Is GoXLR Discontinued? – Where to find it in 2023?

Is GoXLR discontinued? In the world of streamers, gamers, and content creators, GoXLR played an important role. As it was versatile and the most popular audio interface and mixer. The best-known audio processing technology – TC-Helicon, is specifically designed for the GoXLR. 

It is created for users to successfully maintain and boost their audio quality. You could use GoXLR during podcasts, live streams, and other online content creation.

People found that GoXLR is no longer available. They cannot purchase, whether directly or indirectly, from its authorized dealers or the manufacturers. So, what is the mystery behind it? Is it discontinued permanently or out of stock for now? 

It is elevating your understanding of GoXLR and its discontinuation! Further, this blog post will delve into the legacy of the GoXLR. Also, it unveiled why it has been discontinued. What is the future? And Why it became a game changer in today’s technology world.

Do not wait up and get started!! Before the main topic, let’s focus on ‘What GoXLR is?’

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About GoXLR

GoXLR was a hardware device specifically developed for those who engaged in online video production, streaming, and podcasting. On top of that, it was specially designed for content creators. The device offered an audio interface and mixer. It helped in boosting audio quality for content creators more simply.

In short, it was the hardware device best known for enhancing audio quality. It simplified the audio management process for content creators. It helped them consolidate several functions into a single device. It offered:

  • Professional audio setup with traditional audio mixing equipment without any complexity.
  • Boost viewer engagement
  • Higher quality audio content.

GoXLR and similar products are important in the content creation industry as every platform needs to entice more and more audiences with high-end quality and crystal-clear sound. We have observed that the part of audio equipment is paramount nowadays. 

In today’s world, the audience attracts the best audio quality. It is the most important factor in gathering an audience. Cause the audio quality can create or destroy the immersive experience for listeners and viewers.

Why Did GoXLR Discontinue? 

It is very hard to bid farewell to GoXLR. Somewhere, its discontinuation put all of the content creators in a dilemma. What was the reason behind its discontinuation? Was the demand lessened? Was it overpriced? What was that? So, let’s stay in the loop to discover what happened exactly and why GoXLR was discontinued.

Despite being successful and having a loyal user base, it faced many issues. Due to this, GoXLR is forced to be discontinued.

User demands are continuously evolving in the content creation and audio engineering world. On the contrary, GoX started to get stuck between and show limitations. Due to this, users are interested in using different. This was the primary reason for its discontinuation, as sales were impacted. 

Another factor is users are now demanding more advanced audio processing. They are currently seeking active integration with evolving streaming platforms. Users have started to get their hands on higher-resolution audio formats. It indicates that GoXLR, which was once booming in the market, was more likely to need to be updated.

How GoXLR Became a Game-Changer In the World Of Content Creators?

Now, we all know that GoXLR was tailored to fulfill the unique requirements of content creators. It emerged as a groundbreaking solution for disentangling the complexities of audio management. GoXLR’s distinctive fea res made it apart and required several pieces of equipment. 

It became a Game Changer, enabling users to manage and apply real-time effects. Adjust EQ settings and maintain chat audio levels amid live streams along with the microphone. One of the major reasons for its popularity was its all-in-one design feature. Because of its features and ease of use for podcasters, YouTubers, Streamers, etc. It earned its place as an important tool in the same field.

What Is Its Impact?

GoXLR has been discontinued. But its benefaction still lives on in the world of content creation. It is no longer in production but remains, sparking a wave of innovation in the field. It is believed that after being discontinued. It influences the c actors of subsequent generations who want to experience holistic audio interfaces and mixers. The biggest reason for the legacy that lives is that it showed creators the potential for consolidated audio solutions.

Is The GoXLR Worth It?

