Duke Cannon Vs Dr. Squatch

Face Off in the Battle of the Bath: Duke Cannon Vs Dr. Squatch

Do you like using bar soap? Today, we’re talking about two special ones: Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch. These are not your regular soaps – they’re extra good and smell really nice!

Do you How do most stores have the usual bar soaps? Well, Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch make special ones just for guys, and they even have other cool stuff.

Have you noticed there aren’t many soap choices at the store? Most soaps seem the same. But Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch are different. They have lots of soaps to pick from. Some are for your face, some for your body, and even some with special smells!

People really like Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch’s soaps. They say these soaps are super good quality. Way better than the usual store soaps! And guess what? They’re not too expensive either. So, you get great soap without spending too much.

If you want to know the differences between Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch, we’ve got a comparison for you. Or why should you choose these over regular soaps? Let’s find out together!

Duke Cannon Vs Dr Squatch: What Sets Them Apart?

Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch have a lot in common, but they’re not the same. Let’s find out!

  • Types of Products: Duke Cannon offers more stuff than Dr. Squatch.
  • Soap Prices: Dr Squatch soap costs $7 and is 5oz. Duke Cannon’s soap costs $9, but you get a bigger 10oz bar.
  • Making Your Bundle: With Duke Cannon, you can pick different items and make your bundle.
  • Free Gifts: Duke Cannon sometimes gives gifts. Like, if you spend $65, they might throw in a free pumpkin spice soap!
  • Extra Stuff at Duke Cannon: Duke Cannon has other cool products that Dr. Squatch doesn’t have. I like stuff like solid cologne, beard balm, and even lip balm!

So, both brands are great, but Duke Cannon has a bit more to offer. Your choice depends on what you need and like!

Let’s talk about Dr. Squatch! They have different bundles, like starter kits and full routines. You can also buy single things if you don’t want a whole way. Dr. Squatch sells soap, deodorant, shampoo, and more guy stuff.

They even have bonus things for your shower, like soap holders and scalp scrubbers. While Duke Cannon has more things, Dr. Squatch has a few special items they sell that Duke Cannon doesn’t have.

Dr. Squatch has cool stuff like toothpaste, candles, and shower boosters. So, they’ve got some extra things you might like!

Duke Cannon Vs Dr. Squatch
Duke Cannon Vs Dr. Squatch

Duke Cannon Vs Dr Squatch: Quality

Let’s talk about Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch’s quality. Duke Cannon really works hard to make super good stuff. Their body wash is thick and makes lots of bubbles, and even their beard wash has cool things like soybean oil and wheat protein to help your skin. They have other things, too, like footpowder, lip balms, and face scrubs to get you ready for the day.

Now, Dr. Squatch is all about natural things for guys. They proudly say they don’t use bad stuff in their products. Things like coconut oil, shea butter, and other good stuff are in their products for a nice grooming routine. The cool thing is that Dr. Squatch tells you everything that’s in their products. So, you know exactly what you’re getting!

Duke Cannon Vs Dr Squatch: Ingredients And Formula

Duke Cannon soap is made without things that might bother your skin, like parabens and sulfates. They use natural fats and cleaning stuff and add cool scents like oat flour and peppermint oil. Some soaps even have a bit of iron for a gentle scrub.

Now, Dr. Squatch takes it to the next level. Their bar soap is made from 100% natural and organic stuff – nothing weird. They’re really serious about keeping bad things out, and they even made a list to make sure no harmful things get in. Dr. Squatch soaps are also free from chemicals that aren’t good for guys’ health. You can learn more about what goes into Dr. Squatch’s soap on their ingredients page.

Duke Cannon Vs Dr Squatch: Fragrances

Duke Cannon has a bunch of scents – more than twenty! They’re great if you want to smell like you’ve been doing manly stuff. Like, there’s one that smells like fresh-cut pine, another like a campfire, and even some inspired by drinking – like American bourbon and Great American beer. They even have scents from a World War II series, like Accomplishment and Victory. So, if you want to smell like a guy who’s had a rugged day, Duke Cannon has you covered.

Now, Dr. Squatch’s scents are just plain fun! They’ve got cool scents for sci-fi lovers, like Resistance Rinse and Suds of Darkness from the Star Wars collection. Want to smell like the outdoors? Try Alpine Sage. Feeling like a vacation? Bay Rum’s got you covered. Dr Squatch’s scents are all about traditional guy stuff, helping you smell like your favourite hobby. And guess what? There are more than twenty scents to choose from!

