Good humor toasted almond discontinued

Good humor toasted almond discontinued – where to find?

The Toasted Almond Bar will no longer be available, according to Good Humour. It is the ice cream brand once associated with frozen delicacies and the trucks that sold them. A toasted almond bar is covered in crushed almonds and ‘cake’ crumbs.

Before Good Humour was acquired by Unilever in 1961, the bar debuted more than 60 years ago. Good Humour regarded the Toasted Almond Bar at its 1992 relaunch as one of the company’s classics.’ It was launched alongside the Strawberry Shortcake bar and the Chocolate Eclair bar, which are still available.

Many individuals are unhappy to hear that their favorite ice cream is no longer available as summer approaches. Even though many people are now becoming aware of it, Good Humour’s Toasted Almond Bar was discontinued in 2022. It delighted both kids and adults for a very long time.

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About the brand

Good humor toasted almond discontinued

In the early 1920s, Harry Burt created the Good Humour bar. It is a chocolate-coated ice cream bar on a stick sold by ice cream trucks and retail establishments. This was the beginning of the Good Humour-Breyers brand of ice cream. In the 1950s, when the business ran up to 2,000 “sales cars,” it was a mainstay of American popular culture.

Toasted Almond, Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Eclair were among the 85 flavors or combinations that Good Humour offered. They were made available when Unilever acquired the company in 1961. In 1992, the brand reintroduced those three iconic flavors.

Everyone has a favorite ice cream truck treat. It is the one that makes us run out the door as soon as we hear the jingle. The Toasted Almond Bar from Good Humour has consistently been a crowd favorite.

It was the ideal combination of creamy and crunchy, soothing and refreshing. It has an almond center enclosed by vanilla ice cream and covered in crunchy bits flavored with almonds. Most importantly, it wasn’t overly sweet.

Which Good Humour ice cream bar is no longer available?

People probably imagine the traditional three Good Humour ice cream bars when they think of them. Each has a flavor-filled center inside and is covered in tiny shortcake crumbles. They resemble the Three Musketeers in the world of ice cream trucks. But there’s a catch: Only two remain of those Three Musketeers. Did you know that one had been subtly dropped?

Yes! It was a toasty-tasting treat for summer that has been discontinued. Toasted Almond has been discontinued after more than 60 years of illustrious existence. Unilever (UL)-owned Good Humour discontinued the item in 2022. But buyers are only now becoming aware of it as summer approaches. The business’s Twitter account has been responding to the complaints of depressed consumers and retweeting a similar statement.

If you’ve been wondering why you can’t locate the Toasted Almond Dessert Bar in the supermarket’s freezer section, it was abruptly discontinued last year. Some of us were unaware of this news.

For many of the biggest food corporations in America, 2022 signaled a return to the basics. Some fan favorites ended up in the graveyard of history as a result.

When McDonald’s announced the demise of the McRib, it hit us hard. The chocolate Taco was also delivered to the cemetery for sweets. It is hardly surprising that these foods are disappearing. Restaurants and food producers always assess what is selling and what is not. Yet, it doesn’t help fans accept their losses any better.

The Toasted Almond Bar was discontinued by Good Humour, which claimed it was “less popular across the country.” Many have claimed that the scarcity of merchandise in stores contributed to the spread of that idea. This is one of the most popular flavors in the product line.

Reason for the discontinuation

According to Good Humour, the product was canceled in May 2022, more than a year ago. Customers have been getting the news first on Twitter ever since.

A firm spokeswoman said, “At Good Humour, we’re always upgrading our product selection to meet consumer preferences. We occasionally have to discontinue products. This is to ensure we can provide clients with the best range of delights nationwide. It is a regrettable but important part. As a result, we were forced to stop selling the Good Humour Toasted Almond bars in 2022. We are eager to keep providing our clients with a huge selection of delicacies from shops and ice cream trucks.”

If customer preferences played a role in the decision, it stands to reason that such bars weren’t in high demand. The representative for Good Humour also affirmed that there are no plans to return the Toasted Almond bars.

This is the third product that the Good Humour and Popsicle brands of Unilever quietly changed or canceled that year.

The “Bring the Good Humour Toasted Almond Bar Back” petition by Tammy Regan was published on September 12, 2022. Good Humor ended production of their Toasted Almond Bar, claiming that it was ‘less popular across the country.”

Regan says in the petition’s description:

“Many have remarked that due to the scarcity of supply in retailers, this supports that thought. Many people enjoy this flavor, including my 91-year-old mother. With enough signatures, I’m hoping Good Humour would recognize the Toasted Almond Bar’s popularity and bring it back.”

Of the 2,500 signatures required, 1,705 have been collected.

Fortunately, we can still find it on several supermarket websites, like Instacart and Stop & Shop. This is according to a quick Google search.


A silent exit is the only thing we’re likely to see when a product changes or is discontinued. It is followed by a small wave of users’ post-discovery fury and resignation—the traditional stages of consumer product mourning. Accepting the late farewell is appropriate now!

The word “good humor” was first used more than a century ago, in 1920. It was based on the idea that one’s “humor,” or temperament, is correlated with one’s palate’s sense of taste. Unfortunately, it’s possible that a lot of fans would describe this specific business move as making them bad-humored. They are still bitterly disappointed by it. They will have to discover another favorite treat to get through the summer.