Discontinued Hotter Shoes – where to find it in 2023?

It discontinued Hotter Shoes. Hotter Shoes have been broken in the United States. Moreover, it is anticipated that Hotter Shoes will go out of business. Because on its official website, it is mentioned, “We only deliver orders in the United Kingdom. 

We have closed our USA website, so from now on, we cannot deliver orders outside of the United Kingdom.” But you can still buy Hotter Shoes in stores and online in the United Kingdom.

Once, the footwear company Hotter Shoes was one of the best manufacturing companies of the year. But what happened later that things went disastrously wrong for Hotter Shoes? Now the company is about to close most of its retail stores.

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What Happened To Hotter Shoes?

In July 2023, Hotter Shoes’ parent company – Unbound Group, filed to appoint administrators, and the business could be at risk of being shut down.

It is believed that Hotter’s 26 shoe stores throughout the United Kingdom are about to close. It started to happen when the company’s owner Unbound disclosed that it was on the brink of collapse despite increasing 2 million euros in emergency funding. In an attempt to sell Hotter Shoes, the company continuously searched for a buyer, but it appeared unsuccessful. 

The company confirmed, “The board members of the company have no doubts as they found that there is no benefit in progressing these parallel discussions in the future.” Despite this, the owner of Hotter Shoes wants Rick Harrison and Will Wright to be appointed as administrators of Interpath Advisory. 

Do you know what Administration is? So, let’s come to know about it. 

The Administration is when the company’s overall control is passed on to an individual-appointed insolvency practitioner. But they do not mean the end of the business necessarily. 

Moreover, the Administration tries to assist companies in finding ways to solve cashflow issues and how to repay debt. It can last from a week to a year or more than a year. 

Apart from this, If we talk about the discontinued Hotter Shoes list. Then it may be a bit longer, but we have only mentioned a few that were the most popular among fans. Let’s put light on some discontinued Hotter Shoes:

  • Hotter Women’s Pixie III – Casual Ankle Boots Black (Wide Zip Fastening)
  • Hotter Jewel Taupe Leather Shoes – Ballerina Pumps Flats Comfort 
  • Hotter Navy Leather Shoes Lace-Up Shade
  • Hotter Shake Sand-LE Shoes All-time Classic Favorite Shoes 
  • Hotter Deck Black Shoes Chase Leopard
  • Hotter Leather Loafer – Calypso (Navy Plum)
  • Hotter White Pump Lightweight Shoes Dahlia Multi Leather 
  • Hotter Quake II Shoes – Mink Women
  • Hotter Lilac Deck Shoes – Daisy Women

History: The Rise And Fall 

In 1959, Hotter Shoes was founded as a slipper manufacturer by Harriet and Thomas Houlgrave. Later, the company was controlled by Stewart Houlgrave (Houlgrave’s second generation) in 1990. He was committed to manufacturing and delivering superior-quality footwear. 

1996 the company introduced a mail order, and in 2002, its first retail store was launched. In 2003, Hotter Shoes invested £6 million in North West England-based new. After a year, Hotter Shoes disclosed its online presence, i.e., www.hottershoes.co.uk. In 2007, Hotter Shoes started to invest in robotic production lines. 

2009 Hotter’s website was relaunched, and in 2011, it opened up its 25th retail store.

2013 In Milton Keynes, Hotter Shoes successfully opened up its 50th store.

Electra Private Equity firm acquired Hotter Shoes a year later for a deal worth 200 million euros. In 2015, Hotter Shoes left Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce behind and won Manufacturer of the Year at Insider’s Made in the U.K. Awards 2015. In 2019, The company noted an improved trading performance with the help of the company’s CEO – Ian Watson.

In 2021, As a part of the company’s growth strategy to trade through its online platform, Hotter partnered with John Lewis. In the same year, in Trafford Center, Manchester, Hotter introduced its very first pop-up store. Dan Lampard was appointed as the company’s CFO, and Antonia Jones was the head of product. After a year, Unbound Group appointed Watson as the company’s CEO. 

At the same time, Lampard stepped down, and the company appointed Alastair Miller as the New Look CFO after making good strategic progress successfully. In September, the parent company of Hotter reported a slight growth in first-half revenue by 10.4 percent to 27.6 million euros throughout the period. This year in June, Hotter Shoes – Unbound Group’s parent company has emergency restructuring plans. It helped to secure emergency funding because it bordered on the brink of collapse.

