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Gripe Water Recall 2023 Full List – substitute for these recalled brands

For years gripe water has been used effectively to treat stomach-related issues in babies. It is common for babies and infants to experience problems related to the stomach now and then. But now, various gripe water brands have been recovered from the market because of potential microbial infection. This infection can be lethal for babies and can severely affect their bodies if they consume these gripe water brands. As a result, more than nine brands from the market have been discontinued and recalled.

Gripe water is a mild antacid used to treat hiccups, stomach cake, vomiting, Gas, and other related issues in babies. It is generally really effective, and babies can experience relief within a few minutes of consumption. You can usually make your baby consume this medicine without a doctor’s consultation. But after the suspicion of microbial infection, most health care specialists warned parents not to use this gripe water.

Now you must, first of all, consult your doctor regarding the medications that you can give to your baby. Most of the affected brands have been recovered from the market and are not available for sale. It is essential to pay a lot of attention to your baby’s health. A slight mistake can significantly impact you, so you must make every decision very carefully.

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Why has the gripe water been recalled?

gripe water recall

Gripe water, a very famous product among tiny babies, has been recalled by the FDA for various reasons. A possible microbial infection is one of the significant reasons why it has been discontinued. It is suspected that the batches of several brands are infected. The brands that have been recalled are called by the FDA-

  1. Shoppers Drug Mart’s Life Brand
  2. The Walmart brand Equate
  3. Rexall’s brand, Be Better
  4. Pharmasave
  5. Atoma
  6. Baby’s Choice
  7. Personnel
  8. Teddy’s Choice
  9. Western Family

Both Canada and the United States of America have banned these brands from the market. Health care Canada has said that consuming any of these products can be extremely harmful to a baby. If your baby consumes any of these medicines by mistake, then it is advised to consult a doctor. Gripe water is a very popular product among parents and for years, they have used it as it is entirely trusted. But now, due to these unexpected health-related concerns, parents need to boycott this product for a while. It is for the benefit of their baby.

Mommy bliss gripe water recall

Mommy bliss gripe water, a brand that manufactures gripe water for babies, has been recalled under a new notification by the FDA. Several brands have been recalled due to possible microbial contamination, which can have ile facts on the health of babies. Around nine brands have been recalled from the market under this new initiative by the FDA. Mommy bliss is one such brand. The brand is trendy among mothers and babies as it manufactures gripe water that calms down the stomach of a baby.

Some other products by Mommy bliss, like nipple cream, have also been recalled by the FDA.

Parents choice of gripe water recall

gripe water recall list 2023

Parents choice gripe water is another brand of gripe water that manufacturers have recalled. Although it is now available in the market, it was listed in the nine brands recovered from the market due to the suspected microbial infection. The brand claims to be hundred percent herbal and effective in easing babies’ pain. It is a trendy brand in the United States of America and the neighboring countries. 

The price of one gripe water bottle is US$6.99. The packaging is very interesting with white and purple color and is suitable to be stored for an extended period at the suggested temperature. The bottle is also quite mobile, meaning you can carry it from one place to another without the fear of leakage. 

Zarbee gripe water recall

Zarbee is another brand from the United States of America that manufactures gripe water. This brand is trendy among infants and babies and can potentially treat stomach infections and other similar problems. It has been found that almost every mother is aware. This brand has also been recalled from the market because of potential microbial infection and gripe water manufactured by them. You can describe Water now in the market since the recall is over. But if you’re unable to do so they may take the available substitutes.

Little remedies gripe water recall

gripe water recall list 2023

Little remedies gripe Water is another brand of gripe water that has been recalled by the FDA. This product is also very famous among children. It was also recalled during the FDA recall of gripe water brands. Many gripe water brands became victims of the recall and had to withdraw their supply from the market. Due to this, they had to face losses for a very long time.

Some of these brands decided to make a comeback into the market, whereas others just fell down due to the continuous recall that they had been facing. It becomes difficult for a company to incur losses for a very long period. A brand needs to ensure that it can earn at least revenues that can help them sustain itself in the long run.

Gripe water is a product that has been used by mothers for years now. There are many famous brands other than these brands that have been listed here that have been discontinued. You can use some other products instead of gripe water if you’re unsure about its application. Doctors have recommended using ginger tea and green tea instead of gripe water to cure stomach problems. These are really safe for your body and can be used to detoxify your body from many things. It can be used by both adults and babies. It is beneficial for everyone. You do not have to worry about any possible infection, and it is very much safe for consumption.

What is gripe water made of?

