Where to find Discontinued Costa Del Mar Sunglasses?

Where to find discontinued Costa Del Mar Sunglasses? Costa Del Mar has discontinued several models since its launch. The company is well known for manufacturing sunglasses of different categories. Every model of Costas is produced with unique features. Still, numerous versions cannot meet the customer’s preferences, so the company discontinued them.

Costa Del Mar, also known as Costa, is a polarized sunglasses manufacturing American company. It is a subsidiary of EssilorLuxottica. These sunglasses are always the best choice for outdoor activities, including sports, recreational fishing, boating, and other summer activities. 

The company is based in Daytona Beach, Florida. Costa’s Baffin Sunglasses won a show due to its superior quality and pickiest model in 2018.

Why only Costa Del Mar? Costa Del Mar is a Spanish word that means “coast of the sea.” The company guarantees to go ocean-deep with these frames.

We’ve set this blog to provide information about Costa Del Mar discontinued sunglasses. It includes a list of discontinued Costa Del Mar sunglasses; what happened to Costa sunglasses? What are the reasons for the discontinuation of Costa Sunglasses? and many more. 

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Discontinued Costa Del Mar Sunglasses List

We’ve shared a list of Costa Del Mar sunglasses because it is necessary to know about them. This list may help you to pick authentic glasses precisely. 

  • Matte Black, 580P Polarized Aviators with Green Mirror – Costa Pilothouse Sunglasses
  • Costa La Mar Sunglasses (Light Brown/ Tan Wood Grain, 580P Grey)
  • Costa Del Mar Tico Polarized Sunglasses – Light, Sleek, Durable, and complete UV protection
  • Costa Del Mar Fluid Sunglasses – Polarized Lenses
  • Costa Del Mar Daphnes Sunglasses – Durable, UV, and Scratch Resistant
  • Costa Del Mar Bonefish Bay Polarized Sunglasses – Eight Layer Glass and CR 39 Lenses
  • Costa Del Mar Bahia Mar Sunglasses – Durable Monel Frame
  • Costa Del Mar Seven Mile Sunglasses – Scratch Resistant
  • Costa Del Mar Lash Polarized Sunglasses – Sharp Resolution, Water Repellant Coating, Corrosion resistant Hinges
  • Costa Del Mar’s Draft Polarized Sunglasses with Polycarbonate lenses, Laser-welded Frame
  • Costa Del Mar Rum Cay Sunglasses – Polarized lenses, scratch resistant
  • Costa Del Mar Fly Catcher Sunglasses – Polarized lenses, 100 % UV protection
  • Costa Del Mar George Sunglasses – UV Protection and Scratch Resistant
  • Costa Del Mar Release Sunglasses – Styled Frame, Versatile, and attractive

Yeah! It is a complete analysis; estimating the possible reason behind the product’s discontinuation is not easy. Even though we’ve shared a list of a few discontinued Costas versions of sunglasses, it is not a complete list, but it certainly may help you to some extent. 

What Are The Reasons Behind The Discontinuation Of Costa Sunglasses?

All the sunglasses mentioned above by Costa were of superior quality with the latest designs. Although, these items lost consumers and market value over time due to several drawbacks. Have a look at the possible reasons behind the discontinuation of Costa sunglasses:

  • No prescription lenses were available; only non-prescription lenses were there.
  • A wide variety of options were not available. No more options in lens size, frame, and color were available. Thus, the color, size, and design did not match the trend.
  • Glasses frames become fade earlier.
  • No trending lens color, which lost consumers’ interest.
  • Some of the products were not able to cope with the trends. Besides, they were not kept with the product’s quality as mentioned.
  • The company manufactured new models, but no updated features were there.
  • People also claimed some models did not have comfortable nose pads.
  • Size, shape, and designs were not up to the level.
  • Inferior-quality of lens material was used.
  • Most glasses had thick frames and outdated colors that could not keep pace with the ongoing trends.
  • No Versatility; some products came with limitations.
  • The designs, features, and quality are unable to attract new generations.
  • The customer was disappointed with Costas’s few models’ bad quality and thick frames.
  • Lens technology was not stronger as compared to other brands of glasses.

Overall, Costa sunglasses’ outdated frames, style, color, and several other limitations did not hold the market value and the consumer’s interest.

On the contrary, several models were discontinued by the company because the product and the production cost could not stabilize.

What Happened To Costa Del Mar Sunglasses?

In 2013, Costa Del Mar was acquired by Essilor for 270 million US dollars. In 2017, the company decided to manufacture only a limited quantity of unique versions of sunglasses. To do so, the brand partnered with Austin Dillion, a NASCAR driver. In 2018, he won Daytona 500.

Moreover, Costa was alleged in several lawsuits. The lawsuits were based on the model’s warranty; it was “deceptive trade practices.” People claimed that the item would be repaired or replaced for the same amount. 

The CEO of the company, Holly Rush, left in August 2019. So, the reports were mentioned straightly to Luxottica. In the same year, when reports were filed, it was declared that the operation in Daytona Beach would shut down. Finally, that decision came into action on February 7, 2020. Later, in September 2020, employees and the workforce, including the senior executives, were laid off. 

The Luxottica plant in Foothill Ranch, California, produces most sunglasses.

What Company Replaces Costa Lenses?

Revant Optics replaced Costa Del Mar Lenses. Revant Optica provides replacement lenses for Costa.

Final Words On Discontinued Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

We have tried to put important information into this blog about “Discontinued Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.” 

Once you read this blog, you may get an idea about Costa Del Mar sunglasses. It is a company that had a lot of consumers previously but not anymore now, as the company’s products lost market value over time.

We share all this information to help you pick and buy an appropriate Costa. We hope you find all this information helpful.