Is Dorksidetoys going out of business in 2023?

Is Dorksidetoys going out of business in 2023?

Is Dorksidetoys going out of business in 2023? There is negative news regarding action figures. It’s just that DorkSideToys’ online store has closed. The online shop has been shut down, and a deadline of December 18, 2022, has been set. Some of the best sales were made by them. Unfortunately, the latest product expansion and financial instability may have had an impact. Customers who use a credit card to pay for their preorders are more likely to be charged back. Some people may be unlucky.

Since Dorkside Toys are collectors, they adore toys and figurines. They provide products related to Star Wars, Marvel, GI JOE, The Walking Dead, and more. “If anyone didn’t shop with them, they might be a dork,” their website says. Among websites for action figures, DorksideToys is ranked 15. Let us view their business in detail in this article.

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What happened to Dorkside toys?

Let’s start by stating that everything in this article has yet to be verified entirely and is mainly based on rumors and speculations. A Facebook post from an unidentified ex-worker claiming the following has appeared: “Purchasing anything from Dorkside at this time is playing with it.

The internet store is having money problems. Soon after they advertised their yearly Black Friday deal in November 2022, a going-out-of-business agreement was launched.

DorksideToys is a well-known website. Customers have recently had a few negative experiences with the company. An ex-employee says that DorksideToys is dead. He mentioned that DorksideToys is not issuing refunds because they are massively in debt. He also stated that they had been locked out of their accounts. As a result, there appears to be a heavy dismounted employee vibe on the internet. 

DorksideToys has held sales more frequently than a typical shop during the previous year. This was the first sign that something wasn’t right. Data that had just been released would often appear in the sales section shortly after being made public. This typically happens when a retailer runs out of money and must sell off as much of its inventory as possible to either stay afloat or head into bankruptcy.

This reminds us a lot of when Megalopolis Toys collapsed, and many fans were left without their orders or the option to get refunds. At this time, it is essential to mention October 28, when preorders for Hasbro figures did not appear on DorksideToys. We might have known the conclusion was near at this point.

Lastly, suppliers like Hasbro have recently been completing orders at a record rate. Due to production and transportation difficulties during the pandemic, most companies had trouble filling orders. 

However, these constraints have been exemplary throughout the recent period. Retailers are consequently overwhelmed with inventory that they might need help to afford. Some retailers would be forced into excessive debt as a result of this. Most likely, this is what took place in this business.

Signs indications of Dorksidetoys going out of business

Is Dorksidetoys going out of business in 2023?

On their website, Black Friday deals were going on in December. “All sales are final,” a small text message warns ahead of time. These phrases are straight-up messages saying they can’t do refunds. It is considered to be the first red flag.

The other giant red flag is that they have stopped doing preorders. We could see that if we went to the new preorder section of their website. Oddly, they can’t handle such things.

Their Instagram account has disabled the comments for their recent post. They were probably roasted to the core and back right to have done this. As a result, many people are wondering where their refund is. From our point of view, disabling comments is an obvious sign of guilt!

They took it one step further and purged their entire YouTube channel. They took away their Dorkside Toys logo from their profile picture. It’s suspected that they have disconnected their official account. That brings us to the last but most important red flag.

In recent times, people have been denied refunds by their website. Customers who paid with a debit or credit card would not be charged upfront. If anyone uses PayPal for preorders, many reports have been going around. People are complaining about being denied refunds on their orders.

It’s highly predicted that the company’s PayPal account will be suspended. Some sources say that’s 100% true. Allegedly, DorksideToys is no longer in business with Paypal.

Also, they are making a lot of cancellations on preorders over clearance sales. Customers claim that customer service ignores them. Users are receiving many automated messages stating that they have sent emails regarding cancellation and have received no response. This was found to be very disappointing by the users.

There is a giant liquidation sale going on around the corner. There will also be some fantastic deals shortly. It’s all about protecting their bags. These are all definite signs of trouble running over at Dorkside Toys. People should be aware of these and act accordingly.


An employee warned, “Dorkside used to be a good business and fun place to work.” It stopped being all that a while ago, he says. He indicated that greed and incompetence took over the business.

Everyone’s short list of reliable web vendors included DorkSideToys. Once upon a time, they were a fantastic site for placing orders. Eddie and his DorkSideToys team need to look after them over time. None of us would prefer to avoid the unpleasant experience. Collectors will sorely miss DorkSideToys.