Where to find Discontinued Malibu Landscape Lights?

Where to find discontinued Malibu landscape lights? Landscape Lighting is one of the greatest ways to decorate and highlight outdoor areas, including plants and several other items. A few words stated by a New York-based landscape designer Amber Freda, “ In order to enhance the beauty of any outdoor areas and architectural features like statues, plants, trees, fountains and whatever is there, Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight these focal points and it helps to draw attention.”

But you know what? One of the best brands, Malibu lighting corporation, discontinued, and no landscape lights from this brand are no longer available. Although there are plenty of brands still, people are missing them.

Let’s see what exactly is going on so far. Before starting, we would like to recapitulate this captivating blog: Did Malibu Landscape Lights Discontinue? Facts about Landscape Lights, What Happened to Malibu Landscape Lights? Is Malibu Landscape Lights Still In Business? Other Discontinued Malibu Lights? Its Availability, Malibu Landscape Lights Alternatives, and several more. 

If you want answers to all of these questions and are desperately searching for this product, we suggest you go through this blog post to gather more information about Malibu Landscape Lights.

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Did Malibu Landscape Lights Discontinue?

Did Malibu Landscape Lights Discontinue? Yes, Malibu Landscape Lights were discontinued. In August 2014, one of the biggest lighting Companies, Malibu Lighting Corporation, was discontinued. The company, Malibu Lighting Corporation, went out of business after being filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Yes! You heard it right; we’re saying so because Malibu Landscape lights are harder to find, and several products have been discontinued. Luckily you might be able to find those items on the website that still have stock for discontinued items.

Suppose you are still searching for Malibu Landscape Lights to enhance the natural beauty of your existing yard. You can scroll down to your mobile screens to see some products of the same brand in case you find them; it will be your luck if not, guys; better try next time or for the generic replica of Malibu Landscape Lights. We hope you will get your desired product and won’t need to break your heart. 

Facts About Landscape Lights

Landscape Lighting also referred to as Garden Lighting used for public landscapes, outdoor illumination of private gardens, and enhances the beauty of the garden; it can be used for accessibility, social security, aesthetics, recreation and sports, nighttime aesthetics, and event purposes also.

Not only used for enhancement purposes but these lights come up with a wide variety of benefits also, including:

  • Extend your living space outside
  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Improve safety and security
  • Increase property value
  • Highlights landscaping and yards decor

There are two sides to anything. One refers to the good part, while another refers to the opposite. Similarly, landscape lights have some disadvantages as these are blamed for destroying natural conditions by interrupting the ecosystem and our health. 

If these lights are used in an intrusive manner or in an excessive way, there is a chance they may alter natural conditions.

These landscape lights came out several decades ago. It is believed that since the 17th century, interior illumination fuels and the technology used outdoors and in gardens have been introduced. 

It is also noted that these public landscape lights are there for as long as interior structures have, social occasions (firelight from wood, animal plant pull fells in flashlights, sconces, candles, and lanterns), circulation, beauty, and security. Over time, these were developed and became a part of exterior design and functions.

Is Malibu Landscape Lights Still In Business?

Yes! Malibu Landscape Lights are still in business. You can search for replacement parts that go with your old lighting system and any other new brand of LED landscape lights. Let’s lighten several items still in business and available in many places, including Amazon and eBay. These are as follows:

  • Malibu LX1 Tier Landscape Light w/ bulbs 4 Watt 
  • 6 lights combo kit of Intermatic Malibu Canterbury Solid Landscape Metal Lights
  • 13 Light Expression Combo Kit of Intermatic Malibu Tier&Flood Wired Outdoor Lights
  • Model LX9Z Landscape Path Light ML90401, Malibu Two-Tier Landscape Light Parts
  • Latest listing of Malibu LED Bollard Landscape Light with Iron Finish Frosted
  • Low Voltage Malibu Landscape Lights/Ground Cable Wire Connectors
  • Low Voltage Malibu Intermatic Landscape/ Outdoor Lights w/ Wire
  • Model 8301-9301-01, Malibu Landscape/ Ground Light, Pack of 2
  • 12v Low Voltage Malibu Intermatic 7 Watt T5 Wedge Bulbs
  • Low Voltage 100 W Power Pack for Malibu Landscape Lights ML 100T
  • 4 Watt Malibu LX1 Tier Landscape Path Light w/ Bulb 
  • New Listing, LX10720T Low Voltage Landscape Lighting of 20 Tier Light Pack for Malibu Intermatic
  • Malibu Antique Copper Landscape, Garden Tier light for MALIBU Premium Cast Metal Low Voltage
  • Spot Lights and Outdoor Pathway Lights: Low Voltage Landscape Lights for Malibu 
  • New Listing, Malibu Pro Landscape Lighting With Brass Flood Light 8308-9603-01 20 Watt 
  • Low Voltage LED Pathway, Landscape, Outdoor Lighting for Malibu Kristi 

Numerous products are available on Amazon, eBay, and several other websites. You can check, and maybe you will find the item that matches your requirement.

Can You Still Get Malibu Landscape Lights?

Yes! You can still be able to get Malibu Landscape Lights replacement parts. No, we’re not saying you can get Malibu landscape lights, but their replacement parts are available.

We suggest looking for any other landscape lights if you are still looking for this one or for warranty support, which is not applicable and available for this product. But Yeah! You can still get Malibu landscape lights parts if you search for them online on Amazon and eBay.

What Can Replace Malibu Landscape Lights?

Yes, you can replace Malibu Landscape Lights with similar ones. Here is a list of a few landscape lighting that can help brighten up the garden or yard.

  • Greenclick Landscape Lighting 
  • New Listing, Featured Solar Powered LED Outdoor Lighting for Mainstays Classic Column 
  • Solar Waterproof Landscape Lights and Spotlights for Vont 16 LED
  • Solar Warm White Outdoors/ Landscape Lights for Hampton Bay, available in 10 Pack
  • LED Landscape Flood Lights (4 Pack) for Hampton Bay Millennium 
  • LED Landscape Spotlight 12 Pack for LEONLITE Low Voltage 
  • Landscape Well Lights for Sunriver Low Voltage 

We hope you may get your desired product that can be the best alternative to Malibu Landscape lights and may fit your need.

Wrapping Up

We’ve concluded that Malibu Lighting Corporation was discontinued in 2014, and the LED Malibu Landscape Lighting Fixture line also went out of business in the same year of the company’s discontinuation.

If you are still obsessed with this brand of lighting, then we would like to say that they are still offering a new upgraded fixture line that can easily cope with your old lighting system.

You can invest these upgraded lighting fixtures in a modern, modern exterior landscape lighting system.