Has Freestyle Libre 14-Day Discontinued in 2024?

Has Freestyle Libre 14-Day Discontinued in 2024? The FreeStyle Libre 14-Day Reader was a handy tool for people managing diabetes because it was simple to use and understand. But now, Freestyle has discontinued this Reader and is suggesting people switch to the Libre 2 instead.

Even though some may feel disappointed about this change, the Libre 2 has some fantastic upgrades compared to the old version. It’s got a better design and new features like alarms, which can be helpful.

But what if you still have the old 14-Day Reader? You can keep using it as long as it still works with your sensors. If it stops working, you’ll need to upgrade, since they won’t make the old Reader anymore.

For those who use their phones to check their blood sugar, don’t worry! You can still use the 14-day sensors with the FreeStyle LibreLink app on your phone.

Switching to the Libre 2 might be a significant change, mainly if you’re used to the old system. Gathering all the info you need before making the switch is essential.

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Which is better?

When comparing the Libre 14 Day and Libre 2, the new version has some minor improvements. For example, the Libre 2 has alarms to alert you when your blood sugar gets too high or too low, which the old one didn’t have. Also, with the Libre 2, you can use either the phone app or the Reader for the next 14 days after starting a new sensor, but some users might prefer this limitation.

Why Was Freestyle Libre 14-Day Discontinued?

The company has discontinued the Freestyle Libre 14-Day device. This decision was made because the device used rechargeable batteries that could get hot and even catch fire if not handled properly.

The problem wasn’t just with how the device was stored, but also if it needed to be charged correctly or the wrong power adapter and cable were used. Because of these issues, Abbott had discontinued the product.

Transitioning from Freestyle Libre 14-Day: What’s Next?

People are looking at other gadgets for checking their blood sugar since the Freestyle Libre 14-Day might no longer be available. These other gadgets can do different things, so people have to think about what they need before choosing one.

People are talking about this online, sharing stories and advice. Seeing how much the Freestyle Libre 14-Day meant to them is fascinating.

Doctors and nurses are helping out, too. They’re advising what to do now that the Freestyle Libre 14-Day might not be an option anymore.

Switching to a new gadget might be hard for some people. But there are tips to make it easier, and doctors and nurses can help.

Money is another consideration. Some gadgets might cost more, so people need to plan their budget and see if their insurance can help pay for them.

When things are uncertain, it’s good to have support. The company or other groups might have resources to help people.

Why Do People Still Use FreeStyle Libre 14-Day?

FreeStyle Libre 14-Day is a special gadget approved by the FDA that helps people monitor their glucose levels. You put on a sensor, and it does the rest.

It’s great because it gives accurate readings of your glucose levels, making it easier for people to take care of themselves.

Did you know? You can even share the data it collects with your doctors to help them give you the best diabetes treatment.

This gadget was a big deal for people with diabetes worldwide because it made managing their condition much more manageable. Even those who exercised a lot found it helpful.

People liked it because:

  • You didn’t have to prick your finger so often to check your glucose levels.
  • It gave you three critical pieces of information every time you scanned it:
  • Your glucose level right then.
  • Trends in your glucose levels over the past 8 hours.
  • An arrow showing if your glucose was going up, down, or staying the same.

What Should You Be Careful About When Using This System?

The FreeStyle Libre 14-Day System was a helpful tool, but like any machine, it could sometimes have issues. For example, the sensor might not work right, giving readings that don’t match the person’s feelings or need to be more accurate.

Low blood sugar could cause problems like feeling dizzy or dehydrated. To avoid these issues, people using the system had to check their glucose levels with a regular blood glucose meter and look for certain symbols.

Another thing to be careful about was that there were no alarms to warn you if something was wrong unless you scanned the sensor.

Since the system had small parts, it was essential to handle it carefully to avoid accidents, and it wasn’t recommended for certain groups, such as pregnant women or those on dialysis.

The sensor had to be placed only on the back of the arm, and it was essential to be careful while carrying it to avoid spreading germs.

Overall, the FreeStyle Libre 14-Day System was a great help for managing diabetes, but it had limitations and things to watch out for.

Where To Buy FreeStyle Libre 14-Day System? 

You can get the FreeStyle Libre 14-Day System in different ways:

  • Pharmacies: You can buy it at some pharmacies with a prescription. But remember, which pharmacies have it might change, so ask your local one.
  • Online: You can order it online from different websites like Lazada, Shopee, and Watsons, or even Mercury Drug and Southstar drug stores.
  • MyFreeStyle Program: If you want to try the newer FreeStyle Libre 2 system for free, you can join the MyFreeStyle program. Alternatively, you can ask your doctor for a prescription for either the FreeStyle Libre 14-Day System or the FreeStyle Libre 2 System. Both are available at most pharmacies.

Remember to talk to your doctor about which option is best for you. Whether you buy it from a store or online, the FreeStyle Libre system helps you better manage your diabetes by keeping track of your glucose levels.


Yes, the Freestyle Libre 14-Day system has been discontinued in 2024. This decision was made due to safety concerns related to the device’s rechargeable batteries, which could overheat and pose a fire risk if mishandled. While disappointing for some users, alternatives like the Libre 2 system offer enhanced features and improvements. 

These changes aim to provide better options for managing diabetes while ensuring user safety. Despite the discontinuation, existing users can still receive device support and sensors. 

Individuals must explore new options and consult with healthcare professionals to find the most suitable glucose monitoring solution.


Is it true that the Freestyle Libre 14-Day System is discontinued? 

Yes, the company discontinued the Freestyle Libre 14-Day System.

Why did they discontinue it? 

They discontinued because there are better options now with new technology.

What else can you use to check my blood sugar all the time? 

You’ve got options! There’s Dexcom, Medtronic, and a newer version of Freestyle Libre called the Libre 2.

Where can you find help if you need it while switching to a new device? 

You can look online, talk to the device company, or ask your doctor for advice.

Can you get help paying for a new device? 

Companies might help with costs, and you can also check if your insurance covers it.

What’s next for keeping track of blood sugar levels? 

Things are looking good! Technology is getting better, so managing diabetes might become even more accessible in the future.

What should you do if you still have the 14-Day Reader? 

If it still works, you can keep using it with your sensors. But if it breaks, you might need to get a new one.

What’s different about the FreeStyle Libre 2? 

It’s got some cool upgrades, like a better design, alarms for your blood sugar levels, and the ability to use your phone with it.

Where can I buy the Freestyle Libre 14-Day System? 

You can check it out at your local pharmacy or order it online.

What’s the MyFreeStyle program? 

The program allows you to try the FreeStyle Libre 2 for free. Talk to your doctor to learn more.

Can I switch to the FreeStyle Libre 2? 

Yes, you can upgrade to the newer version if you want.