Discontinued Broyhill Furniture Collections – where to find?

Where to find discontinued Broyhill furniture collections? In September 2018, the company closed its doors. However, a prominent asset realization company – SB360 Capital Partners- acquired items. It also received the Heritage Home Group.

When the doors of Broyhill Company were closed, people were up in arms. But still, there is nothing we can do except bid a grateful farewell as they are not easily available now. Their design, quality, and comfort made Broyhill’s products so popular. 

As we all know, good times come and go accordingly. Similarly, All Broyhill trademarks are now changed to Big Lots. Big Lots acquired Broyhill in 2019. The official website of Broyhill now leads to Big Lots. So that every product category of this brand can be purchased on the Big Lots website. Now, Broyhill’s products are exclusively sold through Big Lots.

Let’s browse it to discover more about Broyhill Furniture Collections and what happened to this brand that led to its discontinuation! Below, you will find a list of discontinued Broyhill Furniture Collections.

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List of Discontinued Broyhill Furniture Collections

We can’t possibly list every single Discontinued Broyhill Furniture Collection – that would be quite the lengthy scroll! However, we’re sharing a snippet of these iconic pieces that have slipped away from our grasp. Let’s take a moment to remember and appreciate these lost gems. 

Here’s a Glimpse of Broyhill’s Treasures: Some Discontinued Collections

  • 1960s Vintage Broyhill Faux Bamboo Server: Transformed with a professional lacquer finish in Hale Navy, a true statement piece.
  • 1970s Mid-Century Broyhill Striped Velvet Tuxedo Sofa: Brown, tan, and ivory hues in a captivating striped velvet ensemble.
  • 1960s Vintage Broyhill Faux Bamboo Server: Reimagined with a professional Aegean Teal lacquer, a pop of retro sophistication.
  • Vintage Broyhill Brasilia Nightstand: A reminder of the timeless allure of the Brasilia collection.
  • 1960s Broyhill Mid-Century Modern Walnut Highboy Chest: A classic walnut beauty, a mid-century marvel.
  • Late 20th Century Broyhill Cabriole Leg Table, Oak: Graceful cabriole legs supporting cherished moments.
  • Vintage 1960s Mid-Century China Cabinet Display Wall Unit: An elegant showcase of Stanley Furniture craftsmanship.
  • Broyhill Ferron Court High Low Poster Bed: Where dreams were cradled in Ferron Court’s embrace.
  • 20th Century Broyhill Newly Painted Dining Chairs: A canvas of memories, now a stroke of history.
  • Mid-Century Modern Curved Glass Display Cabinet: A glimpse into the past, now adorning memories.
  • Sculptra Danish Modern Full Headboard: An ode to Scandinavian design, a piece of art for your bed.
  • Broyhill Furniture Solid Hard Rock Maple Colonial Style 72: A beacon of colonial style and solidity.
  • Adrian Pearsall Style Sofa and Chair Set by Broyhill: Mid-20th Century allure for your living space.
  • Brasilia by Broyhill Premier Pedestal Base Dining Table: Restored to revive the iconic Brasilia legacy.

Plenty of websites still carry the most popular furniture brand’s products. In an attempt, you can visit eBay, Chairish, 1stDibs, Kaiyo, Etsy, etc. Here, you will discover the rare, discontinued Broyhill dining room furniture, including Credenzas, China Cabinets, Dining Table, Sofa, and many other items.

A few websites promise to offer a wide range of Broyhill products in stock. When it comes to the item cost, then it may vary. For example, Broyhill products range in price between 100 US dollars and 9,950 US dollars on Chairish. It offers more than 90 Broyhill items that are on sale. Moreover, it delivers over 260 vintage Broyhill items.

It offers an expanded range of discontinued Broyhill products such as Casegoods, Furniture & Storage. On other websites, prices and variety may differ.

The Beginning

In the 1920s, James Edgar Broyhill founded a chair company. It was the most popular hit as the chairs were high quality and affordable. When Broyhill saw that his business was flourishing, at that time, he decided to spread his business. To do so, he purchased a lot of local furniture plants. 

He started to make more than just chairs. In an attempt, he shifted his focus to bedroom furniture and upholstered pieces.

This way, he put his strong foothold into the furniture industry and became the leading retailer across the United States.

In later years, in 1960, the business grew substantially as sales skyrocketed. Sales had crossed hundreds of millions in a short time. The most important reason behind its increased sales was its furniture goods prices. Later, Broyhill became the largest manufacturer of mid-priced furniture goods.

