Dockatot Recall 2023

Dockatot Recall 2023 – Is it recommended and newborns sleep in it?

Is there a Dockatot recall? Dockatot is a very famous brand that sells pregnancy essentials. The brand also makes a lot of products for newborn babies and new mothers. All the products are manufactured in the United States of America with premium quality and comfortable showrooms. You can check their unique websites, where you will find various intriguing products for your baby or yourself if you are a new parent. 

The idea behind this brand is to provide everything that a newborn baby, a new mother, or a pregnant mother might require. Products such as pregnancy pillows, special mattresses for babies, Swaddlers, and what is not available on their website. Recently Dockatot came into the news for being given the warning to stop the production of its products as they violated the Infants Sleep Products Rule. 

The brand was given a warning to stop production in June 2022 as all their variants weren’t adhering to the rules issued by the government for the production of baby-related items. The company was officially given a message to recall all of its products. Despite this warning and notice, the company continued manufacturing its products, as reported by the CPSC. 

One of their products, DockATot Deluxe+, was unsafe for babies to sleep in. A warning has also been issued to inform parents about not using this product.

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Is DockAtot recalled?

Dockatot was given an official notice to discontinue its production of a doctor. Deluxe plus variant as it was called unsafe for infants. In their defense, the company CEO has said that the brand has not been recalled, and it is a voluntary decision of the brand to discontinue its production of Dockatot Deluxe+. The brand also said it had stopped marketing its deluxe + product after 2020 as an infant Sleep solution. 

They’ve always been selling their products with actual values. The company said the public had misinterpreted this news, and there was no such recall situation. The discontinuation of deluxe plus is a voluntary decision, not because of some quality-related problems. The CEO also said the brand looks forward to working with CPSC with Harmony and happiness. 

There have been a lot of deaths associated with the use of some products of Dockatot. In its defense, the company has said that they are looking into the matter and trying to determine the problem. The investigation is still ongoing, and they will try to make all the changes they can for the welfare of infants and mothers.

Is Dockatot recommended?

Dockatot is a company that manufactures in-bed sleepers for babies. Infant death because of suffocation is a massive problem in the United States of America. Pediatricians often recommend parents not share a similar sleeping surface with their babies as they might have some breathing problems. Newborn babies are susceptible to suffocation, so they must have a different space of their own while sleeping. 

You can share their room with them but avoid making them sleep with you. Dockatot offers small in-bed sleepers for babies that can be inserted on or beside the bed. If you look at the website of this brand, then you will find that it specifies that pediatricians in the United States of America do not recommend it. 

This means that the brand has been quite transparent. Also, pediatricians do not recommend using this for your babies as your baby has a threat of getting suffocated by sleeping in them. Many deaths have also been reported due to the usage of this product. You must avoid making your baby sleep in this in-bed sleeper. Instead, you can get a crib for your baby.

Are Dockatots safe for newborn babies?

Dockatot Recall 2023

No, Dockatot is not safe for babies. The American Association of Pediatricians does not recommend their baby nests and pods. All the pediatricians vote against this product in particular as it is not comfortable for your baby. Sometimes, it might become life-threatening, so you must avoid using this product. 

This product’s surface is uncomfortable for your baby’s neck and spine. The product is top-rated among babies of 1 to 8 months of age. But time and again, doctors and pediatricians have suggested parents not use small and compact cribs like this. It hampers the moment of the baby and limits them to a particular area. A baby might try to come out of the nest but cannot do that. Wrong positioning may cause suffocation and even death of the baby. 

The brand itself tells parents to use the product at their own risk. On the website of this brand, you will find that they have mentioned that EP disapproves of the brand. CPSC has also recalled it, although the brand has denied such allegations. Do not risk your baby’s health; avoid products like this.

Is Dockatot safe for overnight sleep?

No, Dockatot is not safe for overnight sleeping for your babies. Babies tend to crawl from wherever you put them. So even if you put your baby in a sleeping position, chances are high that they start moving from the crib upon waking up. Since the crib is very compact, the baby might be unable to move correctly and end up twisting a body pot.

You must avoid making your baby sleep in such compact structures. Instead, you must give them some space for sleeping that allows free body movement. It is essential to ensure that your baby is surrounded by soft things that cannot hurt it. Also, this product is not recommended by pediatricians around the world. 

This is why you must follow the doctor’s advice and not risk your baby’s life. It’s essential to take reasonable precautions, especially regarding your baby’s well-being. 


Dockatot had been informed of the recall for its Deluxe+ product, which was causing infant deaths. Although the brand has denied such allegations, it has discontinued the production of the deluxe variant. The brand has said that the discontinuation is a conscious decision and not because of some safety-related concerns or any notices from CPSC.

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