Discontinued Lego Sets

Discontinued Lego Sets 2023 – Does LEGO bring back retired sets?

Are you searching for discontinued lego sets? Many Lego sets were produced in 2022. They shared their optimism and creativity throughEveryVirtually every Lego collection was active, creating fresh and exciting sets to keep young and old audiences interested. However, just as many Lego sets have been made, many will likewise be discontinued. It has been reported that almost all of the Lego groups have pulled the majority of their set inventory.

On Lego.com, LEGO has revised the section titled “Retiring Soon.” It confirms the kits that will soon be dropped from the Lego catalog. People approach the new year with a fresh batch of goods. Many of these sets will stop being sold at that point. As a result, the online stock status changes to “Sold Out” after they run out of stock.

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What are LEGO sets being discontinued?

Discontinued Lego Sets

Lego is one of the most well-known toy manufacturers of all time. The Kristiansen family began the Danish company in 1932. They first focused on selling wooden toys. After that, they switched to making the tiny plastic bricks that the British Toy Retailers Association named the “toy of the century.”

They are “small, colorful, and have interlocking mechanisms that enable unlimited building possibilities,” according to the firm. Lego is a miracle of design. Due to the toy’s capacity to encourage creativity, it has been called a “must” for children who wish to become architects or engineers. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google, are claimed to have been big admirers as kids and even used Lego to build the business’s initial computer storage system in 1996.

Over the years, Lego’s business has seen highs and lows over the years, particularly in the early 2000s. In 2004, after not keeping up with commercial rivals like Hasbro and Mattel, it came close to declaring bankruptcy. However, thanks to the Lego movies’ broad audience, the business currently generates about $5.3 billion annually. It is frequently referred to as the “Apple of toys” for its everlasting attraction. Each year, the business sells 75 billion Lego bricks, which come in 3,700 various varieties.

Now choosing discontinuation will help make room for the production of newer Lego sets. Lego Technic, Creators, DC Universe, Super Mario, and other set types are being retired. But before we begin the compilation, be aware that a retiring set also impacts its light kit. 

“Most popular” sets have generated significant revenue for the Lego Group. They are also well-known to practically everyone on the globe. These sets include the following ones on a list:

  •  Lego creators set collection.
  •  Lego star wars set collections.
  •  Lego harry potter set collections.
  •  Lego technic set collections.
  •  Lego Disney set collections.
  •  Lego architecture set collections.
  •  Lego super mario set collections.
  •  Lego minecraft set collections
  •  Lego ideas set collections.
  •  Lego city set collections.
  •  Lego monkey kids set collection.
  •  lego jurassic world set collection

All of the above Lego collections are scheduled to be discontinued in 2022.

Are discontinued LEGO sets worth more?

With Legos, we can create a wide variety of items. It includes copies of Elsa’s castle from the animated film Frozen and rocketship masterpieces that we can display in our child’s bedrooms. However, Lego can also significantly increase our financial account.

When used, Lego sets are sold. It has an incredibly high value. This is supported by research from the Higher School of Economics in Russia. It offers a higher return on investment than stocks, bonds, and gold.

Lego is more than a simple toy. It generates average returns equivalent to stock returns, low market and crash risks, and positive alpha. Also, it is a natural alternative investment, according to the study.

The fact that Lego “doesn’t belong to the luxury market” is one of the factors contributing to its popularity as a possible investment. Because anyone can access it, it is frequently overlooked and undervalued. 

In general, retired sets can make more money than their sales price. The only restriction is that the Lego sets from well-known film franchises will sell for the most money if they are eventually sold. It features Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Of all, not all Lego sets—or even the majority of them—will make us rich.

On the second-hand market, LEGO prices are pretty variable and rise two to three years after withdrawal. Returns might range from -60% to +600% annually, and not all sets will make us wealthy.

According to data from Russia’s Higher School of Economics, on average, Lego retires its sets every two years. When these are no longer offered, their second-hand market prices increase. The kinds of Lego sets that attract the highest prices include those from well-known film franchises. Thus, the retired sets can typically earn more money than their initial price once they’re sold at a later date.


The LEGO brand has a sizable fan base that has grown. Since the 1960s, the firm has been selling toys. They have acquired many adult admirers who have a nostalgic attachment to earlier sets over the years. Also, they are willing to pay extra for them.

Over 2,000 new LEGO sets were evaluated, as well as primary sales data and online auction events from 1987 to 2015. They discovered that the market values of discontinued LEGO sets increased by at least 11% a year when resold on secondary markets. This yield exceeds that of large stocks, bonds, gold, and all sorts of assets combined.

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