Is DPReview Shutting Down in 2023? | Did Amazon buy DPReview?

Is DPReview Shutting Down? Hello Readers! We’re back with other information, and today, we will share information on DPReview and its shutdown. 

As we all know, DPReview stands for Digital Photography Review. It is a website for Camera and photography; its parent company is Amazon which has decided to shut down after operating for 25 years, i.e., this website was introduced in November 1998, offered cameras accessories, in dept reviews related to it, and several other forums for those who have a zest for photography. 

People expressed their disappointment by saying this was the DPReview’s end night. Let’s see what else they are saying: Is DPReview really shutting down, the reason behind it, the future of DPReview, and many more.

So, let’s start immediately. We know you’re desperate to know everything about DPReview and its shutdown. 

Yes! DPReview was shut down on April 10, 2023, after nearly 25 of its successful operation since its launch. Before discussing this topic more, we would like to put light on information provided by DPReview on its closure.

Dear readers,

DPReview will be closing shortly after nearly 25 years of operation. We’ve made this difficult decision, and it is also a part of our plan, the annual operating plan review that was announced a few months back by the parent company.

We are working on it and looking forward to giving the best-ever content, but the site will still be active by April 10, 2023. After the end date, there will be no update.

Before working with staff in the DPReview, most employees, or you can say everyone, were great fans and readers of DPReview and now are obliged to all of them and the communities that formed around the site.

We hope you all will join us when there is a last day, and we will celebrate this journey in the end; thank you so much for your support over the years.


Scott Everett

General Manager –

Along with it, DPReview had more than 750,000 followers on its social media accounts. DPReview was believed to be active until its death day, i.e., April 10, 2023. We have reached this statement as the general manager of the DPReview, Scott Everett, stated on Tuesday, “The website will remain active until April 10.”

He also added, “The DPReview website will never be able to work after April 10, and we will no longer be able to make new changes and updation in the future as we decide to shut down DPReview. But you can expect the DPReview to be in read-only mode for the fans for a limited period.”

On this, users insisted a download of all the photos and the other content uploaded to the site, which will be available only before April 6. Mr. Everett defined it as a difficult decision for us, and he also stated, “annual operating plan review that our parent company shared earlier this year.”

Chief executive officer Andy Jassy has included a link to Amazon’s January 5 announcement, saying that more “role reductions” existed in early 2023.

What Happened With DPReview That Leads DPReview To Shut Down?

An Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, has cleared up shut down of DPReview. DPReview said on March 20, 2023, that they are laying off more than 9,000 employees just to cut down the cost as the DPReview has been proven to its uncertainty of the economy.

Amazon has owned DPReview, along with many other small brands, that are now on stake to shut down in the future because these all are financially unstable, i.e., they all do not make financial sense to maintain. 

Besides, is a website used for Amazon’s voice AI nowadays, and they shut down this global site ranking in 2022 because of financial instability.

Amazon bought DPReview because it is a main source of revenue and earns money from its affiliate links, but they needed to make more for Amazon.

All in All, DPReview has been shut down because it could not earn enough money, and Amazon decided not to own DPReview anymore because of its financial instability.

What Was The Original Story Behind DPReview Shut Down?

The Original Story Behind the DPReview shutdown stated, “Since 1998, it has been believed that the website provided the photographic community with insight, advice, forums, reviews, and many more. As DPReview is closing for good, all its content will be lost forever. He has decided to call time on the much-loved camera website, leading its founder to blast the decision and explain it as, “What a Waste!”

After the launch of the DPReview, Amazon was the one who owned the website in 2007, but later, they decided to shut down this website and said, “Difficult decision.” It was believed that there were more than 8,000 news articles, 47 million forum posts, 1,300 reviews, and several, i.e., hundreds of interviews, posted on the website- but so sorry they are unavailable/ inaccessible after today. 

Did Amazon Buy DPReview?

Yes! Amazon bought DPReview, the largest platform widely known for owning digital photography, and it built largely on its reviews in 2007. When Amazon purchased DPReview, its content, including youtube videos and many more, linked to Amazon product listings for various photography items/ products.

What Did Amazon And its Customers Post On Social Media?

DPReview’s general manager, Mr. Everett, stated, “DPReview, the website’s editorial team working on it to provide you the top-notch quality content ever and also trying to work on reviews of the DPReview.”

He added, “We are thankful because we got that community around the DPReview website, whose every single member was once a fan and a reader of the DPReview.”

“At the last, we want to thank all of you for supporting us till now, and we expect that you will be able to accompany us in the upcoming days at the time of farewell.”

One of the representatives said, “Really sorry to hear it. Your reviews and charts are the gold standards for photography.” He also said that DPReview greatly helped him with “countless informed purchases.”

Another one said, “Wow, what a sad day! Oh my god, don’t say so; I also bought my first DSLR after reading its reviews and online rating 15 years ago from this site.” he continued, “I would like to thank for the last 15 years of news, articles, and reviews!”

Is There Something That Is Similar To DPReview And You Can Opt For?

Yes, we know Amazon has declared the DPReview shutting down; it was acquired in 2007. We know that it is news for a massive loss for its fans who still love DPReview and has been supporting it around for nearly 25 years. 

If you are in the habit of DPReview, it may be a concern for you, but you still have another alternative you can opt for! Here are the other alternatives it was estimated that the best pages and Camera review that you may look for:

Let’s check it out! Here is a list of other similar alternatives to DPReview:

  • Cameralabs
  • PCMag Camera Reviews
  • PetaPixel
  • Ken Rockwell
  • The
  • Camera Reviews
  • Imaging Resource

What Is The Future Of DPReview?

DPReview’s future looks murky; Amazon has yet to state its continuation with DPReview content (Articles, Youtube videos, and forums) again after eventually declaration for its shutdown. 

But we can only anticipate that the website DPReview will shut down permanently or will be archived and still available for users online.

Even then, people have requested Internet Archive or another crawler to archive the website DPReview, i.e.,, before it becomes completely offline.

After disclosing DPReview’s end day, it was predicted that it would be available on a YouTube channel operated by Mr. Chris Niccolls and Mr. Jordan Drake, who hosts its own YouTube channel, i.e., DPReview TV.

Both of them created this youtube channel and will join the website PetaPixel, which will launch in May. DPReview fans supported the duo and welcomed both of them on Tuesday. One of the photography enthusiasts said, “And PetaPixel just instantly gained tens of thousands of fans.”

Wrapping Up

DPReview is one of the most chosen and trusted sources of digital photography. It is also believed that its camera reviews and articles were one of the most reliable sources of information. 

Successfully operating its business for 25 years, now DPReview will shut down; Amazon has already announced it. As DPReview is a website also known as the Encyclopedia of Photography and was launched in 1998 by Phil Askey. That has several photographers and photography enthusiasts.

After serving for 25 years, DPReview has become one of the most popular and reliable sources of digital camera information. 

Then, In 2007, DPReview was bought by Amazon. After buying DPReview, it became one of the most authoritative sources of digital cameras and news. Besides, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has been a long fan of DPReview.

DPReview was special because it offered the Camera’s highest image quality, video quality, autofocus, and many more. If we talk about its ratings, it is 93 percent and rewarded with the Alpha 1 Gold Award. 

Thanks for reading us! We appreciate your time!