dodger dogs discontinued 2023

Dodger Dogs Discontinued 2023: Why did they change the Dodger Dog?

Is Dodger Dogs discontinued in 2023? As we all know, the most popular thing about the Dodgers Stadium is the famous Dodger Dog prepared by Farmer John every year since 1962, and it has been popular for its taste for decades. Farmer John used to sell Dodger Dogs, and Dodger Dogs are available in retail packs at grocery stores so that anyone can make the most of it anytime at home.

The Dodger Dog is a 10-inch hot dog, a pork wiener wrapped in a steamed bun; it was sold by the baseball franchise and named after it. This hot dog was sold at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, California. It was estimated that in 2011, around 2 million Dodger Dog hot dogs were sold at Dodgers Stadium. That’s why Since 1962, the hot dog Dodger Dog has been a stadium staple. But no more now, as it has been declared that the stadium staple Dodger Dog is going away after having a huge success.

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Why was Dodger Dogs Discontinued in 2023?

Yes! Dodger Dogs are discontinued! As the new year 2023 started, Dodgers decided to make various changes in its menu with the latest and new items as he wanted to refresh the item list of the stadium. We all know this hot dog is a special item for all, and people do not want to say goodbye. They speak out. 

At the end of March, he finally decided to cut down this item from the menu, and he refreshed the item list with new and tasty items. He switched the menu from classic to the latest. But this change was pernicious for everyone! No one wants to have this change, and helplessly, they should have to be met with great upset.

dodger dogs discontinued 2023

One of the hot dog lovers poured his heart out on social media and posted, “I’m devastated.” He added, “My go-to is a michelada and two Dodger Dogs. Now, what am I supposed to eat?!”

The Root Cause for Dodger Dogs Discontinuation

There are several reasons for its discontinuation. One of the major reasons is the price hike for meat and pork. According to the Economic Research Service for the US Department Of Agriculture, beef and veal prices are rising, and it is estimated that the price increased by 4.20% for beef and veal whereas 6.9% for pork.

The price hike of its item is the biggest reason behind this major change in the menu of Dodgers Stadium. But hot dog lovers criticize the owner for refreshing the menu. 

Some say that dodgers Dog was removed from the list because people are trying to follow the vegan agenda. One of the frustrated consumers expressed her feeling and posted on social media, “ I know the vegans are behind this process of removing Dodger Dogs. My cousin Juan has been trying to make me vegan for years, and now we face this issue! When will you people stop this!” “STOP! The Vegan Agenda.”

On the contrary, a fan said I have messaged the Dodgers representative and got the answer back “APRIL FOOLS!”

I breathe a sigh of relief! After getting this relieving statement stated by the representative. Thank God! Our iconic Hot dog, the Dodger Dog, is not going away.

Who is the new Supplier now & Are Dodger Dogs Still Available?

So, the answer is Yes! Dodger Dogs are still available now, but Farmer John is no longer a supplier of Dodger Dogs. Now the current Supplier of the Dodger Dog is Papa Cantella, a local manufacturer who sells a dodger dog with superior quality that everyone loves.

As Farmer John did not want to expand the relationship with the Dodgers, it might be difficult for John not to renew its contract with the parent company Smithfield Foods. So, the name Farmer john was removed from Dodger Dogs.

Fans loved to have Farmer John Dodger Dogs. As for the Dodger’s lovers, they were not just hot dogs. People used to sing a company’s catchphrase “Easternmost in quality, Westernmost in flavor” beautifully and lyrically whenever they came to have hot dogs.

He also added we have decided that we cannot continue the offering of Dodger Dogs as the agreement has expired, and this decision is beneficial for both parties!

Before 2021, Dodger Dogs were popularly known by the name Farmer Dodger Dogs, but after his name was removed from the product, it was supplied to Dodger Stadium. 

The answer to this question, “Are Dodger Dogs still available?” is Yes! But now it is known as Papa Cantella’s Dodger Dogs rather than Farmer John Dodger Dogs.

On April 1st, Dodger fans purchased their special item in bulk, and it was estimated that on that opening day, the sale was around 350,000 in number, and nobody had left the chance to have as more as they could!

Their prices vary, 6.65$ in Los Angeles, Texas Rangers, 6.7$ in New York, and 6.49 in Chicago.

Where are Dodger Dogs available now?

The field roast stadium Dogs are available everywhere across the country. Yeah! Its name is linked with the stadium, which does not mean you can have them only in stadium No. You can easily find them anywhere and at any time. They can be easily available at every store and supermarket nationwide.

Besides, vegan Dodger Dogs are also available now in the market, it is veg, but there is no compromise on their taste and nutritional value. It contains the same amount of protein as non-vegan Dodger Dogs. When it comes to taste, it is similar to its traditional nonveg Hot Dogs.

The President of Papa Cantella, Tony Cantella, stated, We are overwhelmed to help the Dodger lovers by providing them the retail packs of Dodger Dog all summer long, and this way, they will be able to feel like they’re at Dodger Stadium” Now they can make the most of this situation. Also added, “Dodger Dogs have been a Los Angeles staple for decades, and now people can get that quality and nostalgic flavor on their grills this summer.”