Discontinued Arnott’s Biscuits – Here is the full list

Discontinued Arnott's Biscuits

What are the Discontinued Arnott’s Biscuits? Arnott biscuits were founded in 1865 in Australia, and currently, they are the largest producer of biscuits in Australia. They also produce snacks and or a subsidiary company of KKR. In 2018 they reportedly made a revenue of over US$1 billion. The whole company was initially started as a bakery by a Scottish immigrant in Australia called William Arnott.

Until 1975 the whole company was controlled by the Arnott family without any external help. Later on, they expanded their company and the staff 

to make it a national-level biscuit and snacks company. Their main area of operation was in South Wales, but they had other manufacturing units in Queensland and Victoria. 

They also signed a merger agreement with a Brisbane biscuit manufacturer in 1949 to form Australian Biscuit Company Pty Ltd. Since its establishment, or not biscuits has acquired many other subsidiaries and small companies. The mergers have helped them diversify their products and expand their business to make it profitable.

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Has Arnott discontinued its biscuits?

Discontinued Arnott's Biscuits

Arnott keeps on introducing new biscuits into the market as a part of its marketing strategy. A successful company must keep its creative muscle active to grab the consumer’s attention and retain all the existing customers.

 This is why they keep introducing new types of products; with that, they discontinue products that are too old. This is done to maintain customers’ clarity regarding the effect they want to purchase from the brand and decrease the market saturation.

Arnott has discontinued lattice biscuits. These biscuits have not been available in supermarkets and online for a long time. This is why the customers asked the officials of the Arnott team to answer their queries regarding the same. They then told that the lattice biscuit had been discontinued because of too many variants from the same brand available in the market. They no longer had the shelf space for the lattice variant, so the brand decided to discontinue it. But other veteran variants like Arnott coffee scroll biscuits are still available in the market.

Has Arnott discontinued creamy chocolate biscuits?

Arnott has discontinued its creamy chocolate biscuits, which are no longer available. They have also discontinued their assorted variety pack. You must find an alternative option if you want to have any of these biscuits. 

For years these biscuits have been a staple diet of tea drinkers of whole Australia. This has been a part of all the working organizations and staff rooms. Many restaurants and hotels used to give these biscuits as a complimentary attraction to their customers. Now that the manufacturers have discontinued these biscuits, many people are upset about the same.

Their officials have said this is the beginning of a new era for the company. They are considering introducing many new variants in the coming future. They have to create shelf space for the latest versions, which is why the old ones have to go for now. Whether the company has permanently discontinued the production of these biscuits has yet to be confirmed. But for now, you will need help finding these biscuits.

Public reaction 

Discontinued Arnott's Biscuits

People are ridiculed over this decision to discontinue all their classic biscuit variants. They don’t understand the point of killing the manufacturing of already established biscuits to introduce new ones in the market. A lot of people are even doubting their strategy and calling it stupid.

 People who want these flavors to come back in the market or address their concerns on social media handles and request the brand to bring back all these classic flavors. For years these have been a part of the daily routine of almost all Australians. Now the sudden discontinuation has troubled many people who had acquired the taste of these biscuits. They need to be able to switch to other brands, which causes significant missing.

Arnott morning coffee biscuit discontinued

The manufacturers have also discontinued Arnott’s morning coffee biscuits that had a syrupy taste. The reason for discontinuation is said to be the same as most of the other biscuits. It was also an extremely popular biscuit from 2010 to 2015.

 Then, this biscuit was suddenly discontinued, and people needed help finding it in nearby grocery shops or supermarkets. It was then that people realized that the brand had discontinued the biscuit. Many campaigns were carried out on Facebook, and other social media handles requesting Arnott to bring back their biscuits. Till then, there are no signs of the biscuit returning anytime Soon.

Famous products by Arnott biscuits 

Discontinued Arnott's Biscuits

As the name suggests, the brand is famous for its biscuits. But besides biscuits, they are also very famous for other snacks. Some of their famous snacking items include-

  • Honey Jumbles
  • Honey Snaps
  • Granita
  • Iced Animals
  • Hundreds & Thousands
  • Kingston
  • Gaiety
  • Cruskits
  • Creamy Chocolate
  • Chocolate Wheaten
  • Adora Cream Wafers
  • Caramel Crowns
  • Coconut Rings
  • Creamy Biscuits 
  • Lemon Crisps
  • Malt-O-Milk
  • Milk Arrowroot
  • Morning Coffee
  • Orange Slice
  • Raspberry Shortcake
  • Savoy

Besides this, hundreds of other snacks in different flavors, such as sweet and savory, are available from the company. All of these are enjoyed by different age groups, including kids, adults, and older adults. This is because their test range is so inclusive, and products are so diverse that everyone can find something they like.


Arnott has discontinued a lot of its cult classic biscuits. This has upset many consumers, and they have been demanding to bring back some variants in particular. But the brand seems to have some other vision as they plan to introduce new biscuits and snacks into the market. 

To create shelf space for these new products, they have gradually discontinued the older ones. But the public has yet to accept the fact as they cannot find alternatives for the biscuits they have been eating for the last 20-30 years or even more.

 Chances are high that people will like their new variants as the company has never underperformed in terms of quality and taste. But still, the kind of place that its classic biscuits had in people’s hearts is unparalleled. The brand must bring all the discontinued traditional flavors to make its customers happy.

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