Dog Food Shortage

Update on Dog Food Shortage 2024 – How does this create difficulties for pet owners?

Is there a dog food shortage? The world has been suffering from a lot of product shortages. We are facing a shortage of products every second day. The conditions have been the worst since the pandemic. Dog food is one of the products that are short in supply. People can manage everything, but when it comes to their pets, it becomes pretty challenging to handle. Similar to dog products, we know there are many best cat food short in supply in 2022.

Few dog food brands are trustworthy, healthy, nutritious, and affordable. Most of them are short in supply which is a serious issue to be resolved. Due to the short supply of dog foods, their prices are rising, leading to another problem.

Pet food inflation in the U.S. increased to 9.1% in May 2022 compared to May 2021, exceeding the overall increase of the Consumer Price Index (8.6%). Due to the difficulties suppliers have meeting demand, one pet food bank witnessed a 700% spike in requests for dry dog food in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in the previous year, while Trader Joe’s completely abandoned numerous pet food brands.

While the prices of dog food are increasing, the size of dog food packets is getting smaller. People are unable to find their desired dog food brand in nearby stores. Pet holders are driving miles to get the dog food because the units are out of stock in most of the stores.

Root causes of Dog Food Shortage

Dog Food Shortage

Dog food shortage is taking place not just because of a single reason. There are several factors affecting the dog food supply. We all know that the pandemic has even disturbed the supply chains. It will take time to get back on track. Poor supply chain management is one of the root causes of the dog food shortage.

Due to bad weather conditions over the last few years, farmers cannot grow good crops. The crops have been destroyed or damaged by the intense heat waves. Companies could not get enough ingredients because there were not enough ingredients to supply to the companies. Dog foods require various elements to be added to make the food healthy and nutritious. Without the core ingredients, pet food industries can not manufacture pet foods, eventually creating food shortages.

Shortage of labor is another big issue being faced by companies. The demand is higher in the market, but the companies lack labor compared to the work. After the corona, it has become difficult to move around the world for a job or career. That is why companies are not getting enough labor.

If the companies can produce adequate pet food, then other problems arise. Manufacturing food is not easy, and companies must go through a very long and safe procedure to deliver safe and healthy food. A single imbalance of ingredients in the food may cause contamination or unbalanced levels of enzymes. Due to contaminants or imbalances, pet food becomes harmful for the pets, and then the whole unit has to be recalled or discontinued. These recalls and discontinuations also create a short supply.

We can count many other reasons too that are affecting the dog food shortage. The mentioned reasons are the core reasons; many other factors directly or indirectly create a short supply of dog food.

When will the condition get better?

Looking at the conditions, it is hard to say when the situation will improve. A lot of things need to be together to get everything back on track. Companies are working hard to get everything back in sync. Pet food industries estimate it will take 6-8 months to overcome the shortage. Till then, we all have to support each other,

“As the entire food system faced incredible disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. pet food makers were also forced to address new ingredient sourcing and transportation challenges,” said Dana Brooks, president, and CEO of PFI. “America’s dog and cat food makers responded with resiliency and are hard at work making nutritionally balanced food for our pets, but PFI is asking the Biden administration to identify policy solutions that will help further strengthen all of American food and agriculture for the future.” 

How can pet holders deal with the dog food shortage?

Dog Food Shortage 2022

Pet owners are having so many difficulties because of pet food shortages, without any doubt. They are clueless about what to do next. They can not take risks with their pets by feeding them anything new without consultation. Pets become used to their daily food and the specific brand or variety, and it can affect them physically when there is a change in their diet.

Here are some solutions that pet holders can do till the dog food shortages vanish-

Bulk buying

One should buy bulk to have enough stock to feed your dog without worries. Redditor MyAnxiousDog said, “It’s cheaper, in the long run, to buy the large bags of food in bulk if you can. Look for food sales or contact the manufacturer to see if they have any promotions or coupons. You can also check your area for any pet food banks.”

Buy whenever you get a chance

If you are passing by any store and see your dog’s pet food on the shelves, buy it immediately. You never know if you will be able to see the same brand the next day. It would be wise to do so if you do not want to run out of stock for your pet.

Switch brands

Understandably, switching brands is not as easy as it looks. Whether it is about people or pets, it becomes hard to switch suddenly without knowing anything about the other brands when they get attached to a specific brand. But in a situation like a shortage, customers must make tough decisions. Change is the law of nature, and people should apply it in their lives too. Sometimes change can be better.

Homemade Dog Food

It sounds weird and unrealistic, but it is possible. One thing that the corona period has taught all of us is that anything can be made from scratch. Everyone was making stuff at their homes only. Whether it was noodles or chocolates, people were making it from scratch. This can also be done in the case of pet food. Many recipes are available online on how to prepare pet food at home. It might be a safer and healthier option too. We find out the best opportunities in the darkest times.

Online shopping

Products may not be available in your nearby stores because of short supply or fewer stock units. There is another way you can get food for your pet. The dog food shortage is taking place globally, but there are still some countries where the products are available in enough amounts. Online shopping can be your savior. People can order their preferred dog food online within a few days.

Some of these solutions can be used to ease your problems. They may not be the permanent solutions, but the shortage problem is not permanent either. People can try it out until the situation gets better.

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