gliss shampoo discontinued

Is Gliss Shampoo Discontinued in 2023 – Do they still make it?

Is Gliss Shampoo discontinued? If you are looking for the ideal shampoo that will make your hair shiny, repair all the damage that has happened during your excessive use of hair products, and provide extra protection to your hair, then my friend Gliss shampoo is for you. 

Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo is a popular hair care brand related to hair care products. Gliss shampoos are designed to address specific hair issues.

But have you ever wondered whether Schwarzkopf recalled their Gliss shampoo or whether Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo was discontinued for some reason? If yes, then what can you do about the same? 

We will be discussing all of them in detail, so ensure you stay with sure until the end of this article. 

What exactly is Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo?

gliss shampoo discontinued

Most of you might already know what Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo is. If you want, you can skip this section and move on to the next one. 

But for those unaware of what exactly Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo is, we suggest you read this part to better understand Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo. 

Schwarzkopf’s Gliss Shampoo is a renowned hair care company that manufactures shampoos for various hair types. 

Gliss shampoos are designed to address specific issues such as damaged hair, dry hair, color-treated hair, and others. 

They frequently include special ingredients and technology that repair and nourish the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and manageable.

By now, you would have been clear about Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo. Now let us move to the main question about today’s article: Has Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo been discontinued, or has Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo ever been recalled? 

If you want to know more about the same, keep reading further. 

Has Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo ever been recalled? 

Since its establishment, not a single time has Schwarzkopf’s Gliss Shampoo been recalled. Shows that Schwarzkopf’s Gliss Shampoo is made with care, and all the ingredients are used cautiously. 

Has Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo Discontinued?

The next important question is whether Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo has been discontinued? No, they have not. 

But if you want to buy Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo products, then they have been out of stock for some time; we can not say anything in this same whether the company has stopped producing its shampoo product line for Gliss. 

Here is the list of Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo products that are discontinued as of now:

  • Summer Repair Limited Edition Gliss Shampoo (This shampoo is used to remove sea salt residues and chlorine, helps in repairing hair strands, protecting hair from drying out, and used to preserve natural hair) 
  • Gliss Shampoo liquid silk (Used for dry, rough, and dull hair, This shampoo is intended to gently cleanse hair. Silk properties for softening and smoothing.)
  • Gliss Shampoo Detox &Care (Used by fragile hair to prevent hair breaks, Purifies hair and scalp, and Repairs damage caused by free radicals)
  • Gliss Shampoo Colour Perfector (To prevent problems related to coloring, which causes hair loss and dryness. Color loses its intensity and luster after shampooing.)
  • Gliss Shampoo Balance and Care.
  • Gliss Shampoo Ultimate Precious Oil.

Until the products are back In stock, you can use some of Schwarzkopf’s Gliss shampoo alternatives. 

Alternatives of Schwarzkopf’s Gliss Shampoo

If your favorite Gliss shampoo has been discontinued, or you’re looking for alternatives for other reasons, there are many other hair care brands and products that you can consider. Here are some options to consider:

  • Pantene Pro-V
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Aveeno Active Naturals
  • Head & Shoulders
  • Shea Moisture
  • L’Oreal Paris Elvive
  • Garnier Fructis

Do remember that:

Consider your hair type, concerns, and preferences when looking for a replacement for your Gliss shampoo, and look for a product designed to address your specific needs. You can also read reviews from customers with similar hair types and concerns to find a product that has worked well for them.

Can Gliss shampoo cause hair loss?

Gliss shampoo is generally considered safe, but some people may experience hair loss or other adverse reactions due to individual sensitivities or allergies.

Gliss shampoo – what is it?

Schwarzkopf, a company that makes hair products owned by the Henkel Corporation, produces the Gliss shampoo product range.

What hair issues is Gliss cleanser designed to address?

Hair issues like damage, breakage, dryness, frizz, and color preservation are all addressed by gloss shampoos.

What similar components of Gliss shampoo are there?

Water, sodium laureth sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, hydrolyzed keratin, panthenol, and numerous other conditioning agents and preservatives are common ingredients in Gliss shampoos.

Is Gliss shampoo sulfate-free?

Gliss shampoos may contain sulfates, which are cleansing agents that can effectively remove dirt and oil from the hair.

Does Gliss shampoo contain silicone?

Some Gliss shampoos may contain silicone, which can help to smooth and protect the hair.

Are Gliss shampoos safe for color-treated hair?

Yes, some Gliss shampoos are formulated to protect color-treated hair from fading.

Is Gliss shampoo devoid of animal cruelty?

The Henkel Corporation, which owns Schwarzkopf and the Gliss shampoo line, has indicated they intend to stop using animals in their product testing.

Can toddlers use Gliss shampoo?

Gliss shampoos may be safe for children, but it’s always a good idea to confer with a pediatrician before introducing any new hair care product to your child.


Gliss shampoo is a product line manufactured by Schwarzkopf, a Henkel Corporation-owned hair care company. Gliss shampoo ingredients differ depending on the product and formulation. Still, they are generally made up of a mix of cleansing agents, moisturizers, and other active ingredients intended to address specific hair concerns.

Water, sodium laureth sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, hydrolyzed keratin, panthenol, and numerous other conditioning agents and preservatives are typical ingredients in Gliss shampoos.

Individuals with particular hair or scalp sensitivities or allergies should always check the ingredient list before using a new hair care product to ensure that they are not using anything that could cause an allergic reaction.