Discontinued Blowfish Shoes

Discontinued Blowfish Shoes: where to find it?

Where to find Discontinued Blowfish shoes? Blowfish Malibu has dominated the market for women’s fashionable shoes for more than a decade. They aimed to produce high-quality, stylish shoes and market them reasonably. Since then, Blowfish Malibu has delighted shoe fans with on-trend styles. Their products are upgraded in response to current fashion trends. These fashions drew their inspiration from Europe and Asia. But they perfectly reflect Southern California’s distinctly vivacious, carefree personality.

Their modest beginnings were in a small office in Edison, New Jersey. The team’s three members toiled to manage operations, finances, and sales there. Their Malibu office served as the headquarters for their one-person design team. In 2009, they consolidated into a single firm based in California.

The American footwear company Caleres Inc. owns and manages several footwear brands. It is the Blowfish Malibu brand’s parent company. According to the study, the brand’s shoes have not been discontinued. Let us know in detail about the company in this article.

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About Blowfish Malibu

Discontinued Blowfish Shoes

When the founders of Blowfish Malibu decided to work together, they wanted to create a shoe company that captured what they loved most. It is nothing but a popular destination called Malibu, California. Since then, Blowfish Malibu has charmed shoe fans with cozy, current designs. They will always want to express their lively, youthful energy and casual lifestyle. These represent something uniquely Southern Californian in their fashion choices.

In 2007, Blowfish Malibu was established. At that time, the products were entirely made of leather. The design team began to veer in the direction they intended to go with the items they supplied to their clients. It happened as the business grew and more eco-conscious materials were made. They realized they wanted to offer the general public eco-friendly fashions that were stylish and cheap.

Since then, they have used a range of uppers and other eco-friendly materials. These are both novel and cutting-edge. Blowfish Malibu last used real leather in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. They formally unveiled vegan-certified styles in the Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

In 2019, 18% of the product range was categorized as vegan. Presently, they are pleased to announce that 25% of Blowfish Malibu goods are vegan-approved or created from recycled plastic bottles.

Their newest and hottest original styles are brought to us by their professional team of designers. They interpret current worldwide trends. They pay close attention to the little ones. 

Things during the design process. Thus, the finished products have quality, style, and an unexpected twist. They take their cues from individuals who understand that appearing and feeling wonderful have nothing to do with a price tag.

Although they originated in the US, they are now spread across the globe. This includes France, Canada, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Australia.

Blowfish Malibu Collections

The company offers shoes that make a difference in addition to its usual range of goods. They are offered in vegan and 4Earth by Blowfish Malibu categories. The Vegan Society has formally registered the styles in the vegan collection. It debuted in the spring of 2019. The business checks each one individually to ensure that none of the product elements contain animal products or by-products.

They introduced 4Earth by Blowfish Malibu in the spring of 2020. It is a division of the business that pledges to find environmentally sustainable solutions. Blowfish Malibu’s Making Waves collection was the first to be released under the 4Earth banner. It offers footwear types with partially recycled plastic bottle uppers and insoles with BLOOM technology (algae are used in them).

The brand gives $1 to Oceana for each pair of 4Earth by Blowfish Malibu shoes that are sold. It is the biggest group in the world devoted completely to ocean preservation. Blowfish Malibu focuses on raising awareness of its environmental impact with these two collections.

Ninety-nine percent of shoes have a simple technique for wearing them. Even their sneakers have elastic, so we can swiftly slide them on and off. The booties have an interior zipper for simple on-and-off. A pair of sandals are fastened with velcro. They are therefore committed to making our lives simple!

The Blowfish Malibu range sold in Europe is officially 100% vegan for the first time. Additionally, plastic and algae, two partially recycled items, make up half of the collection. Additionally, several Blowfish Malibu items sold in Europe have Water PU. It is a brand-new, low-chemical replacement material. The main advantage of Water PU is the huge decrease in the chemical DMFa. It is well known that it gives factory employees cancer.

Recycled plastic bottles in the new Blowfish Malibu shoes

Around 300 million pairs of shoes per year end up in landfills. This is according to Blowfish Malibu. Many of those are created using virgin materials and petroleum, adding to the ocean’s garbage. Until it shifted in behavior, even Blowfish Malibu was adding to the issue. The business is now debuting a line of shoes made primarily from recycled plastic bottles.

The 4Earth shoe line features the company’s enduring designs with a Southern California influence. The upper part of each shoe is made from a substance created by recycling plastic. It is something we can’t see with fashionable yet casual footwear.

This method is not new. Giving useless single-use plastic water bottles a new and useful life is something that many businesses realize is good for their bottom line, the environment, and their clients. Bottles are first gathered, sorted, and cleaned. They are then compressed into pellets after being melted and torn into flakes. The fabric that serves as the primary component of the 4Earth lineup is created by weaving the pellets into thread.

Blowfish Malibu just introduced the Play4Earth Sneaker. It is their first step towards reducing their environmental impact. It has a relaxed, lace-free style with distressed edges. 

The Balla4Earth Wedge Sandal is the second item on the list. It comes in six colors and has a 12-inch heel, an ankle buckle, and a side zipper. The Marley4Earth-K slide-on sneaker, available in various fabrics, is also part of the range.

As mentioned earlier, Blowfish Malibu has committed to giving $1 from each pair of shoes sold to Oceana. It is done as part of their renewed commitment to cleaner water and less pollution. In addition to doing away with plastic bag packing, the business is transitioning to low-waste and recyclable materials for shipping.

Major retailers, including Amazon, Famous Footwear, Zappos, and Shoe Carnival, carry a broad selection of shoes. A lot of local brick-and-mortar stores also sell them.

Slip-On Sneakers have attracted over 9,000 buyers

There are many highly regarded shoes on Amazon, a store dedicated to fashion, beauty, and home products. To be included in the section with at least a four-star rating and thousands of positive reviews, a pair must stand out from the crowd.

One of the few pairs of women’s shoes to be chosen, the Blowfish Malibu Play Sneaker, has garnered the endorsement of over 9,000 customers.

The laceless, pre-distressed slip-on shoes arrive with no laces. Although they are simple to put on and take off, they are durable due to their flexible rubber outsole and inner elastic lining. They also have detachable, comfortable insoles with cushioning. As a result, we can quickly clean them without moving around the rest of the shoe. There are a whopping 51 colors and patterns for the Blowfish Play sneakers.

It is clear from the pages of 5-star reviews why people are so enamored with these shoes. One person wrote, “I walk a lot and dislike shoelaces, so these are excellent casual sneakers.” Feminine yet athletic. It was a perfect fit! The support is excellent for a slip-on.

The general view is that the Play sneakers fit true to size. Before you break them in, they could feel a little snug, but customers report that they’ll fit like a glove in no time. “My favorite choice of shoes is these. Although I don’t wear socks, they don’t rub,” added another.

“They are a little challenging at first, but I thought it was reasonable for shoes without laces to be a little challenging to pull on,” according to another user. “Now that they have adapted to my feet, they are simple to put on.” 

Thus, the only problem the brand has is choosing from so many colors.


They can utilize the Caleres Sustainability Team’s beneficial resources because they are a part of the Caleres family. To ensure its footwear is environmentally friendly, it closely collaborates with the FDRA. This is to identify the most sustainable items. Blowfish works to abide by the Environmental Preferred Materials (or EPM) Guide published by FDRA.

Blowfish love making, designing, and selling shoes, but they also want to provide more. “We have a lot of great stuff planned, so stay tuned! Eventually, perhaps, we’ll produce more than just shoes,” says the brand.