How Many Hotter Stores Are At Risk Of Closure?

According to sources pre-pack deal was also announced. This deal discussed selling the business after passing the insolvency process to a trade buyer. Yeah! Finally, Hotter Shoes found a buyer, but it is still being determined who that buyer is and how many stores and job roles would be impacted.

It is anticipated that Hotter Shoes’ all 26 stores are at risk of closure. Let’s find out these stores:

  • Rivendell Notcutts Garden Centre
  • Wheatcroft Notcutts Garden Centre
  • Rugby
  • Cambridge
  • Canterbury
  • Cardiff
  • Chesterfield Dobbies Garden Centre
  • Chichester
  • Dorchester
  • Eastbourne
  • Edinburgh Princes Street
  • Exeter
  • Glasgow
  • Solihull
  • Southend-on-Sea
  • Southport
  • York
  • Aberdeen Dobbies Garden Centre
  • Atherstone Dobbies Garden Centre
  • Bicester
  • Bromley
  • Kingston Upon Thames
  • Lasswade Dobbies Garden Centre
  • Llandudno
  • Norwich
  • Hassocks Notcutts Garden Centre

If a third party has purchased all trade and assets, it does not mean all Hotter Shoe stores would close. According to sources, all shops will operate normally throughout the administration process. If administrators find a suitable buyer, the brand and its bricks and mortar retail stores could be saved. 

According to reports, if the third party only wants to purchase the Hotter Shoes brand and trademark, all its retail stores would close for good. Besides, it reported that several high-street brands collapsed in the last few months into Administration.

Last year, many clothing and shoe brands, such as M&Co, Joules, etc, went bust. 

In January, Byron Burger, a burger chain, collapsed into Administration and closed its nine restaurants. At the end of January last year, Paperchase fell into Administration and closed all its 106 retail stores for good.

When Yours Clothing snapped up the brand name, at that time, M&Co announced that it would return to the high street. In 2020, Hotter Shoes closed its 46 stores permanently, and to do so, it launched the Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

Why Are Hotter Shoes So Good?

Hotter Shoes are so good and popular. Because they are designed with sturdy soles and durable material, you can choose them if you want to explore the beauty of nature as it focuses on taking on the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Overall they are a perfect pair for outdoor activities.

Do you know? Apart from Hotter Shoes’ durability and great performance, they are created with one’s health in mind.

The brand is committed to offering expanded comfort and support technologies. It helps your feet and legs keep calm and relax after a long activity day.

All in all, if you want to explore the beauty outdoors. A pair of hotter shoes can be the perfect fit. Are you aware of the fact behind this? Let us inform you that Hotter Shoes provide uncompromising quality, styles, and technologies. That we hope is perfectly fit for every activity and every foot. So, if you choose them, it would be an initiative towards a healthier and happier step.

Are Hotter Shoes Sold In The U.S.?

Knitwear brand WoolOvers have acquired Hotter Shoes. The shoe brand has been reduced to a pre-pack administration deal in administration deal. Due to this, Its 27 operations and 421 employees were transferred to Knitwear brand WoolOvers. It all happened as the parent company Unbound Group can avoid non-relevant proceedings in the future.

Hotter Shoes said, “These difficult trading conditions have adversely impacted the entire company.” Despite taking steps to address costs for the company, creditor pressure continued to boost. Due to this, Interpath is now considered an available option to the company. Sadly, you can not buy Hotter Shoes in the U.S. online as it is discontinued. But you can find all of its products in the U.K.

Where To Buy Hotter Shoes?

You can buy Hotter Shoes online and in stores in the U.K. However, outside of the U.K., you won’t be able to buy Hotter Shoes. As the company discontinued Hotter shoe delivery outside of the U.K., You can also buy broken Hotter shoes from those websites that carry discontinued products. 

In an attempt to do so, you can visit plenty of websites such as eBay, Mark&Spencer, Next UK, Love the Sales, Debenhams, Amazon U.K., and Hotter Shoes. 

Wrapping Up

Hotter is a well-loved and well-known brand; its manufacturing plant is in the U.K. It is the most popular shoe brand with a loyal fan base. 

Everyone wants to buy a pair of Hotter shoes. But a wide range of varieties has been discontinued so far. On the contrary, it produces the latest range of products after regular intervals. As we all know, creating room for new items is important. That’s why discontinuation of older products is important.