Esskay Chipped Beef Discontinued – Are They Still in Business?

Has Esskay Chipped Beef been Discontinued? Do You Know? One of your favorite items from Esskay has been deducted from the list; it is explained further in this blog.

Chipped Beef is thinly sliced pieces that have been pressed, salted, and dried. This product is made up of Beef in flexible dried leaves; its small, thin, chipped slices come in flat plastic bags and sometimes in jars.

Some restaurants or customers add more flavor by smoking the dried Beef, while some have different methods of cooking to add more taste and flavor. Hormel produces processed meat and considers chipped Beef as “an air-dried product that tastes similar to bresaola, it looks like it but tastes not as same as bresaola.”

So many products are available under this brand “Esskay,” but the chipped beef products are unique and special, including Esskay Creamed Chipped Beef, Esskay Air Dried Chipped Beef, Esskay Chipped Beef Lower Sodium, etc.

If you want to know more about it, go through this blog! So, without wasting much time, let’s dive in!

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Has Esskay Chipped Beef been Discontinued?

Has Esskay Chipped Beef been discontinued? The answer to this question is “NO” because the company has already announced it would no longer produce some of its products, which are Esskay hot dogs. Still, we’ve not seen or heard anywhere that the production of Esskay Chipped Beef has been discontinued. Below, we have mentioned a statement that has been stated by the company officially. 

The Esskay brand Manager, Chad McFadden, wrote in an email to WJZ, “Our organization made the difficult decision to eliminate the various items, including hot dogs, and we stopped its production in December of last year. But we will continue to make Esskay chipped beef products and deli meat; now, one can easily find them at the nearest grocery stores in the Baltimore area.” 

Is Esskay Chipped Beef Still Available In The Market?

The company Esskay was acquired by Smithfield Foods in 1986, and it is still in business. Yes, we know that the company was owned by someone else before, but now, Smithfield owns it, and the brand name or logo remains active with Esskay Franks. The company specially provides official hot dogs. Esskay chipped beef is also counted in a list of rival items and is one of the most chosen and loved items offered by this brand.

It is still available in the market; you can buy them in-store and online.

Where To Buy Esskay Chipped Beef & Other Products?

You can buy Esskay Chipped Beef & several other products at the groceries stores in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, etc.

Also, buy them online from several websites, including B.Green Cash & Carry, Food Lion, Price Rite, Safe Way, ShopRite, Supervalu, Weis, Royal Farms, Giant, Wholesome Foods, Shoppers Food & Pharmacy, Sunnyway Foods, Lauer’s Supermarket & Bakery, Bel-Garden Bi-Rite Supermarket and many more. 

How People Reacted & Posted On Discontinuation Of Esskay Chipped Beef?

People were up in arms when they heard about Esskay Chipped Beef and started posting on social media also; they broadcasted on Reddit when asked: “Is Esskay Chipped Beef Still Available at Locations, Or Is It Removed From Everywhere?” Let’s have a look at the following:

“I live in Lancaster as a Lancaster native; it is so disappointing that I have not seen Esskay chipped in years in Philly. I am confused and had an inkling it still existed.”

“Egg Salad and now the chipped beef/sausage gravy. It is so disappointing that stores are not serving, but not all stores.”

“I missed that particular product that has disappeared from the store’s shelves, and I’m unable to grab these on the reg. I used to find them at some specific stores, but later, they disappeared, and I never saw them anywhere. Similarly, the egg salad, are they ever coming back?”

We can’t mention all the posts, as it is an impossible task because the posts on social media are thousands in number, so we have just mentioned two or three. But, We are considering these posts enough to understand how people feel about Esskay Chipped Beef’s discontinuation.

The Bottom Line

We’ve concluded that Esskay Chipped Beef has not been discontinued. The company has not officially announced this, and we’ve no clear-cut answer to this question. But we can assume that the product has been unavailable for a while just because there has been a beef shortage for 3 to 4 years that led to the shortage of beef products, and Esskay chipped beef is one of them. 

Although you can still buy them from grocery stores, Esskay Chipped Beef is a perfect fit if you seek a tasty non-food item with a lot of nutritional value. Also, it has been noted that this item does not contain any particular ingredient that one should avoid. 

If we talk about the price, you should not pay a massive amount for it as the product is also cheap, it usually costs you around 3 cents, or it depends on your area or the store.

All in all, Essay Chipped Beef is an amazing treat for almost everyone who loves beef products.