Duke Cannon Vs Dr Squatch: Packaging And Branding 

What Brand Review talks about Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch. They both make special soaps for guys, but they also have other stuff for taking care of yourself. The review says they have lots of different soaps for your face, body, hands, and more. The scents and how good they are might be different.

The review also says that people really like Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch because their soaps are super good quality. It says they focus on making the best soaps around. Regular soaps from local stores don’t seem as good compared to these two, according to the review.

Duke Cannon Vs Dr Squatch: Subscription Info And Pricing

Let’s discuss how you can get these soaps and what they cost!

Duke Cannon has more than twenty cool scents for their soaps. They’re inspired by tough-guy stuff like camping and drinking. So, if you want to smell like you’ve been doing manly things, Duke Cannon has the right scent for you.

But here’s the thing – Duke Cannon doesn’t have a subscription service. That means you can’t sign up to get their soaps regularly. You can buy them when you want. Here’s what they cost:

  • Single Big Ass Brick of Soap: Costs between $9 and $9.50 each.
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap Bundle: If you buy four or more, you get a 25% discount.

If you sign up for Duke Cannon’s email list, you get 10% off your first order.

Now, let’s talk about Dr. Squatch. They do have a subscription service, which means you can get their soaps regularly. Here’s how much it costs:

  • 3 Bars for $18 (you get them four times a year)
  • 6 Bars for $36 (also four times a year)
  • 9 Bars for $54 (yep, four times a year)

If you don’t want a subscription, you can buy individual bars for $7 each.

Dr. Squatch doesn’t have any promotions going on right now, but they sometimes have deals on packs and bundles.

Now, let’s talk about prices. Duke Cannon’s stuff is fair. Most of their best-selling things cost between $10 to $50. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s not too expensive either. Their deodorant is $12, cologne is $25, and shampoo puck is $12.

Dr. Squatch’s prices are similar, but for some things, Duke Cannon is a bit more expensive. The Duke Cannon Big A** Brick of soap is $2 more than Dr. Squatch’s soap, but it’s double the size! Plus, they have bundles and gifts that give you better deals. If you subscribe to keep getting stuff, you get 10% off too!

Dr. Squatch has decent prices, too. A bar of soap is $7, deodorant is $12, and their crushed pine cologne is around $20. It’s good for folks who don’t want to spend too much on grooming.

And guess what? Dr. Squatch gives you extra discounts through a rewards program where you earn points!

Duke Cannon Vs Dr. Squatch
Duke Cannon Vs Dr. Squatch

Duke Cannon Vs Dr Squatch: Shipping & Returns

Let’s talk about how Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch handle shipping and returns. 

Duke Cannon spends over $50, and your shipping is free. Easy! They only ship to the U.S. and Canada. If something’s not right with your order, tell them in 30 days, and they’ll help, but no returns.

Dr. Squatch is just like Duke Cannon: you spend $50 or more, and your shipping is free. Subscribers always get free shipping! They ship to other countries like the U.K. and Australia! Don’t like what you got? No problem! Dr. Squatch will find you something you love or give your money back, but tell them within 30 days.

Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch: What People Say

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon is all about real guys who love hard work, family, and good things like bacon. If you’re into that, Duke Cannon might be for you. They make stuff for guys who work hard or fix things around the house. People like their products because they’re tough and get the job done.

Let’s talk about the good things about Duke Cannon:

  • Very useful for daily life
  • Big-sized soaps that last a long time
  • Offers a personalized experience
  • Stands for great values
  • Top-notch quality

Not-so-good things:

  • Some scents might be too strong for some
  • Can’t change subscription details much
  1. Squatch

Now, Dr. Squatch is all about natural stuff. They use ingredients that come from nature. Even though they’re newer than Duke Cannon, lots of people love them. If you’re into natural bar soaps, Dr Squatch could be a top choice. And here’s a cool thing – if you try it and don’t like it, they’ll make it right for you.

Let’s talk about the good things about Dr. Squatch:

  • All-natural ingredients
  • You can change how much and how often you get soap
  • Nice scents to pick from
  • They have a fun quiz to make things personal
  • Feels gentle on the skin

Not-so-good things:

  • It might not be as strong as other soaps
  • Takes time to get used to if you’re used to regular bar soaps

So, it really depends on what you like – tough and strong like Duke Cannon or natural and gentle like Dr. Squatch. You decide what’s best for you!

