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The educational institution Flatiron School was established in 2012 by Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum. The organization is headquartered in New York City. In 2017, the business faced a lawsuit for making false statements regarding its graduates’ earning prospects. 2017, WeWork acquired it, and in 2020, Carrick Capital Partners bought it.  Flatiron layoffs in 2020, Flatiron School laid off at least 100 jobs.

In addition, some campuses were permanently closed as part of the more considerable WeWork downsizing. There was no recent information regarding the layoffs at Flatiron. Here’s all we know about the layoffs that WeWork is quietly carrying out.

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 Flatiron layoffs 2020

Flatiron School laid off more than 100 employees in May 2020. It happened because WeWork, the coding boot camp’s parent company, conducted massive layoffs in 2020.

According to employees who weren’t allowed to speak to the media, the cuts primarily affected the design and marketing departments. Also, Flatiron was closing down its design-focused curriculum, with a skeleton staff remaining until the 2020 batch graduates. In 2018, the business acquired Designation, a Chicago-based design school.

According to the employees, Flatiron would also close its campuses in Atlanta and London. One laid-off employee voiced concern about how Flatiron leadership conducted the sequence of layoff calls at the time.

“They tried to be empathetic at the expense of being clear. They wouldn’t say, ‘We’re not doing design.’ ” They said, ‘It’s paused,'” the employee explained.

Following an all-staff Zoom conference on April 30, 2020, employees, including those who were let go, were led to virtual breakout rooms for team-building exercises. In one room, a top executive spent a long time discussing a confusing metaphor about hiking.

Spokeswoman Nicole Kroese described the cuts as “unfortunate.” She stated that specific programs would be “pausing enrollment.” Kroese also said that layoffs impacted confident leaders. She refused to provide facts, such as how many totals were affected or which executives were let go.

Employees laid off got the same exit package (four months’ compensation) as their WeWork counterparts. Previously, dozens of Flatiron School employees were laid off in November 2019, according to Business Insider.

A WeWork spokesperson has consistently declined to specify the size or nature of the layoffs. The CEO stated then that it would conclude by the end of the month. Other venture-backed 

Companies, such as Airbnb, have publicly announced layoffs of full-time employees. The WeWork spokesperson refused to comment on the Flatiron School layoffs.

Business Insider reported that WeWork’s layoffs affected sales and IT divisions. 2017, the struggling office company paid $28 million to the Flatiron School.

WeWork’s layoff details

WeWork layoffs reached departments such as business operations, sales, and physical products, which included design. The IT department lost approximately 200 jobs. The community team at WeWork operates at more than 800 sites around the organization. So, this team needs to apply for new positions using a redesigned team structure.

WeWork also considered layoffs in Europe. The company informed certain London employees in May 2020 that it was beginning the 45-day consultation period required by UK law. But, the final number of job layoffs was unknown. None of WeWork’s previous consultation jobs remained when the process was completed.

WeWork staff were laid off in large numbers in November 2019. The New York employees reported to WeWork’s Manhattan headquarters with company-issued tools to be turned in overnight. Business Insider revealed that dozens of Flatiron School employees had been laid off.

CEO Sandeep Mathrani told employees at an all-hands meeting in April 2020. He said he planned to adopt a similar approach to the round of layoffs in May. 

“I want to do it once and ensure we have a company we can all move forward with,” Mathrani explained. However, the layoffs were spread out over several days or weeks.

Carrick Capital Partners acquired Flatiron School.

Carrick Capital Partners is an investment firm. It focuses on software and software-enabled enterprises. On August 3, 2020, it completed the acquisition of Flatiron School, a global school that teaches students 21st-century skills.

“We’re delighted to have Carrick in our corner as we begin on this next chapter,” said Adam Enbar, Flatiron co-founder and CEO.

“Our goal at Flatiron is to do everything we can to reform an outdated and expensive educational system. It is because we do not always provide students with the skills they require for successful professions. We try to reinvent what higher education is and what it can do to help a neglected generation. So we must address the failures of education in technology, an industry with only 7% black professionals,” he added.


According to sources, Flatiron School LLC filed a WARN layoff notification in Colorado on November 20, 2022. This layoff affected a total of 21 employees. Apart from these, there were no recent notifications about layoffs at Flatiron.

Since 2012, Flatiron School has turned out more than 10,000 graduates. The students are from various domains, such as software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and UX/UI product design. In June 2023, Scottish digital skills institution CodeClan teamed with New York-based Flatiron School. This was to provide self-paced digital courses in software development and data science as an alternative to full-time intensive programs.

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