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Foursquare is a location-based technology business known for its check-in app. It has announced the layoffs of 105 staff. On May 23, 2024, the company confirmed that it would be reducing its workforce by around 15%. This decision made by the company aims to streamline and restructure operations. Foursquare Layoffs also reflects the difficulties and changing priorities in the tech sector.

In 2020, Foursquare joined Factual, another location-focused company. Throughout its 15-year history, the company has raised roughly $400 million. Now, the company is following in other businesses’ footsteps by cutting its employees in 2024.

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About the company

Foursquare Labs, Inc. is a geolocation technology firm and data cloud platform. The company is headquartered in the United States. FourSquare became popular after launching a mobile app for local search and discovery. The app Foursquare City Guide promoted the idea of real-time location sharing and checking-in.

The business started developing products that use the location data gathered from billions of check-ins. This was in addition to updating and improving its customers’ apps.

On November 5, 2020, it was reported that David Shim would step down as CEO. He was replaced by Gary Little, a member of the company’s board. Little took over as CEO of Foursquare in late 2020, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective. His appointment came roughly six months after the company disclosed an all-stock merger with Factual. Little’s plans for the company include strategic realignment to improve operational efficiency and target core growth areas.

Foursquare is a darling of the early iPhone days. It allowed users to “check-in” at locations to win badges, a feature that was widely popular and innovative at the time. It relied on hyperlocal ad income to power its business, a model that many other companies later adopted. Then, it grew into an enterprise software company that saw brands and publishers exploit its data, a testament to its significant contributions to the technology industry.

For example, Atmosfy is a seed-funded short-form video platform. This app enables users to discover local businesses. It uses Foursquare’s API to improve its app.

Foursquare followed suit after merging with Factual. Its location-based software enabled marketers to target specific consumer segments, such as those looking to buy a new house.

Difficulties faced by FourSquare

Foursquare, launched in 2009, quickly acquired popularity due to its social apps, which enabled users to check in at many locations. The company’s journey from a consumer-facing service to a leading supplier of location data and enterprise technology was marked by several milestones. It expanded its services to cater to the needs of well-known brands such as Uber, Samsung, and Microsoft, which used Foursquare’s location analytics for a variety of applications. 

Solutions. The company’s clients include well-known brands such as Uber, Samsung, and Microsoft. They use Foursquare’s location analytics for a variety of applications.

Despite its expansion and broad services, Foursquare has faced stiff competition in the location technology industry. Rivals like Google and Apple, with their vast networks and resources, have posed significant challenges to Foursquare’s market dominance. This competition has forced Foursquare to constantly innovate and adapt to stay ahead in the industry.

There is ongoing economic uncertainty and market volatility. Due to this, many digital firms, like Foursquare, were forced to reconsider their business plans and optimize their systems. Foursquare has responded to these challenges by focusing on its core capabilities and strategic growth areas, a move that demonstrates its resilience and ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

In recent years, Foursquare has made several significant acquisitions. These acquisitions are part of the company’s strategy to strengthen its technology stack and increase its market reach. Each acquisition has been carefully chosen to complement Foursquare’s existing capabilities and contribute to its overall growth strategy. However, the quick pace of these mergers and the resulting operational issues created significant obstacles, which the company is now addressing through strategic realignment and operational efficiency measures.

The present layoffs are also viewed as a response to these issues. These all happened by improving resource allocation and focusing on the company’s most promising business areas.

Foursquare Layoffs 2024

Foursquare lays off 105 employees as part of a strategic restructuring. Current CEO Gary Little wrote an email to employees on May 23, 2024, explaining that these changes are aimed at ‘streamlining’ operations and ‘setting the business on a stronger financial footing.’

After receiving Foursquare’s email notification, affected workers had their system access canceled. Little did not respond to a request for comment at that time. However, his message to staff provides some insight into Foursquare’s plans. According to one report, the layoffs affect approximately 25% of the company’s workforce. This significant reduction in staff will undoubtedly have an impact on the company’s future plans and operations.

The letter does, however, specify which units were affected. The layoffs affect a variety of areas, including engineering, product management, and sales. Gary Little announced the difficult decision in an internal memo, emphasizing the necessity for strategic realignment to improve operational efficiency and, importantly, to target core growth areas.

According to Little’s letter, Foursquare is halting work on several other projects. This including

  • Mobile developer tools,
  • Geode, and
  • The current version of FSQ Insights.

These are not the first layoffs to affect Foursquare. Employees were laid off during the merger; some reported another wave of layoffs in 2022.


Foursquare’s move reflects a broader trend of restructuring in the technology industry. Many technological companies are now prioritizing profitability and long-term success over rapid expansion. This shift will result in less risky investment strategies and a greater focus on core capabilities.

To summarize, the decrease of 105 staff is a significant move for Foursquare. However, it is also a testament to the company’s adaptability and resilience in response to market realities. The company’s future will be based on its ability to use this restructuring to gain a competitive advantage and achieve long-term success in the location technology field.

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