Generally, a baby must always consume herbal products in the first couple of years. It is essential to ensure that your baby is surrounded by all-natural things. This is because the baby’s skin is sensitive to the baby’s internal organs. It can harm the baby’s body.

Different brands are made from other ingredients. The ingredient list is different among all the brands. Here’s a list of the brands and ingredients used in them. 

Little Remedies Gripe Water

Agave vegetable glycerin, natural ginger flavor, potassium sorbate, citric acid, xanthan gum, Zingiber officinale (ginger) root extract, Foeniculum (fennel) seed extract, purified Water.

Wellements Organic Night Time Gripe Water

Organic passionflower flower extract, organic agave syrup, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic glycerin, organic lemon juice powder, sodium bicarbonate, Water, organic ginger root extract, organic fennel seed extract, organic chamomile flower extract, organic lemon balm leaf extract.

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water

Potassium sorbate, organic zingiber officinale (ginger root) extract, organic Foeniculum (fennel seed) extract and natural fennel flavor, Deionized Water, vegetable glycerin, sodium bicarbonate.

All of these ingredients were the ones that are most commonly used in gripe water. It is not right to assume that all of these ingredients are safe for babies. They can have harmful effects on the stomach of babies as each, and every baby is different. Also, gripe water can lead to excessive creation of calcium in babies’ bodies. Excessive calcium can be highly harmful to the health of babies.

Gripe water claims in the market

As gripe water is a dietary supplement, it does not need the approval of the FDA to be sold in the market. It can be kept on supermarkets’ shelves without approval from the FDA. No clinical testing on this product is required to sell it in the market. This means that consuming gripe water is a gamble that you have to risk. You need to find out if it’s a product that will work well for your body. 

This means that gripe water is safe until it’s not. It might work well for you, and it may not work well for you. If you’re making your baby consume this product, then you get it tested by your pediatrician first. This is to avoid further complications, as your baby might get allergic to this product. Also, there are several other health-related concerns associated with this product.

Professional help and suggestion are always welcome. Every mother must have a pediatrician who must consult with interns for medical advice. You cannot just purchase anything from the supermarket or a medical store and make your baby consume that. It can be highly harmful to your health. Although gripe water is not at all deadly, it is always good to take precautions to avoid unexpected things.

Is gripe water really good?

There is no concrete evidence to prove that gripe water is actually adequate. The research was conducted on around 400 mothers in India, and it was found that 65% of mothers made their babies have gripe water daily. This means gripe water is a top-rated product among mothers in all parts of the world. Whether it’s America or Asia, gripe water is actually very famous.

 Although gripe water is not effective in curing stomach-related problems in babies, it is not harmful. It might have adverse reactions in some babies, but the product is generally not that bad. But if you expect excellent and exceptional results from this product, you might get something else. It’s a straightforward solution that you can drink and will do little for your body.

It is one such product used by mothers for years now and has almost become a tradition. It is nearly impossible to imagine raising your baby without this particular product. But it is always advisable to get it checked by your pediatrician. Due to technological advancements, we are facing a lot of downsides in technology as well. As a result, unexpected alterations are happening in products. Gripe water microbial infection was one example of such a technological downside.

What are the substitute to grape water?

Gripe water is a natural herbal mixture of all the organic products found in nature. This means that you can easily substitute something with the same nutritional value. According to experts, ginger tea is an excellent replacement for gripe water. You can also use several other herbs to make your baby consume. These theories also have high nutritional value and can lower stomach-related pain. They’re also very effective in overcoming chest problems. 

Ginger tea can also be used by adults to cure stomach-related problems. It has been scientifically proven that it is beneficial for health and can act as a detoxifying agent. You can always have this in the early morning to cleanse your stomach, and you will see magical effects on your body.

You can also drink green tea if you do not like the taste of ginger. Other things such as wheat grass powder can be used. Generally, there is a difference of opinion when it comes to taste. People do not like the taste of a particular tea, so they can save towards consuming that specific kind of tea. This is why it is always recommended that you try out different products and use what you like the most regularly.


The FDA recalled Gripe water because of a possible microbial infection. This makes it unsafe for consumption, and because it is a baby-related product, the government has to intervene to ensure no loss of life because of this infection. With technological advancements, it is very much possible that there are chances of some infections in Gripe water. Although wear over that time and many brands have been back in the market with their gripe water products, people are still apprehensive about this product and whether it will be good.

Gripe water is not a product that is generally clinically tested and approved by FDA before being sold in the market. This makes it a very skeptical product as its authenticity and safety are not sure. This is why a person must always make sure that they consult their pediatrician before making the baby consume gripe water. Although it is not life-threatening, we only know if a product is good once it does something, proving the statement.

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