Discontinued Oneida Flatware

Discontinued Oneida Flatware 2023 – How did you find it?

Where to find discontinued Oneida flatware? Oneida Ltd is the world’s largest stainless steel and silver-plated flatware manufacturer. It offers products for both the retail and food service industries. Its businesses are in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Italy. They produce and promote hollowware, sterling, silver-plated, and stainless flatware. Oneida also sells crystal goods and gifts. It licenses its rights to the name to businesses that produce linens, cookware, and cutlery.

Around 60 Oneida Factory Shops are operated by Kenwood Silver Company, Inc., Oneida’s subsidiary. The company has maintained a solid reputation for excellence since it was founded as a utopian society in the middle of the 19th century.

However, in 2006, Oneida declared bankruptcy, causing Sherrill to expand its clientele. In 2011, a private equity company bought Oneida. It teamed up with other brands to form Lancaster, Ohio-based EveryWare Worldwide. In 2006, the business was made private. Oneida no longer has manufacturing operations in the US.

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Company History

Discontinued Oneida Flatware

Oneida flatware brands were established in upstate New York about 200 years ago. They define themselves in one word: perfection. The brand’s history is really fascinating. A self-sufficient society of men and women who made crafts and handmade items was known by the title of the Perfectionists, and they were a religious sect. The silversmithing skill that later gave rise to Oneida Limited was created due to this approach.

Oneida is the name of the city where the business was founded. It still has its headquarters there today. The designs were originally created from silver, but they’re now made of stainless steel.

In the 1960s, Oneida pioneered the use of stainless steel. This change allowed more people all around the world to have exposure to and access to high-quality utensils. Now, they offer more than 2,000 different flatware patterns, most of which come in various styles.

Sales and the business’s profitability increased in 1999. Oneida has a promising future because of its unmatched brand recognition in the household goods sector. A 1995 survey found that people thought of Oneida when asked about stainless steel flatware. Oneida has undergone many economic, social, and political shifts. But its reputation for quality has always been maintained.

Oneida is part of a more prominent family of Lenox-owned brands. Lenox owns the Kate Spade, Cambridge, and Reed & Barton trademarks. They currently produce and market their goods worldwide, on almost every continent. What began as American-made flatware has grown into a global business. They sell everything from tabletop items to kitchenware and stemware.

What happened to Oneida?

Monomoy Capital Partners, a mid-sized New York City equity group, bought Oneida Limited in November 2011. Monomoy combined Oneida and Anchor Hocking in 2012 to form EveryWare Worldwide. EveryWare Global stated in January 2014 that it was closing its regional office and the Oneida outlet store. Both are located in Sherrill, New York, with the procedure set to begin in April. 

On April 26, 2014, the original Oneida outlet shop in Sherrill, New York, was shut down. In 2015, EveryWare Global went into bankruptcy. In 2017, The Oneida Group replaced the brand EveryWare Worldwide.

Oneida set up high-volume production lines at its plants to compete with other manufacturers. It has opened more factories around the globe. This includes a dinnerware factory in Juarez, Mexico; a flatware factory in Toluca, Mexico; a holloware factory in Shanghai, China; and a holloware factory in Vercelli, Italy.

Where is Oneida flatware made?

Oneida flatware is not produced in the United States. The entire Oneida product line is imported from abroad. Most products are made in China. We weren’t able to find the ideal answer.

The Oneida website is vast and contains a list of about 2,000 types in various finishes. None of them are produced in the US. Researching Oneida’s past shows that they used to produce their flatware in plants in New York and the US (together with trucks and engine parts from World War II). But they have since sold those facilities. Liberty Tabletop purchased a New York plant and is still making cookware there today.

So, despite Oneida’s claims to be the “flatware capital of the world,” their real home is found in Chinese factories.


Oneida Ltd. no longer produces products in the United States, where it previously employed 2,500 people and made 3.5 million forks, knives, and spoons per week. Yet, Sherrill Manufacturing has succeeded in creating a market by using its website to provide its Liberty Tabletop brand to consumers directly.

When Oneida introduced stainless-steel flatware for the first time in the 1960s, it changed the business. Everyone would have access to the most luxurious goods, such as the finest flatware. Currently, Oneida is in high demand worldwide.