Harbor Freight Jack Stand recall 2023

Harbor Freight Jack Stand recall 2023 – Which Jacks Stand are recalled?

Is there a Harbor Freight Jack Stand recall? The company has recalled the Harbor freight jack stand because it failed in the market. The product could have impressed the people and was launching sales. This is why the company decided to discontinue the production of this product, as it was a reason for loss and decline in revenue. Initially, when this product was released in the market, there was a lot of hype. As a result, people purchase this product in abundance to check if it is worth the advertisement and publicity. 

Upon purchasing, it was found that this jack stand could not endure the weight of a car and would break in between. It was found out that the product was unable to do what it claimed two and did not fulfill the purpose of the jack stand. As a result, harbor freight had to recall 3-ton jack stands from the market. All those who had purchased the product and related sound quality issues were refunded. It caused a massive loss to the company.

All those products that have been recalled had problems in some wielding as well. This means that the brand is accused of not building its products properly due to needing more strength. This is the main reason their products had been breaking off in between while driving to lift a car.

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What Jack stands have been recalled?

Tu variance from harbor freight Jack Stands has been recalled. This includes the three-ton jack stand and the sixth jack stand. All the variants were manufactured between January 2012 to March 2020 and recorded from the market. They are no longer eligible for sale, and people have wanted to avoid buying any of these dark stands as they will not serve any purpose. 

The manufacturing of these jackstands was not done by harbor freight in the United States of America. All of these jack stands were produced by China on a contract basis. There has been a problem with the Ratchet teeth of the jack stand, which are constantly tangling with the paw of the stand. As a result, the jack stand cannot lift the car properly and breaks off during the process.

 Suppose there is a sudden shift in the wait. The gear that is used in the lifting of the weight tears in between. This can cause severe damage to the car as it suddenly falls to the ground. This is not only dangerous for the car but also for the person performing the task. The car might fall on the person and can lead to severe accidents.

Can You still get refund for freight jack stand?

Harbor Freight Jack Stand recall 2023

If you have bought your product recently and have yet to cross 90 days’ tenure after purchasing the product, you can get a full refund. But if 90 days have passed and you still need to initiate your refund process, you can’t get a refund. The government has warned people for a long time as this issue has become a safety hazard priority. 

Even then, if you are someone who has bought this jackstand by mistake, you are allowed to return it within three months. But after crossing that amount of time, you are not eligible to get the refund. Only some of the prOnly are defective, and some are performing well. So if you are one of the fortunate people with a jack stand that can perform its task well, then you do not need to return the products. 

But even if you have some double thoughts, you can go ahead and get your product refunded from an official store or through the online services of the brand. But make sure that you carry out this process within three months of your purchase, as you are not eligible for the same. 

How did harbor freight jack stands fail?

Harbour freight jack stands have yet to be a success due to production-related issues. The techniques have become old, and cars have become heavier now. It has become more critical for jack stands to lift the weight accurately to prevent any damage or loss. With innovation and technologies, the way cars are made today is very different from how they were made a couple of decades ago. Due to this, jack stands also have to improve their quality and remain relevant in the market. Due to old technology and welding-related problems, harbor freight had to recall around 1.6 million variants from the need to be more successful.

Are jack stands safe to use?

Harbor Freight Jack Stand recall 2023

Yes, jack stands are generally safe because of all the essential quality-related Shiksha performed. They also have a weight limit, meaning you must not use them after a particular point of weight is involved. But sometimes, if the assembling is not done correctly or the angles or not correct, the jack stand may not be able to work. It requires both the customer and manufacturers to make this helpful product. 

The wrong way of using a product made correctly will not help. Similarly, if a customer is giving his best and using the product correctly, wrong welding and manufacturing can cause problems. In the past, many jack stands came into the market and were unable to deliver what they claimed. 


Harbour freight jack stands have been recalled from the market because of quality-related concerns. It was found that these products needed to carry out their task correctly. They were breaking off in between, which was causing accidents. No injury has been reported yet, but before some serious problem happened, a warning was issued telling people not to buy these products. Even if you have purchased a jack stand from this company, you can get it refunded within 30 days of its purchase. It is advised to avoid buying harbor freight jack stands, especially in 3 tonnes and 6 tonnes variants. The company is currently looking at the issue and figuring out where the problem lies. Until then, you can resort to some other famous brands available. Let’s hope this problem is sorted out soon, so the brand doesn’t have to face losses anymore.

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