Enjoy Life Discontinued: Are they going to be out of business?

Enjoy Life Products are being discontinued. The main reason behind it is the shutdown of an Enjoy Life Foods bakery in the US. 

So, let’s get ready! To uncover the surprising story behind the discontinuation of Enjoy Life Products. 

In 2015, Mondelēz acquired Enjoy Life. Enjoy Life is a snacking company specializing in allergen-free products. A year later, they opened a large facility in Indiana. However, the “free from” snack category has seen increased competition from companies that have started to offer allergen-free options. As a result, Mondelēz is reevaluating its strategy. Though not wholly exiting the category.

Mondelēz acknowledges the need to ensure Enjoy Life Foods (ELF) can grow sensibly. As part of this shift, they’ve decided to end their lease for the ELF manufacturing plant in Indiana. This move allows them to narrow down their product portfolio.

While the specific products being discontinued have yet to be mentioned, the company plans to implement multiple rounds of layoffs. That started on July 3, with the final round expected on April 1, 2024.

Mondelēz is known for brands like Oreo and Ritz. It has been expanding its snacking portfolio through acquisitions in recent years. CEO Dirk Van de Put has overseen acquisitions such as: 

Clif Bar, Hu, Tate’s Bake Shop, and a majority stake in Perfect Snacks.

Like many companies, Mondelēz faces the challenge of allocating resources wisely among its brands. They’re choosing to focus more on their core products instead of overinvesting in a crowded category. While it’s unclear which Enjoy Life products will continue. They’ll likely prioritize the best-selling, fastest-growing, or leading items.

This strategy is akin to Coca-Cola’s recent approach. Coca-Cola has been streamlining its beverage lineup. In order to prioritize fewer, more prominent brands with significant growth potential. Leading to the discontinuation or sale of brands like: 

Honest Tea, Tab, Odwalla, and Zico coconut water.

Who Bought Enjoy Life?

Enjoy Life Foods was co-founded by Scott Mandell and Bert Cohen in 2001. They established a dedicated nut- and gluten-free bakery in Chicago, Illinois. They crafted their products there.

In January 2006, the company achieved an independent gluten-free certification. The company gets a certificate for all products from the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. They adhered to a strict ten parts per million (ppm) standard for gluten. Ensuring their products were safe for those with dietary restrictions.

Initially launching with a modest 12 items, including cookies and snack bars. Enjoy Life Foods quickly expanded its product range. They introduced various foods like: 

  • Cookies
  • Snack bars
  • Trail mixes
  • Chocolate bars
  • Baking chocolate
  • Baking mixes
  • Lentil chips

Their growth was remarkable, earning them a spot on Inc. magazine’s 500/5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies, starting in 2007.

On February 16, 2015, Enjoy Life Foods made a significant move when Mondelez International acquired the company. However, their recent decision to discontinue certain products. Besides, the closure of the Indiana facility. Reflects its evolving strategy within the competitive snacking market.

Is Enjoy Life Food Plant Closing?

The company recently announced closure in Jeffersonville, Indiana, which will affect many employees.

The closure process will involve several rounds of employee terminations. The first round will impact 105 employees on July 3, with more layoffs expected next year. I am totaling around 166 job cuts. Unfortunately, the filing doesn’t provide a clear explanation for the closure.

This action is permanent, with the factory set to close on or before April 1, 2024. It’s worth noting that a union does not represent the employees at this facility. Or even they don’t have “bumping” rights.

Enjoy Life stated that they would “transition operations to external manufacturing.” As part of their efforts to refocus their portfolio. They mentioned facing increased competition in the free-from-snacking market from other companies.

Will Enjoy Life Products Ever Come Back On The Market?

Mondelez International, the owner of brands like: 

Oreo and Chips Ahoy acquired Enjoy Life in 2015. Enjoy Life was founded in 2001. It specializes in making allergy-friendly and gluten-free snacks and snack bars.

The factory currently operates three production lines, producing snack bars, cookies, and chocolate. It’s a significant move for Enjoy Life, as they invested $39 million in this facility back in 2016.

Mondelez International reported a substantial increase in net revenue in the first quarter of the year. They continue to invest in emerging businesses. As seen in their CoLab snacks accelerator program in the US. This program offers grants. Or support startups like DreamPops, New Gem, and Steiner’s.

What can consumers do to cope with Enjoy Life’s discontinuation?

The abrupt discontinuation of Enjoy Life products has left a void in many households. If you were a die-hard Enjoy Life fan, fret not! There are several steps you can take to cope with this unfortunate turn of events:

Explore Local Specialty Stores: 

Investigate local specialty stores and health food markets that may carry niche brands catering to specific dietary requirements. These establishments often have a diverse range of products as they can serve as suitable substitutes for Enjoy Life offerings.

Online Shopping: 

In this digital age, the internet can be your savior. Online marketplaces and specialized websites are often treasure troves for niche food products. Browse through these platforms to find alternatives that align with your dietary needs.

Experiment with Homemade Recipes: 

Embrace your inner chef and start experimenting with homemade recipes! Many food bloggers and recipe websites are there. They offer creative and delicious allergen-free recipes by venturing into the realm of homemade treats. You may even stumble upon a new favorite that rivals Enjoy Life’s offerings.

Seek Support from Allergen-Free Communities: 

The power of the community cannot be underestimated. Connect with fellow allergen-free individuals through online forums. Or through social media groups or local support groups. Members of these communities often share valuable insights and recommendations. To find suitable alternatives to Enjoy Life products.

Alternatives To Enjoy Life Products 

Searching for brands similar to Enjoy Life? Look no further! We’ve conducted thorough research to identify the top alternatives to Enjoy Life. We’ve distilled the best options into a convenient Enjoy Life competitors grid. Here, you can easily find Enjoy Life’s alternatives. ‘Let’s find out:

  • Real Good Foods
  • Macro Mike
  • Honeyville
  • Simple Mills
  • Cali’flour Foods
  • Safe + Fair
  • Cappello’s
  • Kalumi
  • Pamela’s Products
  • 88 Acres
  • Simply Snackin

In The End

The discontinuation of Enjoy Life Products reflects the ever-evolving landscape of the food industry. At the same time, it’s disheartening for loyal consumers as it underscores the competitive nature of the market. 

The decision to scale back and refocus its product portfolio is a strategic move by Enjoy Life Foods, in response to the growing competition in the allergen-free and gluten-free segment. We bid farewell to this beloved brand. It reminds us of the dynamic nature of consumer preferences and dietary trends. It is urging companies to adapt and innovate to stay relevant. In the end, Enjoy Life’s legacy will be its commitment to providing safe and delicious options for those with dietary restrictions.