Does Dollar Tree Own Dollar General? – Discontinued News

Does Dollar Tree own Dollar General? No, Dollar Tree does not own Dollar General. Both companies operate on their own and compete in the low-end retail industry. However, their business methods and strategies are very different. Dollar Tree is noted for its “everything’s a dollar” promise. It has over 16,000 stores in the United States and Canada. The business primarily targets budget-conscious clients looking for low-cost products.

On the other hand, Dollar General sells a broader choice of products at prices that are often more than one dollar. It has over 20,000 locations, mostly in rural and suburban areas. Dollar Tree’s business approach is based on keeping a $1 price point for most things. In some stores, it has launched higher-priced sections under the “Dollar Tree Plus” brand. This approach attracts clients looking for a consistently low price on a wide range of products. Thus, Dollar General has a more flexible pricing model, mixing low-cost essentials and higher-cost items. 

Despite their differences, both companies face similar economic concerns. It includes inflation and changing buyer habits. Still, their solutions to these problems show their different operating strategies and market positions.

Economic Outlook and Store Closures

Dollar Tree Inc. and Dollar General hold different opinions on the economy. This has influenced their recent business decisions. Dollar Tree, which also owns Family Dollar, has announced closing around 1,000 locations over the next few years. The business claimed some reasons for the closures. It includes falling sales, increasing theft, and reduced government support for programs such as food stamps. The economic challenges have hit the Family Dollar badly, resulting in significant losses. For example, Family Dollar was recently fined $40 million. It was for significant health violations caused by a rat-infested warehouse.

On the other hand, Dollar General expects rapid expansion. It has adopted a more positive perspective on the economy. The company announced plans to add 800 new stores this year, continuing its rapid growth. Dollar General’s resilience is due to a constant client base willing to spend more on essentials and luxury goods. Thus, their customers are in a better financial situation than those who shop at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. This difference in perspective shows how strategic choices and internal management issues can affect a business’s ability to overcome financial difficulties.


Thus, Dollar General outperforms Dollar Tree. It’s due to better site selection, more efficient store management, and a more comprehensive range of goods, leading to lower prices and a better shopping experience. In contrast, Dollar Tree’s 2015 acquisition of Family Dollar has resulted in ongoing issues. It includes poorly maintained locations and higher prices. These issues had resulted in operational inefficiencies and multiple store closures at Dollar Tree.

Effective management and effective site selection are vital in the retail industry. It’s particularly true for businesses with low margins.