As we all know, good times come and go. Circumstances were created that forced Broyhill to discontinue its furniture collections in September 2018. Later, around 2019, Big Lots bought out Broyhill. Besides, all Broyhill trademarks are now taken over by Big Lots. Now, it is the exclusive retailer of Broyhill Furniture goods nationwide. 

As Big Lots owns Broyhill, it directly leads to Big Lots every time you open the Broyhill website. Every product category selection option for purchasing is now available on Big Lots’ official website.

Is Broyhill Furniture Made In The US?

The question lingers, “Is Broyhill still made in the US?” We did the digging. So what is the answer? Broyhill Furniture is still made but not by the company that previously manufactured it, as Big Lots purchased it. So it is obvious that they are manufactured the same. However, Broyhill’s future is not promising with a retailer like Big Lots.

There is no clear-cut answer as to whether Broyhill is still made in the US, but as per sources, we have concluded that Broyhill is not manufactured in the US. 

But the truth is it’ll lead directly to Big Lots whenever you select any product from the Broyhill website. Moreover, all of Broyhill’s products’ information regarding pricing or any other details is available on the Big Lots website and allows you to purchase its goods.

But we can only say something with flawless certainty about the country of origin for any Broyhill product.

What Did Big Lots Respond Regarding Its Manufacturing?

To get more information about Broyhill products, manufacturing sites, and more, people visit the Broyhill website, but as we all are aware, now it routes to the Big Lots website. So, people are waiting for a response, and they avoid responding. Moreover, they said we can only do something once SKU takes action. 

Since Big Lots has owned Broyhill, it is believed that its Product line includes more than 1,200 items. It indicates that, still, there is a wide range of Broyhill products available.

Not only prompting regarding where Is Broyhill made, but many of them have entered a Live Chat conducted on the Big Lots website. But they were provided with the same answer, i.e., we need help to help. In the same Live Chat session, after some time, they came up with a solution: “It needs to be solved and escalated.”

Still, the case is unsolved, and no further info is expected to come from escalating the issue. People also attempted another session but were defeated every time as they got no response and met a wall of resistance.

There needs to be more information on where Broyhill products are manufactured. Undoubtedly, Broyhill has not been a vendor since Big Lots bought them. To solve the mystery behind its manufacturing process, we anticipate that none other than Big Lots is manufacturing Broyhill products. 

On the other hand, some are doubting and think that these products are imported. They are considering this point because a business hesitates to discuss its manufacturing process.

All in All, People suspect that the most popular Broyhill Furniture is not manufactured in the US. This may not be true, but this statement can be true for some popular Broyhill goods. These products include:

  • Chico Cushioned Patio Glider Chair – All weather wicker Cushioned chair
  • Everyday – White Standard Pillow
  • Wellesley – Power Reclining Sofa made with 100 percent leather.

Recommended Options For Broyhill Furniture In the US?

Broyhill was an American company that manufactured mid-price wood and upholstered household furniture. According to customers, this brand was one of the best brands in terms of furniture. It could be a great option for those seeking superior-quality products under a tight budget. 

So, are you seeking quality craftsmanship? If yes, then go for Broyhill Furniture without giving it much thought. 

Despite earning a good name in furniture, Broyhill has a lot of tough competitors across the United States. Let’s find them out:

  • Jofran Inc.
  • Walker’s Furniture
  • Beck’s Furniture
  • Wilson’s Furniture
  • Amini Innovation Group
  • Wilcox Furniture
  • Rooms To Go, Inc.
  • La-Z-Boy Incorporated
  • Bob’s Discount Furniture
  • Living Spaces
  • Value City Furniture Inc.
  • Bassett Furniture
  • Raymour & Flanigan
  • Coleman Furniture
  • Mattress Firm, Inc
  • American Freight

However, these rival companies can be the best, but their product prices also vary. You will not get the same price at every retailer. So, you can browse products according to your needs and preferences on a few websites that carry discontinued products.

A Final Thought

Ultimately, it is very simple, and we anticipate that Big Lots will now manufacture Broyhill furniture. Furthermore, you can buy Broyhill furniture from the Big Lots website.

According to reports, many people, including a few websites, questioned Broyhill furniture discontinuation. But they routed to Big Lots’ website and have not received a response. Moreover, a few chat shows were also conducted, and most people attempted them with the customer service team. But defeated every time and got no response. We are still determining the reason behind it as we have no more information to clarify this case.