Fitbit Ionic Recall

Fitbit Ionic Recall 2023 Update – Why Fitbit Ionic being discontinued?

Why Fitbit Ionic recall? Fitbit recalls the Ionic smartwatch nearly five years after it became available because of potential burn hazards.

Google made the voluntary recall of 1.7 million Fitbit Ionic smartwatches official in March 2022. Following reports of 78 burns, this recall was issued. It was recalled globally because the lithium-ion battery in the product can overheat and create a burn hazard for users. A complaint asserting that the same flaw impacts all of Google’s Fitbit products claim that the recalls didn’t go deep enough.

All sold Fitbit Ionic units are subject to the recall, according to the US Consumer Products Safety Commission. According to reports, that amounts to 700,000 units overseas and 1 million domestically.

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Which Fitbit Ionic is being recalled?

Fitbit Ionic Recall

As per court records, all Fitbit smartwatches and activity trackers have the same flaw. The flaws reported have the potential to overheat, leading to burns or other fire risks. The complaint claims that the recall doesn’t correctly compensate Ionic users and that Fitbit tries to shift responsibility to “customer hygiene” when instances are reported.

According to the complaint, “reasonable customers” buy the devices to securely pursue a healthier life with the help of a smartwatch and burn calories rather than their skin. Class-action status is being claimed in the complaint.

The Versa Lite and Versa 2 were the devices purchased by the two claimants in the case, not the Ionic. The complaint also includes images of burns suffered by users of many other products, including the Sense, Versa 3, Blaze, Inspire, and Inspire 2. Additionally, there are numerous Fitbit owners claiming that the company’s customer service backstabbed them.

The company received 2 complaints of third-degree burns and 4 complaints of second-degree burns from the alleged burn injuries. According to the business, the documented cases account for fewer than 0.01 percent of all units sold. A million or so Fitbit Ionic smartwatches were sold in the US, and 693,000 more were sold abroad.

The lawsuit’s central claim is that although Fitbit did recall the Ionic, it didn’t do the same for its other products. It is even though those products might also cause users to get burned. Customers might need to be made aware that they are holding a possible fire hazard as a result. The case fuels explicitly concern that customers may wear a smartwatch on a flight without realizing that the batteries might be faulty.

Only the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is subject to this recall. The device, model number FB503, has a 1.4-inch color LCD screen with a polyurethane band. Only the Ionic FB503CPBU in slate blue/burnt orange, the Ionic FB503 GYBK in charcoal/smoke gray, the Ionic FB503WTGY in blue gray/silver gray, and the Ionic FB503WTNV Adidas edition in ink blue and ice gray/silver gray are covered by the recall.

Is Fitbit Ionic being discontinued?

Fitbit Ionic Recall

After Fitbit purchased Pebble, the Ionic smartwatch was released in 2017. The Fitbit Ionic was among the first wearables to have a built-in SpO2 (blood oxygen) sensor. But it only had a few other advanced functions. The battery life of the watch, though, was one of its outstanding features at the time. Approximately three years later, in 2020, the watch was discontinued.

A federal class-action lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California alleges that other Fitbit devices have the same defect. It also claims that the recall of Fitbit Ionic smartwatches needed to go sufficiently far. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 115 devices have malfunctioned in the United States, and 59 more have failed abroad. As a result, there were 78 injuries in the United States and another 40 injuries abroad. Some users also suffered second and third-degree burns.

Google-owned Fitbit told CR that it “takes every customer complaint sincerely and analyzes these concerns in an ongoing way” and that its devices “endure comprehensive internal and external testing to ensure the security of our customers.”

Fitbit manufactured the Ionic smartwatches until 2020. However, it was available for purchase from September 2017 until December 2021 through, Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, and

After testing the product, Consumer Reports recommended Best Buy. Other Fitbit fitness trackers or smartwatches are unaffected by the recall. The Fitbit Sense is the follow-up to the Fitbit Ionic and is packed with new capabilities. Its primary focus is tracking our well-being and fitness.


Customers should stop using the recalled Ionic smartwatch right now. They should contact Fitbit to request prepaid shipping to return the product.

Consumers will receive a $299 refund after receiving the device. Additionally, Fitbit will give interested customers a 90-day discount coupon redeemable for 40% off a selection of Fitbit products, services, and bands.

After completing the registration process, the business anticipates that clients will receive their returns in three to six weeks. Refunds are available to all Ionic users, even those who no longer use the gadget.

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