Does DoorDash accept Visa gift cards? – How to get it?

Many of us have a handful of gift cards at the end of the holiday season. Some gift cards, like iTunes or Amazon, are simple to use, but others create queries. Can you use a Visa gift card on well-known meal delivery services like DoorDash? Also, what about restaurant-specific gift cards? This article answers these questions and explains how to utilize various types of gift cards on DoorDash.

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An Overview DoorDash Gift Cards: 

DoorDash gift cards are a valuable and thoughtful gift idea for anyone who enjoys the convenience of meal delivery. These cards can be purchased in digital or physical form. They come in several denominations. They allow customers to order meals, groceries, and products straight from participating stores using the DoorDash platform.

When you add a DoorDash gift card to your account, the balance will be applied to future orders. This makes them highly flexible and easy to utilize. Traditional gift cards are limited to specific businesses or restaurants. However, DoorDash gift cards can be redeemed at various merchants listed on the app or website. This feature adds to their value. Thus, it makes them an ideal gift for someone who often orders food or other things for delivery.

Advantages of DoorDash Gift Cards:

  • It can be used to make any purchase on the DoorDash platform. It includes those from restaurants, grocery stores, and other retailers.
  • The balance is applied right away. So there is no need to carry or remember the physical card.
  • It can be purchased and sent as digital e-cards or physical cards. Thus, it provides greater flexibility in gifting options.

Limitations of DoorDash Gift Cards:

Despite their benefits, DoorDash gift cards can only be used on the DoorDash platform. It cannot be transferred to or used with other delivery services.

Using Visa Gift Cards on DoorDash:

Yes, you can use a Visa gift card on DoorDash. However, the process involves a few more steps than using a DoorDash gift card.

The benefit of Visa gift cards is their widespread acceptance. It can be used virtually anywhere credit and debit cards are accepted, including DoorDash. However, using them for delivery services requires more consideration than using a specific DoorDash gift card.

Visa gift cards can be loaded into your DoorDash account like any other credit or debit card. This flexibility makes them a popular alternative for people wishing to use gift card balances for online purchases. Yet, they come with some limitations.

1. Sufficient Balance:  Ensure the Visa gift card has sufficient funds to cover the order amount. DoorDash does not support splitting payments between a Visa gift card and another form of payment.

2. Card Restrictions:  Some Visa gift cards may have restrictions or fail to function correctly with online platforms. It’s true if they demand a CVV number or do not enable partial payments.

Advantages of Visa Gift Cards

  • It can be used at any merchant that accepts Visa online and in physical stores.
  • It allows the balance to be used for various purposes beyond DoorDash, making them a versatile gift option.

Limitations of Visa Gift Cards:

  • Visa gift cards do not accept partial payments. This may limit their use if the card balance exceeds the whole order amount.
  • Using Visa gift cards online can be more complex than in-store transactions. This is especially true when dealing with websites that do not accept partial payments or demand further verification.

Restaurant Gift Cards

Restaurant gift cards are a popular holiday gift, but their use is usually limited to the issuing restaurant. They cannot be used directly on delivery services such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub. This is due to the operational concept of these services. It involves the delivery platform handling the payment rather than the particular restaurant. As a result, restaurant gift cards are usually only redeemable at the restaurant for dine-in or takeout.

Thus, restaurant gift cards aren’t accepted on DoorDash, Uber Eats, or GrubHub. But you can still use them to place orders for takeout or curbside pickup from the restaurant. This option varies for each restaurant. So customers can contact the business to see if they provide curbside pickup or similar services.

DoorDash Gift Card Policies

DoorDash gift cards are available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They can be purchased in either digital or physical form. Digital gift cards can be sent via email or SMS. But physical cards must be shipped. They are beautiful gifts for people who frequently utilize food delivery services.

Exchanging and Selling Gift Cards

If you have a gift card you don’t plan to use, consider exchanging or selling it. Third-party websites allow you to sell gift cards in cash. But you typically lose a percentage of the card’s value. This option can be viable if the card is for a store or service you don’t use often.

Purchasing Gift Cards

Remember what the recipient wants when purchasing gift cards for yourself or as a gift. Gift cards for multipurpose services like Visa and Amazon or popular meal delivery platforms like DoorDash may be more helpful. These options offer greater flexibility and are less likely to be unused.


Using gift cards on DoorDash and other meal delivery services might be challenging. While DoorDash gift cards are simple and flexible, Visa gift cards offer flexibility with limits. Restaurant-specific gift cards, however, are only valid at the specified companies and cannot be used for delivery. Knowing these details enables you to utilize the value of your gift cards best. Thus ensuring they benefit you or your loved ones to the maximum extent possible.

Make the most of your holiday and other seasonal gift cards with these insights as you explore the many gift card options.

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