Glade Wax Melts Discontinued

Glade Wax Melts Discontinued – Did they stop making it?

Why Glade Wax Melts discontinued? Glade is an American brand of domestic air fresheners that began in 1956. Glade is a global brand bought up by S. C. Johnson & Son. It is known by different names around the world. Aerosol sprays, candles, car-scented oil, carpet and room scents, glass scents, plug-ins, gel plugs, scented oil, scented oil candles, and wisps are all available as Glade products.

Glade Wax Melts are fragranced wax cubes that melt to generate a true-to-life aroma, filling our home with a pleasant scent. Glade Wax Melts are available in a wide range of fragrances and will last up to 120 hours. The products are still active and are widely available on the market.

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Advantages of Glade Wax Melts

Glade Wax Melts are made with the finest essential oils and come in various beautiful fragrances, including limited-edition scents.

Each melt is separately packaged and made from pressed wax. It is dry to the touch and restricts greasy or oily hands. This makes it simpler and less untidy to begin the fragrance experience. Each melt retains its aroma over time and endures after the wax warmer has been turned off. 

Glade wax melts come in different categories. They are listed below:

  • Apple Cinnamon.
  • Apple of My Pie
  • Blooming Peony & Cherry.
  • Cashmere Woods
  • Trial Pack.
  • Delicate Vanilla Embrace.
  • Elegant Amber & Oud
  • Refillable Glade Wax Melts.

The global market for aroma wax melts is expanding because of the availability and ease of access to the raw ingredients needed to make these melts. Melted scented wax is less expensive than other scented candles, room fresheners, and reed diffusers.

What is the problem with wax melt?

Glade Wax Melts Discontinued

Wax melts absorb heat more slowly than traditional candles, allowing them to release fragrances without burning the oils. This allows the wax to continue releasing aroma without the scent quickly evaporating. When we light a candle, the reverse happens.

The majority of modern candles are made of paraffin wax. The researchers have found that the number of chemicals produced by each type of candle was far below what might cause human health issues. No conclusive proof exists that burning candle wax is unsafe for our health.

Wax melts can be reused until the smell fades. We can keep our wax warmer and utilize the same melts for hours to relish their scent. The aroma will gradually fade with use until we no longer detect it. When the smell has faded, it’s time to replace the wax melt.

Any soy or beeswax wax melt is best for any candle and another way to scent our home. Soy is non-toxic, natural, and will last longer than paraffin wax.

How long does Glade Wax melt last?

Wax melts are efficient because no lighters or matches are required. The wax melts are portable and usually packed in a box for storage. They are available in cubes, making them simple to disassemble and transport. Drop a wax melt into the wax melt warmer and ignore it when you want your space to smell incredible for extended periods! Glades Wax melts have a longevity of up to 120 hours.


According to the National Fire Protection Association, candle fires resulted in an estimated $278 million in direct property damage from 2014 to 2018. Decorative candles are pretty, but the exposed flame carries the danger of accidentally catching another item on fire. Candles require a flame, whereas wax melt warmers only require electricity.

Scented wax tarts, melts, or cubes are heated using an electric wax melt warmer. It typically contains a small light bulb or a specially designed ceramic heater within the warmer. The built-in heater warms the wax melts, tarts, or cubes sufficiently to release the scent in 5–10 minutes! Just be cautious if you are sensitive to strong odors! Some of the scents may be too powerful for you.

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