Gone But Not Forgotten Discontinued Makeup – how to find?

How to get Gone But Not Forgotten discontinued makeup? Cosmetic items that were previously popular but have since been discontinued or are no longer widely available on the market are referred to as “gone but not forgotten makeup.” 

Many makeup fans have pleasant memories of these items and frequently wish they could be used again. In this article, we will look at some of the most adored and famous beauty items that have passed yet have not been forgotten.

Gone But Not Forgotten Discontinued Makeup

For discontinued makeup products from Estee Lauder brands like Clinique, MAC, or Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder Companies offers a “Gone But Not Forgotten” program. 

This program makes it simple to find products that have been discontinued within the last 24-36 months. 

Another alternative is to look for the product online at specialist sellers that sell discontinued makeup and beauty items. You can also check eBay or Amazon, though pricing may vary. 

Three Custom Color Specialists, which offer custom-blended foundation services, may help you find a particular hue of lipstick or foundation.

If the item you’re looking for was recently discontinued, larger department stores might still have backstock or unused samples. 

It’s also worth noting that some items may be discontinued due to safety concerns or regulatory changes, so it’s always a good idea to double-check the cause for the termination before purchasing a product.

Some popular makeup products that were discontinued

Makeup fans sorely mourn many discontinued makeup products. Here are a few examples of popular beauty items that have been phased out:

  • ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup by Revlon

Revlon’s ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup was a popular favorite for many years. The product provided great coverage while being lightweight throughout the day. 

Its frothy texture made it simple to blend and apply easily, and it was available in various hues to accommodate varied skin tones. Unfortunately, Revlon discontinued the product in 2018, much to the dismay of its devoted followers.

  • MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. 

Another popular product that has since been discontinued is MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. The foundation provided a natural-looking, full-coverage finish for oily skin.

 It also comes in various colors, making it simple to find a match for any skin tone. Many beauty fans were disappointed when this product was discontinued, although MAC has since launched new foundations that provide similar benefits.

  • Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by Stila

Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick was revolutionary when first introduced. The product provided a beautifully pigmented, matte finish without fading or smudging for hours. 

It is easy to apply due to its creamy texture and comes in various colors to suit different skin tones. While the product is still available, it has been modified, and many enthusiasts prefer the original.

  • Voluminous Mascara by L’Oreal

L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara has been a mainstay in many beauty bags for decades. The mascara adds volume, length, and definition to the lashes without clumping or flaking. 

Its big brush makes it simple to apply and coat each lash, and it is available in waterproof and standard formulas.

  • The Naked Palette by Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Naked Palette was one of the most popular eyeshadow palettes of all time. The palette had 12 neutral tones that could create both day and night looks. 

The hues were highly pigmented and superficial to mix, making it a favorite among makeup artists. While the original Naked Palette is no longer available, Urban Decay has produced several new Naked palettes with comparable hues and formulations.

  • BADgal Mascara by Benefit

For many years, Benefit’s BADgal Mascara was a cult favorite. The mascara provided volume, length, and definition without clumping or flaking. 

The big brush made it simple to apply and coat each lash. Benefit has already refreshed its mascara range with other products, but many admirers continue to mourn BADgal’s departure.

  • Blush by NARS

When NARS’ Blush was initially released, it was a game changer. The peachy-pink tint with golden glitter created a natural-looking flush on the cheeks and looked great on all skin tones.

The product was so popular that it created a whole range of -themed cosmetics, including lip glosses and highlighters. While the blush is still available, the formula has altered over time, and many enthusiasts yearn for the original.


In short, various possibilities are accessible if you are looking for discontinued makeup products. Estee Lauder has a program called “Gone But Not Forgotten” that allows you to search for discontinued goods within the last 36 months. 

You can email the company to request a product search, and the team will look for it and notify you if they locate it. Other cosmetic firms like MAC have a similar program for retired goods. 

You can also search for the product online, as some retailers sell discontinued makeup and beauty goods. 

It’s worth noting that some items may be discontinued due to safety concerns or regulatory changes, so it’s always a good idea to double-check the cause for the termination before purchasing a product.