Discontinued Karastan Rugs – Where did you buy them in 2023?

Karastan Rugs are no longer being made. They have been discontinued. That means you can’t find them anymore. It’s like when a toy or a game is no longer sold in the store. The company that made Karastan Rugs decided to stop making them.

Karastan Rugs were special because they were nice and well-made. People liked them a lot. They were used to decorate floors in homes and make them look beautiful. But now, you won’t see them in stores.

When something is discontinued, it means it’s gone for good. It’s like when a TV show ends, and there won’t be any more new episodes. It’s sad because people who liked Karastan Rugs won’t be able to buy new ones. They will have to find other rugs instead.

If you see Karastan Rugs in a store or online, it’s probably from before they were discontinued. They won’t be making any more of them. That’s the way things go sometimes. Companies make choices about what they want to keep making and what they want to stop making.

In this article, we will look at why and which Karastan rugs were discontinued. With that, also be looking at some of the alternatives you can choose. 

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Are Karastan Rugs discontinued?

Yes, Karastan rugs have been discontinued. It means they are not being made anymore. But don’t worry; you can still find some of them to buy. You can check the clearance sections on Karastan’s website, Rug Studio, Macy’s, and even Etsy. 

There is also AW Carpet, which has a lot of different Karastan rug patterns available. Remember that since these rugs are not made anymore, there might not be many left, and it could be hard to find the exact one you want.

Where to find Discontinued Karastan Rugs?

Karastan rugs used to be very popular. If you want to find discontinued Karastan rugs, here are some places to look:

  • Karastan’s website has a special section where you can find rugs that are no longer being made. But remember, they might have a little left, so check with a Karastan dealer to be sure.
  • Rug Studio also has a section just for discontinued Karastan rugs.
  • You can also try Etsy, where people sell all kinds of things, including discontinued Karastan rugs.
  • Suppose you want to learn more about Karastan and find specific rugs, Rugs. The shop has a catalog that could help you.
  • AW Carpet has many different patterns of Karastan rugs that you can buy.
  • Macy’s is another store where you might find Karastan rugs on sale.
  • Remember, there might be little left since these rugs are not being made anymore. So, finding the exact rug you want might be challenging. It’s a good idea to check different places and act fast if you find a rug you like.

Why have Karastan rugs been discontinued?

Karastan rugs were discontinued for a few reasons. One reason is that the company might have decided to focus on making other products instead of rugs. Sometimes, companies want to try new things and change what they sell. Another reason could be that the demand for Karastan rugs decreased over time. 

That means fewer people were buying them, so it didn’t make sense for the company to keep making them. Companies need to make products that people want to buy. Additionally, it’s possible that making Karastan rugs became too expensive. 

Companies have to think about how much it costs to make something and how much they can sell it for. They might have to stop making that product if the costs are too high and they can’t make enough money. 

So, these are some of the reasons why Karastan rugs have been discontinued. It’s sad for people who love those rugs, but companies sometimes have to make these decisions.

What are some other rug brands similar to Karastan?

If you like Karastan rugs, you might enjoy some other rug brands. One brand is Mohawk Home. They make rugs similar to Karastan in terms of quality and style. Another brand is Safavieh. They also have a wide selection of rugs with different patterns and colors. Nourison is another brand that makes beautiful rugs. 

They have many options to choose from. And remember Surya! They make rugs that are known for their durability and design. These brands all offer a variety of rug styles and sizes, so you can find one that fits your taste and the size of your room. 

Just like Karastan, these brands focus on making well-made rugs that will look great in your home. So, if you’re looking for rugs similar to Karastan, check out these brands and see if you find something you love.

When was the decision made to discontinue Karastan rugs?

We tried to find the exact date when the decision was made to stop making Karastan rugs. But we know that the Karastan factory, where the rugs were made, has closed down. This happened after being open for almost a hundred years. 

Now, you can only find Karastan rugs in special sales where they’re trying to sell off the remaining stock. But there might not be a lot of rugs left because the availability is limited. It’s like when you have a toy you like, but then you find out they’re not making it anymore. It can be disappointing. 

But sometimes companies must make tough decisions to focus on other things or bring in new products. So, even though Karastan rugs are no longer being made, you can still try to find one if you’re lucky. Remember that they might be hard to find, and you might have to look in special sales or clearance sections.


In conclusion, Karastan rugs are no longer being made. The company decided to discontinue them. They used to be popular and well-liked by people who wanted to decorate their homes. But now, you won’t find them in stores now because they’re no longer available.

If you want a Karastan rug, you can try searching for them in special sales or clearance sections online. However, there might be few left, so finding the exact one you want could be difficult. You might have to look in different places and act quickly if you find one you like.

Remember, even though Karastan rugs are discontinued, there are other rug brands that you can explore. Brands like Mohawk Home, Safavieh, Nourison, and Surya offer similar quality and styles. They have a variety of rugs to choose from, so you can still find a beautiful rug for your home.

Sometimes companies make decisions to stop making certain products for various reasons, like focusing on new things or because they need to sell more. It can be unpleasant, but it’s a normal part of the business. So, keep searching, and you might find a rug you love, whether it’s a Karastan or another brand.