Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds Discontinued – Is it still Available?

Ohh fans! Don’t lose your heart because you can no longer get your favorite flavor provided by Flamin, i.e., Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds. Yes! You’ve heard it right, Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds are discontinued.

As we all know, whenever you are going out or heading out somewhere, you always have your favorite snack because it’s possible to do with the snacks. Snacks have something for everyone that keeps us going! And this crispy, chilly, and crunchy hot flavor may be everyone’s favorite and counted in a favorite items list.

But no more now! Let’s pitch into the blog to learn more about it. This blog will walk you through everything about Flamin Hot Sunflower seeds.

Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds Discontinued

It is with great sadness we are going to mention to you that Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds are no longer available in the market as the company has declared we are no longer producing that flavor. For Snack lovers, it may be a distress or a bombshell. What can we do nothin’! 

Except deliver the “bring back” request to the company by reviewing their official website. 

This method may work, or the company may start manufacturing that flavor again to accept their fans’ request, and they will be able to know how much people are missing that flavor of the crunchier and crispier snack.

But for now, it is clear that “Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds Has Been Discontinued!”. Let’s read on to learn more about it in brief!

Why Did Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds Discontinue?

The company has not revealed the precise answer to this question, “Why Did Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds Discontinue?” So, here we are, still trying to explain something about its discontinuation.

But we can anticipate what may be the reason for its elimination. As we all know, a strict reason should be needed before removing any products from the list. Similarly, there may be a strong reason before its discontinuation. 

Its possible reasons can be ingredients shortage and may it is replacing with a better version, customers might lose interest in those particular products, and one of the primary reasons for the elimination of any product is it could not drive the sales performance of others. 

Whatever may be the exact reason, only the manufacturers know. We only anticipate what it may be and nothing else!

Are Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds Still Available In The Market?

These Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds will not ultimately end, and they are still available in the market. If you love this flavor, grab your cell phone and search for it on Amazon, Instacart, or other websites still selling this discontinued item online.

I hope the fans are happy after getting a ray of hope. There is no need to worry about it anymore, guys! You can still have your favorite flavored all-time snack anytime. You need to order it online because the store shelves are now out of stock.

Let’s see why people are crazy about this particular item. Because it has a Hot Limon Flavor, it comes with a resealable bag that retains its freshness; it is super spicy and comes with a unique seasoning blend for great taste.


Brand – Spitz

Weight – 5.35 0z

Package Weight – 1.57 Kg

Flavor – Hot Limon 

Product – Sunflower Seed

Item Form – Whole

Are Sunflower Seeds Good For Your Health?

Yes, It is Good for your health. As the saying goes, Too much of anything is wrong. Similarly, good things can not be taken in excess. If accepted, then it may harm you. However, Sunflower seeds are good in a limited amount.

According to research, it has been clear that the consumption of seeds may be Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Hemp seeds, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, and many more are there that can be eaten are beneficial in lowering high cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, any other cardiovascular diseases, and in various ailments. 

All in all, Eating sunflower seeds means a lot of vitamins and minerals you are taking. Consumption of sunflower seeds helps boost one’s immune system and also supports your health by enhancing one’s ability to fight various threatening and deadly viruses. It keeps you healthy by maintaining your health.

Another question arises: Is it OK to take sunflower seeds daily? The answer is Yes! It is but should not be taken in excess amounts only take a small cup of sunflower seeds a day (A small cup means around 25 to 30 grams, not more than that).

People Are Demanding “Bring Back Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds”

The online rating for this particular item is 4.5 out of 5, which indicates how much all have loved this item. After its discontinuation, they are demanding “Bring Back Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds.” Let’s have a look at what people have posted on social media.

“I wonder why they have removed this product as those were always my favorite, and those are nowhere to be found now, not even a single store since pre-COVID. We want them back! Until I would like to choose other alternatives, I recommend others also, i.e., Bigs Takis Fuego Flavour and Spitz Hot Cheeto Limon. But I don’t enjoy them as Flamin Hot Sunflower Seeds.”

Second posted, “Looking online all over and can’t find any in stock anywhere!”

People need that flavor. Hope the company may resume manufacturing that item to calm their customers.


That beloved Flamin Hot Sunflower Seed has been discontinued, but people demand to return it. Let’s see what the company decides. 

Until now, you can make the most of this flavor by buying it online from websites such as Amazon or Instacart. 

If the item is still unavailable there, you can opt for other alternatives that are still in the stores and online. Other alternatives include Frito-Lay BBQ Sunflower seeds, Cheetos, and many more. I hope you enjoy different flavors!