Gentle Giant Dog Food Discontinued

Gentle Giant Dog Food Discontinued – Is they Still in Business?

Is Gentle Giant dog food discontinued? Gentle Giant has had no recalls. It is outstanding for a company operating for over ten years. Gentle Giant has very high safety standards. They use processing facilities up to the rigorous conditions they used for years before releasing their own foods in test kitchens.

Gentle Giants is an independent company founded by Burt Ward. He was looking for a better way to feed dogs and, more importantly, extend the lifespan of large breed dogs. Large breeds’ life spans are often sadly short, ranging from six to eight years.

Gentle Giant employs formulas evolved by veterinarians and nutritionists years before the food was readily available for distribution. It contains less fat and is more carbohydrate-balanced to help regulate weight and boost the dog’s general health.

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What do people think about Gentle Giant Dog Food?

Gentle Giant Dog Food Discontinued

Many customers reported that their older dogs’ stiffness and pain levels had decreased. They were pleased with how the dogs appeared to be of a healthy size after a Gentle Giant routine.

Most dogs enjoy the taste and appear to thrive on the foods. Customers also liked that it was a low-cost alternative to many higher-end foods with high prices.

Some grievances were about picky dogs not liking the taste. There were only two essential kibble recipes, such as chicken and salmon. If the dog doesn’t like either of these flavors, there isn’t an improvement to be made. However, they could combine the two because many dogs enjoy canned recipes.

Is Gentle Giant out of stock?

Gentle Giant is available at various retailers, including Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Chewy. We recommend purchasing online because it is less expensive, and the product will be delivered to our home.

Gentle Giants Chicken World Class Dry Dog Food is made by AAFCO guidelines. It is also a non-GMO ingredient. Dry Dog Food is made by AAFCO guidelines. It is also a non-GMO ingredient. We can feed our dogs healthy, natural food that’s good for them when we use this food. Gentle Giants also contain no artificial preservatives, colors, dyes, or flavors. It also does not contain any by-products.

Customers appreciate how it appears to have energized their middle-aged and senior dogs while also assisting in weight regulation. Although many people were initially concerned that it was labeled for people of all sizes and stages of life, the results eventually won them over.

Gentle Giant has an overall score of about four out of five stars across Chewy and Amazon for all recipes. It has numerous fans of its various offerings, and many customers wish there were more recipes.

Is Gentle Giant still in business?

Gentle Giants dog food has all been made in the United States. Because of this brand, we can feed our dogs food sourced with durability and quality. Thus, this food is ideal for dogs. Gentle Giants Chicken World Class Dry Dog Food contains New Zealand green mussels, a high-glucosamine source. Glucosamine is beneficial to the bones and joints of our dog.

Gentle Giants began with a family who developed and refined dog foods to help their dogs live longer healthier lives. After years of perfecting the recipe, the food was finally available to the general public. It was first available in California and then across the country.

It contains no artificial colors, flavors, or cheap fillers like corn or soy. Also, it has less fat than some other advertised dog foods. The company recommends that owners feed their dogs less protein and fat. by steadily increasing the amount of Gentle Giants food until the dogs walk away on their own, teaching them to self-regulate.

Gentle Giant Dog Food has been in operation for more than a decade. This brand has put its knowledge to work to develop excellent dog food after a dedicated feeding program that has helped over 15,000 dogs. It’s tasty, healthy, and all-natural.


The varied ingredients used in this dog food indicate that it is an above-average brand. They are also truthful about the proportions of the ingredients. As a result, if you’ve been reading Gentle Giant reviews and debating whether to buy, you can give the brand a shot.

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