Where to find Discontinued Cragar wheels - Is they Still Make it?

Where to find Discontinued Cragar wheels – Is they Still Make it?

Where to find discontinued Cragar wheels? Are you searching Cragar wheels that is available for sale? The kind of wheels that are used in your vehicle makes a big difference in your riding experience. This is why you look at all the famous automobile companies; they use excellent quality deals to give their customers a better driving experience. Hot roading was a concept that became popular in the 1950s and 60s. Then, there were few choices that people had.

Roy Richter completely changed the automobile industry’s scenario at that point. He bought the Cragor industry and started this whole new concept of wheels being an essential aspect of automobiles. The Cragar industry was bought by him in 1955, after which he dedicated his experience and interest to designing stylish wheels specially meant for hot rodders. He also gave customers the liberty to get their wheels customized, which was a significant factor in the popularity of their wheels. 

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Does Cragar still make wheels?

Where to find Discontinued Cragar wheels - Is they Still Make it?

Cragar is still making wheels and has a vast customer market. It has sustained despite so much competition and saturation in the automobile industry. This is because they have been trying to better themselves through all these years and have continued to come up with new designs of wheels.

Their wheels are almost like vintage hotels and restaurants that never go out of business because of their trustworthy products and years-long dedicated services. They are still used in many muscle cars, and to date, there is no alternative option in the market that can stand a chance against them. The ethics of these businesses have been solid from when it wasn’t even fully established. 

There is no news of Cragar wheels being discontinued by the company as they are making good profits. They are even thinking of introducing new wheels with new designs that are attractive to look at and, at the same time, very durable.


The concept of getting your wheels customized and designed to your liking was exciting to the public. The new design of Cregar wheels not only gave them a recognition power but also increased the physical strength of reels as well. The precise placement of spokes became a potent sign of Cragar wheels. 

Each spoke had a great deal of attachment towards the circumference, which gave them strength and passion. These wheels were always aimed toward muscle cars. In 2016 they announced that the company would introduce three new wheels designs. Throughout the years of its work, the company has continued to launch lots of new wheels and got an appreciation for its work. They have kept its core values of producing wheels for muscle cars intact, and at the same time, they have evolved into a technologically proficient company.

Change in Ownership 

Cragar motors were founded in the 1930s before it became a household name in the United States of America. It was initially owned by Crane Gratz and sold to George Wight in 1933. He further transferred the company’s rights in 1943 during World War II. Between 1943 and 45, the company was handled by George Wight’s widow.

Roy, more decadent, completely transformed the company’s status. He gave the company a new vision and a much-needed purpose. By 1963 the company became so credible that it was one of the founding members of the Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association or SEMA.

To this date, SEMA continues to bring automobile enthusiasts from around the World to an annual fair organized in Las Vegas. Thirty-five members, including Cragar motors, founded it. All of them were a part of the automobile industry, some even from wheel manufacturing backgrounds.

Where Cragar motors still making wheels?

Yes, Cragar motors are still making wheels. Like any other company from the mid-1950s and 60s, they needed help adjusting to the changing market situations. But still, they have managed to maintain their image in the market. They have continued to sell their vehicles to huge automobile and transportation companies.

The key to their success and relevancy is that they have relentlessly maintained good quality and continued to introduce new designs in the market. This means that even if you are a pre-established brand with a good customer base, you should still be confident in your success. You must continue to perform better in the market and introduce new business strategies.

Where can you buy Cragar wheels?

Where to find Discontinued Cragar wheels - Is they Still Make it?

You can easily buy Cragar wheels from an official retailer of Cragar, or you can buy them from offline stores of Cragar. Their wheels are also available on different online websites. You can also order Cragar wheels from the official website of Cragar.

Their wheels are in higher demand, which is why people often think they have been discontinued. But the truth is that these vehicles had never been discontinued. Even during the pandemic, they were manufactured and distributed in the market. 

Some supply chain disruptions can cause problems, sometimes leading to a supply shortage. So if you are in a position where you are unable to find these wheels anywhere, including online websites and offline stores, then all you have to do is be patient. Cragar is very particular about its production and supply in the market. They will be available sometime, and you can get them yourself.


Cragar wheels are a very moving company for the contemporary businesses of today. Despite the cutthroat competition, especially in the automobile market, they have still stood the test of time. This means that they were very particular and dedicated to their work. Also, having a flexible and bendable approach toward their work has helped them with their business.

They have maintained a niche segment as they have targeted only muscle cars. A lot of new companies came into this wheel manufacturing business. Still, they needed help to take the position of Cragar wheels. 

 The kind of services they provide has made their customers stick to them for a long time. The history of Cragar is commendable, and so is their commitment to their work. Cragar shows us that if you are true to your work, nothing in this WorldWorld can dim your shine.

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