In summary:

Scents & Variety: Duke Cannon has 16 different bar soaps, and Dr. Squatch has 15. Duke Cannon wins by just a bit.

Size: Duke Cannon’s soaps are about 10 ounces on average, while Dr. Squatch’s are about 5 ounces. That means Duke Cannon’s soaps are way bigger!

Subscription or One-Time Purchase?

Both Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch let you choose. Duke Cannon sends a subscription every 60 days, and Dr. Squatch ships every one or three months.

Which Has A Better Scent?

People really like the scents from Dr. Squatch. So, Dr. Squatch wins in the smell department!

Return Policy: If something’s wrong with your Duke Cannon soap, you can exchange it for a new one. But there are no returns or refunds if you change your mind. Dr. Squatch, on the other hand, will give you a refund within 30 days if you don’t like their soap.

Ingredients (Bar Soap Best-Sellers Used): Duke Cannon uses ingredients like sodium tallowate and glycerin. Dr. Squatch uses cool things like oatmeal, charcoal, and coconut oil. Both have interesting stuff, but it depends on what you like.

But keep in mind, we’re looking at the ingredients in their best-selling soaps only. Both brands might use other elements in different soaps.

Dr. Squatch does things a bit differently in making their soaps. Some ingredients in Duke Cannon’s soaps, like sodium kernelate and glycerin, are pretty common in bar soaps. That’s why some people prefer Duke Cannon. But Dr. Squatch deserves credit for using clean ingredients, even if it’s not everyone’s top pick.

Price: Duke Cannon’s soap costs between $5 and $9.50. Dr. Squatch’s soap is $7 each. Dr. Squatch is cheaper.

Duke Cannon thinks about old times when men were strong and worked hard. Today, some men care a lot about taking pictures and wearing fancy clothes. But Duke Cannon believes a man needs good soap after a hard day’s work. They make a soap called the ‘Big Ass Brick of Soap,’ and it’s big – twice as big as most soaps you find in stores. This soap doesn’t have the bad stuff that some soaps have, and it comes in strong scents. But because it’s so big, it might not fit in all soap dishes. Also, it has a tiny bit of iron, so people with sensitive skin should be careful.

Dr. Squatch’s soap started when a guy named Jack got tired of boring soaps that made his skin dry. He started making soap in his garage and improved it over time. His friends liked it so much that he made more and named it Dr. Squatch soap. They make their soap to keep skin moist and use good ingredients.

Before you buy Dr. Squatch soap, you can take a short quiz on their website. It helps you choose the best soap based on things like how you want it to smell and how much scrubby feeling you like. Dr Squatch has many cool scents, and you can buy one soap or get a few regularly with a subscription. Their soaps are smaller than Duke Cannon’s, but with a subscription, it’s a good deal. Dr. Squatch soaps don’t have strange ingredients, and the quiz makes it easy to pick a scent. Their soaps are a bit smaller.

Alternatives To Duke Cannon

Looking for soap but not Duke Cannon? No worries! Check out these amazing alternatives:

  • The Soap Guy: If you like bar soaps with a sweet smell, The Soap Guy has you covered. They use organic stuff, and it won’t hurt your wallet.
  • Zen Body: Zen Body has a 4.2-star rating and makes products without hurting animals. They’re kind to students, military folks, and more. Plus, they’re made in the USA and free from nasty chemicals.
  • Pink Honey Collective: This brand is getting lots of love. It’s into CBD beauty stuff, which can make your self-care routine a breeze. Affordable and with cool skincare options!
  • Farmhouse Fresh: Love animals? So does Farmhouse Fresh. They make veggie-based products and say no to testing on animals. Try their organic pumpkin puree facial mask – it’s a treat!
  • Spongelle: Want vegan-friendly beauty? Spongelle has all-in-one treats for your body, bath, hands, and feet. Cruelty-free and no yucky chemicals. People love it!
  • Bathing Culture: Into eco-friendly beauty? Bathing Culture is all about it. Their products are biodegradable and focus on plants. Save your skin and the planet!
  • Cake Beauty: Cake Beauty is a great Duke Cannon alternative. They’re from Canada and have vegan-friendly haircare, body lotion, and more. No bad chemicals – just good stuff!

So, if Duke Cannon isn’t your jam, there are plenty of other awesome options.

