Heinz Soups Discontinued list 2023 – when they bring it back now?

Is Heinz Soup discontinued? Heinz is one of the oldest food brands, which has been served since 1869. Henry J. Heinz, the first plant-based food pioneer, created this brand. 

Heinz can no longer produce soup, including tomato soup, kidney soup, beef soup, and many more items. Along with other brands’ canned soups such as Campbell’s Chunky Philly- Style Cheesesteak Soup, Campbell’s Pepper Pot Soup, McDonald’s McSoup, Trader Joe’s Vegetarian Chilli Soup, Panera Black Bean Soup, Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Bisque, now it’s time to say goodbye to Heinz soups also. 

Recently, the manager of the Company, Manel Jordao, stated, “We have various iconic products like Heinz Beanz, Heinz tomato soups, and Heinz tomato ketchup. They all have been plant-based from the beginning, and not only have we made our initial products from plant-based ingredients and grown in the founder’s mother garden. We have been making products from the mother’s garden-grown ingredients every time.”

From now on, you will not be able to have this natural and plant-based food product as the Company is shutting down all its products. Several factors are behind its discontinuation, including a dispute over its rising prices.

Because of the high prices of each Heinz product, its supplies were axed to Britain’s biggest supermarket group Tesco.

Although Heinz doesn’t plan to shut down any plants in the United States, the Company focuses on rearranging the production and distribution of several food items.

Why Heinz Soup Discontinued

Nothing is more comforting than having a bowl of tasty and healthy soup at night or even in the day hours when there is a cold and you unluckily have a sore throat; that time, soups work well. But now, one of your favorite brands, Heinz, stopped manufacturing soups because of higher prices. Heinz Beef Soup’s eliminated because the Company wanted to be a part of the vegan agenda.

Although the Company Heinz has retired dairy from the Heinz tomato soup to make their products vegan. Heinz Tomato is one of the best-selling items ever, and we are very sorry to announce that the Company discontinued this particular item from the list. We know a bowl of lovely Heinz soup has something for everyone and may be one of your favorite food items.

People love Heinz tomato soup, and some loved to have it because of its cream, but this has been removed by the Company, and people are fuming with anger and raised many questions, such as “Why did Heinz have to mess with perfection? In addition, rumors are spreading all over that Heinz is removing dairy from one of the most popular Heinz tomato soups and planning to cut down the tin of soups. We know people want tomato soups, but how can it be mesmerizing without its cream? 

What People Are Saying Over Heinz Soup Discontinuation?

People are up in arms over Heinz Soup Discontinuation, especially the Heinz Beef Soup; one of the users posted on social media, “They claimed the Heinz Beef Soup would be back very soon, and it’s still not back. We have found its shelves still empty; if the soups returned, why are you not putting them on the shelves? Just stop it and don’t waste our time! You said it would be back in 2023, but they are still unavailable. Bring it back on the shelves; I am waiting!”

In a post on social media, a representative asked, “If you could only bring back one Heinz product, Which would it be?” to which people excitedly reacted, “It would be beef soup” The majority is for Heinz Beef Soup.

Another user posted, “Oh my God, it’s so terrible to say that we are out of Heinz Beef Soup, But I have been craving this for about a week now. Even my partner never enjoyed this wonderful soup and didn’t believe how good it tasted! Does anybody have any stashed in a cupboard somewhere? I am not even bothered if it’s 20 years old; it’s in a tin!”

Their comments illustrated that people are angry over its ban and want to know why they have not been able to bring back their tasty and easy-to-prepare Heinz soups on the store’s shelves.

Is Heinz Still In Business & Manufacturing Soup?

After a significant fall in the business of Heinz because of its higher prices and low performance, the Company merged with Kraft Foods, and now Heinz is known as Kraft Heinz. The new merger of H.J. Heinz and Kraft Foods has become the third largest food and beverage company in the United States and fifth in number worldwide…

Yes, Heinz soups are still manufactured by the Company. The difference is that the Company merged with the Kraft Food Group and now becomes a significant manufacturer of canned and processed foods and beverages.

Is Heinz Canned Soup Vegan?

Initially, Heinz soup, especially its tomato soup, is considered to be an iconic soup. The Company declared, “It’s time for Veganuary! That’s why Heinz cut down Heinz Beef Soup. Now, the Company launched its new Creamy Tomato Soup, Beanz, and Sausages, made up with entirely plant-based techniques.

Heinz offers over nine flavors of Heinz soups, including Lentil, Minestrone, Tomato, Oxtail, Mushroom, Beef & Veg, Vegetable, Chicken, and many more.

All the varieties of Heinz Soups are healthy and affordable now. This brand is also known for its nutritional values, and people are in the habit of consuming Beef broth during illness to boost immunity. 


In a nutshell, the Company was facing issues over its discontinuation. After merging with the Kraft Foods Group, the Heinz brand again started offering frozen and shelf-stable soups. 

If you are starving and crave something more than food, you must go for Heinz Soups. Simply add some water or milk to get a great taste at home that you and your guests will love.