Discontinued Bare Traps sandals – can you find it in 2023?

Summertime boardwalk dancing can be energizing and extremely liberating. You are comfortable because your lovable person recently gave you a good look. These moments make life worth living worthwhile after working hard to support ourselves and the people we love!

Moving to the side or trip and rolling your ankles cannot be very comfortable. Nobody likes wearing a sandal that limits their range of movement or, worse, slashes their feet. These might leave behind unsightly blisters. Making shoes that combine comfort and style is one of the most difficult challenges in the industry. Casual activities can be fulfilled to their utmost extent with supportive, cushioned, and trendy shoewear. BareTraps sandals excel well in this field.

Every boot and shoe made by Baretraps is built for comfort. With Baretraps comfort technology, you quickly notice the difference. Every structure has been carefully designed from the bottom up to help you wherever the day takes you. Let us know more about the Baretraps sandals in detail in this article.

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Who manufactures Baretraps products?

Footwear Unlimited has pioneered footwear manufacturing, design, and distribution since 1966. They have The Frye Company Footwear, Spyder Footwear, and Baretraps among their portfolio of brands.

Footwear Unlimited uses a collaborative approach to making shoes. This was done with the help of several generations of shoemakers from all over the world. Even in today’s most challenging situations, they meet their retail partners’ demands. They are committed to going above and beyond for today’s savvy customers!

The designers at Footwear Unlimited have years of experience. They focus on giving customers access to the newest fashion, technology, and trends. Due to their excellence in innovation, Footwear Unlimited brands now have exclusive technology. Also, their designs are protected by copyright and trademarks.

On the Footwear Unlimited website, they described the mission of Bare Traps as producing fashionable, cozy, and supportive footwear. A few of the comfort advances offered by Baretraps are:

  • Rebound technology for energy return, 
  • Posture Plus innovation for suitable heel alignment, 
  • Memory foam footbeds for personalized comfort, and 
  • Cold and Waterproof boots that will keep us warm and dry when the weather turns bad.

Designer Fabio Lucca of Baretraps has achieved success on a global scale. He gained American citizenship in 2017 after being born into an Italian family in Brazil. He realized his love for creating fashionable footwear while working for a major Brazilian shoe firm in the early 1990s. In 2001, his journey brought him to Baretraps. He now frequently travels abroad in search of new concepts and cutting-edge trends.

At Feevale University, Fabio studied the Brazilian method of making shoes. As the company’s lead designer, he has made Baretraps the most rapidly expanding shoe brand in the US.

Why is Baretraps Rebound Technology so cozy?

This brand has continued its legacy of making modern attire that is, in their words, “just too comfortable to take off.” The way that footwear is treated is customer-focused. They place a high priority on making shoes that they would want to wear. They value excellent craftsmanship and premium materials. These factors combine to produce footwear that retains its renowned personal service.

You can tell you’ve chosen the most comfortable women’s walking shoes when you step on a pair of Baretraps with Rebound Technology. Why do people continue to buy the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever worn from them, pair after pair?

Their multi-layered Rebound Technology system is intended to care for our body’s most neglected part. It is none other than our steadfast feet! Here are some features that distinguish their Rebound shoes:

  • Anti-Microbial Shield
  • Built-In Arch Support
  • Vibration Absorbing
  • Slip-Resistant Tread
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Responsive Sole

Built-In arch support

The foot’s anatomy is wonderful and complex, but many people need to give it much attention. We all need to care for our arches because the feet serve as the body’s foundation. Without enough arch support, most people over- or under-pronate, which disrupts the natural gait. It causes pain not only in the foot but also in the whole leg and back.

If this has ever happened to you, you know how crucial good arch support is! With exceptional arch support and unmatched comfort, Baretraps shoes can relieve arch-related discomfort in users. Thus, with Rebound technology, they will avoid pain in the healthy foot.

The heel and the ball of the foot connect to the arch. It is located in the center of the foot’s bottom. The arch has two primary purposes:

  1. To bear the weight of our bodies while we are standing and
  2. To perform the function of springs that move our bodies forward or upward as we run, jump, or walk.

Although we don’t often undertake those activities barefoot, arches also give us a grip when climbing trees or crossing rocks. The arch always absorbs the foot’s stress upon landing. The ligaments and tendons capture the energy as the arch contracts and use it to propel the body toward the next step.

There are three types of arches that people fall into:

  • a low or flat arch
  • Medium
  • High

The remaining people fall into the other two categories, with the majority of people having medium arches.

Over time, one’s arch might take on different shapes. Babies have flat feet from birth. As we get older, our arches start to develop. Wearing conventional footwear hasten this process. Pregnancy, bad footwear, obesity, diabetes, and getting older are other factors that might affect an arch’s shape.

Is wearing footwear with arch support causing issues?

Most store associates or doctors would recommend a shoe with strong arch support. It is for people with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, or other foot condition. But most people who wear footwear with artificial arch support aren’t doing their feet any favors.

Traditional shoes often have a cushioned arch and a stacked heel. They may gradually harm the foot muscles and cause injuries, deformities, and poor mobility.

In contrast, the muscles in the foot assist the arch in minimalist shoes rather than the shoe itself. The muscles in our feet weaken and lose their ability to perform to their full potential. It happens when they become used to relying on the arches of traditional shoes. The arch is essential in terms of posture, balance, and injury risk.

Baretraps Sandals: Are they waterproof?

Waterproof sandals are useful if you intend to spend any summer near water. But it might be hard to find out which sandals will keep your feet dry with so many options. Summer footwear favorites include bare trap sandals, but you might be unsure if they’re waterproof. Yes is the answer.

Since Baretraps sandals have been carefully coated to repel water, you may use them around the beach or pool without worrying. If they get wet, let them dry, and they will look as good as new. Enjoy summertime activities without stress since Baretraps sandals will dry your feet.

Use a light detergent and a soft brush to wash away stains from badly dirty surfaces. It’s time to let things air dry after washing and drying them.

Many users gush about how comfortable the Baretraps sandals are on vacation. It’s because they can walk all day without facing any pain. Whether going on a long day of adventure, hiking in the mountains, touring the city, or having fun at a theme park, carry Baretraps sandals without fail!


You can use a regular washing machine to clean bare trap sandals. Using a light detergent and a gentle brush to clean severely dirty areas is the easiest method. It’s a good idea to rinse it in the machine fully, then air dries it.

Are bear trap sandals supportive of the arch? If you have arch-related pain, bear trap sandals with Rebound Technology are a fantastic choice. Healthy feet are pain-free due to the greater arch support.

Many nations manufacture bare traps, including the US, China, and Vietnam. The business operates factories in these nations and other regions of Asia and Europe.

There was no information about the brand’s discontinued sandals. In search of a deal on Bare Traps sandals? Check out the items they have on sale! They offer sandals to fit your needs, whether you’re searching for a casual design around town or a dressier alternative for a special occasion. You can afford to buy extra pairs at these discounted prices, too!