Alternatives To Dr. Squatch

If you’re looking for a soap that’s good for your skin but won’t break the bank, then you’ve to take a look at a few cool alternatives to Dr Squatch given below. Dr. Squatch is nice and all, but let’s see what else is out there.

  • Bravo Sierra: This one’s inspired by the military, so you know it’s tough. They test everything with soldiers, and it’s great for a solid body clean. Plus, they give discounts to military folks.
  • Baxter of California: No alcohol or aluminium here! Their deodorant is cool and won’t leave you dry. Check out their cedar-scented bar soap, too.
  • Crate 61 Bar Soap: It’s like Dr. Squatch but cheaper. A three-pack costs about the same as one Squatch bar. They’ve got cool scents and free shipping with Prime.
  • Dr. Bronner’s: It’s been around forever. Their soap comes in lots of scents, and it’s vegan and non-GMO.
  • Outlaw Soaps: Small but mighty, just like Dr. Squatch. They make handmade soap with cool scents like whiskey and leather.
  • Swanky Badger Natural Soap Bar: These guys started by making gifts for guys. Their soap bars are organic, vegan, and come in manly scents.
  • Every Man Jack: Made by outdoor fans, they use natural stuff. They’ve got more than soap, like beard butter and hand sanitiser.
  • San Francisco Soap: This is a Man Bar that smells good. People on Amazon seem to like it, but some had customer service issues.
  • 360 Feel Men’s Soap Bar: Earth-friendly and good for all skin types. No palm oil, phthalates, or parabens. Comes in different scents.

The Rest: If you want even more options, check out Harry’s, Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap, The Soap Guy, Sudsy Bear, Bearsville, Stirling Soap Company, and Arctic Fox Triple Butter Vegan Soap. Loads of choices for everyone!

Now you’ve got the lowdown on some awesome soap options. Take your pick and enjoy feeling fresh!

Choosing Between Duke Cannon and Dr Squatch for Daily Use

Deciding which soap is best for everyday use is a bit tricky because they’re both bar soaps, and not much sets them apart.

However, many people lean towards Duke Cannon. Why? Well, it’s almost twice as big as Dr. Squatch!

To balance this, Dr. Squatch has a cool quiz. You can take it to make your soap experience more personal. You can adjust how much soap you get and how often it comes – whether every month or every three months.

Duke Cannon also has a quick quiz, but it’s not as detailed. The catch is you can’t tweak how often you get your soap. That’s where Duke Cannon isn’t as good as Dr. Squatch.

So, you’re wondering which soap is better, Duke Cannon or Dr Squatch. If you want a soap with all-natural ingredients, Dr Squatch is your go-to.

Now, it gets tricky. Many people like Duke Cannon more, saying it’s better “every day of the week.” But is Duke Cannon really way better than Dr Squatch? Well, Duke Cannon uses ingredients that have been working in soaps for a long time. Even though it’s not all-natural like Dr Squatch, it still makes your face feel clean and hydrated.

For everyday use, especially if you work hard or do heavy-duty stuff, Duke Cannon is awesome – super practical and lasts a long time. If you prefer your soap to stick around, Duke Cannon is the way to go.

But here’s the twist. Dr Squatch is more popular and has top-quality natural ingredients. If you’re into natural options, Dr Squatch is one of the best.

So, it depends on what you want – Duke Cannon for practicality or Dr Squatch for a natural touch. Choose what feels right for you!

Duke Cannon Vs. Dr. Squatch: The Wrap

Choosing between Duke Cannon and Dr. Squatch can be tricky because everyone’s skin is different. Both brands have awesome soaps.

If you’re looking to save some money, Duke Cannon’s soap bars give you more for your bucks. But we suggest trying both brands to see which one works best for your skin.

Both give free shipping on orders over $50. You can find Dr. Squatch at some Walmarts and Duke Cannon at a few other stores. Check out local stores for their soap bars, too.

Compared to regular store soap, these brands are way better. They might cost a bit more, but they focus on quality, not just looks or fancy branding.

People seem to like Duke Cannon more. It’s bigger and lasts longer, made with ingredients that have been used for a long time. It’s a practical choice, whether you’re always on the go or working from home.

But don’t ignore Dr. Squatch! It has a cool subscription you can personalize, and since it’s all-natural, it’s changing how we think about personal care. It’s a great pick if you want something natural!