We’ve already introduced GoXLR briefly. As of our knowledge, Go R was a popular and the best hardware device. Even though you are considering whether it is worth it, it depends on the individual’s specific needs and preferences. So it’s up to you to identify if it is worth it. Let’s take a look at some factors that may help you to consider:

Key features of GoXLR include:

  • With the help of GoXLR, users could mix up various audio sources, including game audio, microphones, music, and more. It offered a user-friendly interface that allowed mixing chat into a single stream. Consequently, a balanced audio output was obtained for the audience.
  • GoXLR also allowed users to modify their voice to boost clarity for creative purposes. The Options for real-time voice effects and processing were also offered.
  • It was specifically developed to ensure ease of use and compatibility. So that one can work effectively with a range of software and popular streaming platforms.
  • GoXLR was well known for allowing its users to personalize the appearance of the physical interface. To do so, it offered customizable lighting options.
  • It offered to play samples and custom sound effects to ensure comedic or dramatic elements to streams.
  • It came with an amazing feature that was Physical Control. It offered physical but ns, knobs, and faders to make immediate adjustments during live broadcasts.
  • It also had software control that enabled users to customize profoundly, including EQ adjustment, Audio Routing, and other advanced settings.
  • The best part about GoXLR was its compatibility. Yes, you read that right, as it was more compatible with the most popular streaming and recording software. Due to this, users were easily involved in existing content creation setups.


  • Despite having better features, it had a few drawbacks that may force many to consider it was not worth it as they were not cheap. For tight-budget customs, GoXLR was not a good option. The cost of a product might be a deciding factor/ determining factor for many. 
  • Another cause that has proven that GoXLR was unworthy was its alternatives. Many other audio interfaces and mixers were available on the market. Many similar products are available at different prices. 

We hope you are familiar with GoXLR’s features; it depends on your understanding. What do you prefer, and how much do you value its features? In truth, technology is evolving, so it is recommended to stay updated. Besides, the most important thing is to check for better alternatives or newer models that have been launched.

Will There Be A GoXLR 2?

GoXLR’s discontinuation marks the end of an era. Now, it has cleared the route for the latest and advanced solutions. However, devoted users are expecting a replacement product for that particular item. Will there be another version of GoXLR? 

As per sources, we have come to know that this is just a rumor. The same question arose in 2019; at that time, the decision was postponed. Again, it appeared in 2021, but we are waiting for updates on it, and the answer to this question still needs to be clarified. The company TC-Helicon has not released any official information on its arrival. 

The chances are this is just a rumor. However, the company that manufactures the original GoXLR audio interface may release official information upon arrival. To stay updated or to get answers to this question with more accuracy. Then, you are recommended to visit the TC-Helicon’s official website. You can also gather accurate information from other reliable sources.

Is There Something Better Than GoXLR

Although, GoXLR was the best choice among content creators and all. But still, choices vary from individual to individual. Many of them prefer to choose other options than GoXLR. At the same time, most people are still obsessed with GoXLR.

However, they may need help finding GoXLR for purchase as a sought-after product in the used product market. But still, its stock might need to be increased. So, setting aside an alternate option for audio interfaces and mixers is better. If you are desperately looking for a better solution that may fulfill your content creation needs. Then, putting your hands on something similar or better than GoXLR is recommended.

You must check newer products or alternatives that have emerged and may fit your budget given below:

  • Creative Sound Blaster K3+
  • Behringer XENYX Q502USB
  • RODECaster Pro
  • Razer Audio Mixer
  • Alto Professional ZMX
  • Elgato Wave XLR
  • Pyle Professional Audio Mixer PMXU43BT
  • AVerMedia Live Streamer Nexus
  • Roland VT-5 Vocal Transformer
  • Mackie Mix5

Fundamental Idea On GoXLR Discontinuation

GoXLR’s discontinuation marks the end of its era and opens the way to other newer and more advanced interfaces. This is why those obsessed with GoXLR are also now searching for alternate options that offer similar functionality and other features, as plenty of the latest devices possess comparable features and limitations.

However, GoXLR is being discontinued. However, it is recognized as a pioneer in the content creation industry. So, the entire industry was forced to reimagine and rethink all-in-one audio solutions after the discontinuation of GoXLR.