food companies, has been having trouble recently. The company had to make the difficult choice to protect itself from “very inflationary imports” due to the poor demand for the goods in the South African market.

The company has yet to mention that its favorite Mayonnaise will no longer be sold in other parts of the world. Therefore, anyone outside of South Africa can continue making chocolate cakes, chicken sandwiches, and egg salad undisturbed.

Reports state that while Hellmann’s Mayo is still being discontinued in the US, it is currently being discontinued in South Africa. Who knows what will occur soon, considering how costly eggs are?

Unilever South Africa Pvt Ltd. presently imports Hellmann’s Original 789 g and 394 g from Unilever’s affiliates in the United States of America. This is according to Janine Van Rooyen, the Southern Africa Nutrition Business Unit Lead at Unilever. “We sadly have to stop selling Hellmann’s till further notice because of the high inflationary import costs,” the company says.

Those who purchase Hellmann’s and adore it for its rich flavor and creamy texture will need to find another mayo to add to their carts. If you spot any remaining bottles on the shelf, get them as soon as possible!


The statement, which appears to have been taken down from Hellmann’s Facebook page, was unclear. The company failed to clarify that it was halting mayo sales in South African markets. Even though the confusion may only last for a short while, many Americans have begun to fear and express their shock on social media.

Given that Hellmann’s is one of the most cherished Mayo brands in the nation, even the slightest rumor of its withdrawal will undoubtedly make the general public panic. As people from all over the country saw the message, emotions of shock, remorse, and disappointment began to flood social media.

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