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Has Coca-Cola Discontinued Coke Zero or shortage in 2023?

Has Coca-Cola Discontinued Coke Zero? Hello There! Coke lovers! No need to worry. We know you have received the news that Coca-Cola has discontinued Coke Zero in the UK. 

But it is not true. Coca-Cola has not discontinued Coke Zero in the UK, and you can still make the most of this drink anytime, anywhere…

Yeah! It may be a joyous moment for all those who still love to have Coke, and this time, no bad news we have for you.

Do you know? In 2017, it was believed that Coca-Cola declared that they wouldn’t produce Coke Zero, but on the same point, the company introduced another zero-sugar version of Coke, which sounds pretty similar.

In August 2017, Coke Zero hit the stores in the UK. The name was similar. However, it doesn’t mean the recipe and packaging were identical. Coke Zero Sugar was introduced with new packaging and ingredients in it.

The main goal of introducing this zero-sugar Coke version was to attract more customers. It is specially designed for those who avoid sugary drinks, whose love for soft drinks has not lessened, but who must avoid them to support their health. 

It is named Zero Sugar, but the taste resembles the original Coke with zero sugar and zero calories. 

Suppose you are searching for this kind of zero-sugar and no-calorie drink. In that case, you must go for Coke Zero as it is already launched and is available almost in every country worldwide, including Mexico and the UK.

When this product was introduced, the company stated, “We have optimized the unique mixture of flavors to offer Coke Zero the real taste of original Coca-Cola. We have made the great taste of Coke Zero even better with this ultimate blend.”

As we all know, Nothing can fill the hole occupied with something else. Similarly, the prior version of Coke Zero has not been replaced with this new version, and Coke Zero lovers were not pleased, despite the company’s reassurances.

In 2017, Coke Zero’s first version chapter was closed, and people started adapting to the newer version of Coke Zero.

But this has not ended here; the series is still going on. The rumors spread on social media that “Coca-Cola is now going to discontinue Coke Zero.”

It would be a heartbreaking moment for the fans of Coke Zero when they received the news about Coke Zero’s Discontinuation or shortages. 

But the truth is, No Discontinuation has been announced by the company on this frizzy drink so far. 

Drinks giant Coca-Cola denied accepting this and addressed all these spreading news as “fake or rumors.” There is no official statement on discontinuing one of the most popular drinks.”

These speculations are fake because Coke Zero has not been pulled from stores’ shelves.

But you don’t need to be worried. Your favorite zero-calorie version of Coca-Cola is not going anywhere, it is here to stay as before, and you can have it at your nearest grocery store.

Do you want more? Let’s explore this blog further to learn more about Coke Zero’s Discontinuation/ shortages, What the company replied to, How people responded to it, and many more. 

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How People Reacted To Coke Zero Discontinuation Rumors?

coke zero discontinued 2023 shortage

When the rumors “Coke Zero is being discontinued in the UK” started to spread, then coke zero fans, along with haters, took to an online platform for the answers. This rumor especially stirred up Facebook and Twitter.

Also, people found this rumor on Facebook, which clearly mentioned that “Coca-Cola has discontinued the zero-calorie version of Coke in the UK,” this post worked as fuel that was added to the fire for the fans. This post was also chimed with a heartbreak emoji.

People reacted to these rumors, as they got mixed reactions from them. As not everyone is feeling bad to see Coke Zero go!!

Some people posted to appreciate the flavor and marked it “The best drink” in their posts, while others criticized the zero-calorie Coke version. Let’s put light on their posts!!

Fans continuously comment and need answers. One of the users wrote, “Nothing is better than Coke Zero; I prefer Coke Zero over other drinks as it is the best, fully fuming!! If it goes away, I am about to start a petition.”

Similarly, another fumed in anger and said, “No, this can’t happen! We know the earth is in awful condition, but please don’t say Coke Zero is also leaving. We can’t bear this pain. No, No. No. Please leave Coke Zero.”

