Genteal severe eye gel discontinued 2023 or there is shortage only?

Genteal severe eye gel discontinued 2023 or there is shortage only?

Is Genteal severe eye gel discontinued? Genteal Gel, which some patients describe as “Genteal Severe,” vanished from numerous US pharmacies around 2005. This was according to several dispersed threads that arose at that time. A request for information was made to the manufacturer, Novartis Ophthalmics, about this shortage. They have repeatedly responded that they do not have plans to discontinue the medicine and that it is “on the backlog.”

An artificial tear or eye lubricant called Genteal Gel is used to treat dry eyes. This may occur if insufficient tears are produced to maintain the eye’s lubrication. They provide adequate eye lubrication and assist in relieving the itching and burning associated with dry eyes. Adults with dry eyes can use GenTeal to reduce their burning, itching, and discomfort.

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Genteal severe eye gel shortage

Genteal severe eye gel discontinued 2023 or there is shortage only?

“Dry eye” is a symptom that might not sound so severe—and it isn’t always. However, many who experience the most potent version of the illness speak of agony. The patients can describe it as shattered glass in their eyes. In some instances, it even motivates suicide.

In 2019, those who experience dry eyes have noticed that several efficient over-the-counter medications they rely on are no longer available. This includes Refresh PM, one of the most popular options. Rebecca Petris, a consumer advocate, and dry-eye sufferer, claim that the shortage prompted her to act independently.

In a statement issued at the time, Allergan stated that the Refresh product shortage was caused by “an insufficient supply of raw material components for the packaging.” The items are expected to be available “in late summer” in stores and online.

As the shortage persists, Petris says she has attempted to be a tool and enlighten people through her website, The Dry Eye Zone. It was her not-for-profit organization and a Facebook community. However, it has had a significant influence and failed to provide dry eye sufferers with comfort.

Genteal Gel is a class of drugs known as “ophthalmic lubricants,” typically used to treat dry eye problems. Insufficient or poor-quality tear production can lead to dry eye, a frequent disease. The surfaces of the eyes get inflamed and damaged due to this tear instability.

“I rely on Genteal Severe Dry Eye Gel Drops,” a member of an internet forum stated. “They are the only effective drops I have come across.” She added that they do not irritate the skin as other drops do.

Previously, she would buy these drops online. She asserts, however, that there is a shortage right now. We are still determining if this is a widespread issue. However, people now realize that. 

They would like to find an alternative if they can never again obtain Genteal severe Gel.

Is Genteal severe eye gel still available?

Genteal is a 10-gram tube of sterilized 0.3% hypromellose ophthalmic gel. It does not contain any preservatives. It will provide relief for severe dry eye symptoms. Novartis is the product’s manufacturer.

Genteal Gel is effective when used in the dosage and time frame prescribed by our doctor. Even if we notice an improvement in our condition, we should continue taking it. The symptoms can come back or get worse if users stop taking Genteal Gel too soon.

While taking this medication, patients could encounter eye discharge and vision problems. Redness, irritation, burning, discomfort, swelling of the eyelids, and stinging of the eyes are a few more side effects of this medication. We should consult our doctor if any of these adverse effects disturb us.

If the doctor has prescribed this medicine for patients, keep in mind that they have determined that the benefit to oneself outweighs the danger of adverse effects. Many users of this medicine report no significant adverse effects. This medication will rarely cause a severe allergic reaction. 

Many patients are complaining about the shortages of this medication in online forums. But we need more information about the shortages.


We need to be given more information overall. As a result, there are still many unanswered questions, and Genteal severe eye gel has had a significant influence. Therefore, as it began to disappear from stores, a domino effect spread throughout the business, and then all of a sudden, Systane and Soothe, the other brands, began to go as well. Because people have been stockpiling any available ointment, I believe or imagine that the lack of eye gel has sparked such a demand for them.