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If you’ve ever been stuck for a last-minute gift, an Amazon gift card can be a lifesaver. They’re flexible, popular, and simple to find in most places. But you may be disappointed if you want to go to Walmart to get one. Does Walmart sell Amazon gift cards?

Of course, Walmart is a go-to for a wide range of products. But it fails to hold Amazon gift cards. Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards due to competitive reasons. This article will explain why you can’t buy Amazon gift cards at Walmart. Also, we can know about the go-over options available in Walmart’s gift card section.

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Overview of Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are trendy. They allow users to select from an extensive range of products on Amazon. They can be bought in a variety of forms. It includes:

  • physical gift cards that can be purchased in-store,
  • e-gift cards that can be purchased online and delivered right away via email and
  • Print-at-home gift cards that you may create.

These cards are available in a variety of locations. It includes convenience stores, supermarkets, and online platforms. However, they are not sold at Walmart or Target. This is because Amazon is an essential rival to these retail giants.

You can find them at numerous locations If you are wondering where to buy Amazon gift cards, can you make a fruitless trip to Walmart; here’s a list of places where you can reliably find Amazon gift cards:

  • Convenience Stores: 7-Eleven, EZ Mart, Flying J
  • Supermarkets: Kroger, Publix, and Wegmans
  • Pharmacies: CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid
  • Electronics Stores: Best Buy, GameStop
  • Other retailers: Family Dollar, Dollar General, Staples

For digital options, visit Amazon’s gift card page. You can select from various designs and delivery options. Thus making it easy to customize your gift.

Walmart Gift Card Options

Walmart does not sell Amazon gift cards, but it does offer a wide variety of other gift cards. Walmart offers both physical and e-gift cards. Physical gift cards are available in preset. 

Denominations can be used in any Walmart location or online. E-gift cards can be ordered online and shipped right away to the recipient. This is an ideal option for last-minute gifts. These also work on Walmart’s website.

Using Walmart gift cards is simple. Select what you want for in-store use, proceed to checkout, and show your gift card to the cashier. He will scan it and deduct the sum from your card balance. If the card’s balance is insufficient to cover the purchase, you can pay the balance with another means.

Add products t:

  1. Add your cart to shop online and enter your delivery information.
  2. Choose”Gift Card” as your payment method and enter the card number and PIN.

Money with Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart gift cards also help customers save money. They can help people stick to a budget. It’s because they have a fixed amount that prevents overspending. We can look for special deals and cashback offers from Walmart when buying or using gift cards. Combining multiple gift cards to make larger purchases might increase their value.

The Walmart app allows you to view weekly ads, special deals, and coupons and manage your gift card balance. Orders over $35 on Walmart’s website are often eligible for free shipping. This is increasing the value of your gift card even further.

Restrictions on Walmart Gift Cards:

However, there are some restrictions on Walmart gift cards. They are listed below:

  • Non-Reloadable: Once a Walmart gift card is used up, it cannot be reloaded with additional funds. You must purchase a new card if you want to add more funds.
  • Purchase Restrictions: Walmart gift cards cannot be used to buy certain items. It includes alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or lottery tickets.
  • Not Transferable to PayPal: Funds on Walmart gift cards cannot be transferred directly to PayPal. However, you can sell the card on platforms like CardCash and withdraw the funds via PayPal.
  • No Amazon Purchases: You can’t use Walmart gift cards to buy items on Amazon or other competitor sites.


In conclusion, Walmart offers a range of gift cards that can be redeemed for several products, even if they don’t sell Amazon gift cards. Whether you’re looking for groceries, electronics, or household items, Walmart gift cards are an easy way to track your spending and 

Find offers. Thus, it improves your shopping experience. So, the next time you visit Walmart, consider getting one of their gift cards for smart buying and savings.

How can I check the balance on my Walmart gift card?

You can check the balance by asking a cashier in-store or visiting the Walmart website. Calling the toll-free number on the card can even be done to check the balance.

Can Walmart gift cards be used at Sam’s Club?

You can use Walmart gift cards at Sam’s Club locations for purchases.

Do Walmart gift cards expire? 

No, Walmart gift cards do not expire. It does not lose value over time.

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