On the contrary, Haters responded in such a way that bemoaned Coke Zero fans.

A woman reacted to rumors, “Coke Zero is nothing, but only a grim, Good Bye, Coke Zero!”

While another man wrote, “It’s Good, there are better flavors offered by the Company, full coke all the way.”

A happy hater reacted to this in full capital letters: “THANK YOU, COKE JESUS,” this comment may stab many fans. Not only this, haters continuously responded to this Coke zero discontinuation rumors with a thank note, but also another woman said, “Thank the lord.”

We will not mention all of the comments as this is an impossible task. Because we have found there are around 20,000 comments in the comment box below this rumor.

Their comments indicated an equal match between the haters and the fans. The delighted haters and worried fans both still want answers.

This became clear when we observed the comments that directly appealed to the company, stating: “Okay, Coca-Cola, you are eliminating coke zero, but we need answers as soon as possible.”

However, fans and haters were asking this question differently, but all wanted justification.

Let’s see how the company responded to these speculations.

Coca-Cola Responded To Rumours?

The company responded, “The rumors about Coke Zero being discontinued are just a developing story; Nothing is true about it. Don’t believe these kinds of rumors, fans!” The company tried to calm down its fans, who were tearing apart after receiving these rumors.

Coca-Cola finally broke the ice and responded, “Don’t worry fans; we know this rumor has broken your heart, and you may be unable to bear this pain. That’s why we are here to explain what you have demanded. So, Fans, your zero-calorie version of Coke is not going anywhere; it is here to stay! Hoping you are happier now.” After saying this, the company paused.

Later, they responded to PrettyLittle Thing, who had expressed discontent on Twitter: “We have received this news in Great Britain!! We have no plans to remove Coke Zero from the list. Also, it is set to stay, especially on a day like today.”

Will You Still Be Able To Get Coke Zero, Or Is It Unavailable Now?

For sure, Coke Zero is not discontinued; it is still here, and you can get your favorite zero-calorie version of Coca-Cola. The company has already announced that Coke Zero is here to stay, and we have successfully launched this Coca-Cola No Sugar version.

After creating it for more than five years of research, we’ve done with it and phased out Coke Zero. This version has been specially launched for those who want to add zero-calorie soft drinks to their diet. It is designed as the next generation of Coca-Cola with no sugar residues.

Why People Are Crazy About Coke Zero And What Makes It So Special?

Coke Zero is special because it tastes closer to Coca-Cola’s original version. Additionally, everyone can make the most of the drink without giving it much thought. As it contains no sugar or ingredients, Coke Zero is also superior.

On the contrary, many wondered whether this newer version would have as great taste as Coke Zero or something different. 

One user said, “This can’t be true; Coke Zero is being discontinued.” when he heard about its removal. Coke Zero has a great fan following because of its superb taste and frizziness that drives people crazy.

But you should believe the taste is superior and similar to the original Coca-Cola. It is almost a generic replica of the Original Coca-Cola.

Is Coke Zero Going To Replace With Other Products?

No, Coke Zero is not replaced with any other products. But it is set to phase out the company’s two sugar-free products, i.e., Coke Zero and Coke No Sugar were already replaced with Coke Zero Sugar in 2022.

This Coke Zero Sugar is supposed to deliver an even better taste than its previous version. The recipe and packings are completely new.

Some may find difficulty searching for this product due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but the situation is now on track. You can now easily find this product in your locality.

How Many Products Have Been Discontinued By Coca-Cola?

It has been estimated that Coca-Cola has discontinued around 200 of its beverage brands to get rid by replacing them with newer versions.

All these eliminated beverages were low performing, so the company axed these items and prioritized those that showed the most opportunity for the company’s development.

The Bottom Line

Coca-Cola’s Coke Zero fans have gone into a meltdown after this speculation. But no worries, as we have clarified all the statements given by the company on this frizzy drink discontinuation. 

We hope you like this blog post, and we have come up with all the answers that may clarify your queries.