Is Dior Airflash Foundation being discontinued

Is Dior Airflash Foundation being discontinued in 2024?

The phrase “airbrush in a can” launched Dior Airflash into the limelight. When Jeffree Star mentioned it in a video in 2015, the beauty industry took notice. After then, everyone used it; it was no longer simply a makeup artist’s secret. Airflash is the highest coverage foundation that people have ever used; it’s not for the timid, but that’s why everyone adored it. It really is faultless. Many loved putting it over their regular foundation for a more smooth finish.

Consequently, the internet crashed when its demise was revealed. What happened to Air Flash? Became the most often asked question at beauty counters as people stocked up on their sunglasses. It wasn’t long until Dior brought back the renowned spray foundation, much to the relief of its devotees. From Diorskin Airflash to Dior Backstage Airflash, it had changed its name. The formula is as perfect as it has ever been. Light-diffusing pigments smooth out the complexion’s surface and give it a healthy glow. Because it’s a spray, it layers without feeling cakey and feels as light as air on the skin.

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dior airflash foundation

To start with, what is the product about? Dior Airflash Foundation is a makeup product created in the spirit of backstage makeup techniques, which are then put to the test by Peter Philips. He was a man of creativity and the image director for the Dior makeup company. This fluid spray foundation guarantees a flawless finish every time. It instantly smoothes the face and enhances radiance for a flawless complexion that lasts all day, even on the runway, due to its light-diffusing pigments. The water-resistant solution guarantees a 12-hour hold and genuine colors. It offers buildable, bespoke coverage to suit skin tone and texture owing to its ultra-fluid and ultra-fine surface. 

Is Dior Airflash Foundation being discontinued

A 20-person experiment was conducted. The Airflash collection has grown to include eight new shades that adapt to any skin tone’s cool or warm tones. This foundation provides flawless coverage and a long-lasting finish for a radiant, glowing complexion. Dior Airflash foundation has a naturally luminous finish and is exceptionally durable. It can be used as medium or light coverage up to full range while remaining weightless on your skin, giving it an airbrushed appearance. “It settles with no visible texture as a silky-smooth veil with long-wearing coverage, as it is paraben-free and infused with fresh, natural oils that evaporate as soon as they land.” It is ideal for problem skin because it provides a better finish for dry, oily, or combination skin. It is also more water-resistant and will last longer than traditional foundations on a hot day.

The coverage comes next. Although it lightened the skin tone and covered a few facial black spots, several more pigmented ones could still be seen. In other words, if you want a base makeup that covers completely, this is not the product for you.

The water-repellent composition guarantees up to 12 hours of hold and genuine colours. Building up unique coverage to match any skin tone and texture is possible thanks to the ultra-fluid and ultra-fine surface.


Dior Airflash foundation buyers have recently searched for it because it is unavailable in stores. We can infer from a salesperson’s understanding at the Dior showroom that the product is merely being reformulated into a cleaner brand. This states that the product is going to be discontinued from the market.

Dior has wanted to discontinue this product since 2005. There appear to be a large number of misconceptions already in existence. But it might have done so for the right reasons. As per client feedback, they will discover a way to sustainably produce it.

There are multiple reasons behind it. The packaging is not that cost-efficient and is not environmentally sustainable. We are lucky enough to have this long. The termination of Dior Air Flash represents the pinnacle of recent events. A makeup fan believes that although it is unfortunate, it is not a big concern if the companies that create the goods we adore go out of business.

detailed analysis

According to industry experts, these are the theories behind the issues. From the consumer’s point of view, any product has its own monetary value. We won’t think about the trademark, production, or cost of the packaging. Also, the company has to consistently pay for the copyright and, after a certain amount of time, keep that copyright. More than that, they have to spend money on marketing and campaigning for their products through social media, magazines, influencers, etc. Thus, companies spend considerable money on their products when they put them out.

Is Dior Airflash Foundation being discontinued

Therefore, when a company creates a product, they analyze the big picture and consider selling it in numerous locations rather than simply in a particular area. Every so often, businesses will meet together to discuss various issues and make choices. To determine how well the product is performing in the market, they examine the sales for each month and each quarter. They look at every crevice and nook. How, for instance, are the sales of specific tints and colors of that particular product?

Consequently, it covers a wide range. Some large corporations will consider how far their products can travel. They make comparisons with all continents! When it comes to the specific product we are talking about, it is solely sold in the United States. Thus, this was a US-made good intended just for the US.

When Dior considered the big picture, it was clear that the product’s cell count was declining. It was no longer worthwhile to make. The packaging is not environmentally friendly and is quite pricey. The expense of production made it unprofitable for them to continue producing the goods. Once more, they only have a year or two of shelf life in the warehouses before the products are purchased by the stores. Therefore, whenever a buyer enters and buys goods for that store, they check their sales.

Due to the companies’ constant turnarounds and ongoing competition with consumers, they eventually see their products becoming dated. Because it is sitting on the shelf and not producing any money, a new product is created. Customers find it very challenging to genuinely adore and cherish a thing. However, the business will frequently alter its ingredients. This is the event that happened at Dior.

will Dior Airflash Foundation give a comeback?

Dior might rework and reformulate the product. Quite a few businesses participated in this. It is merely a playful runway idea for Dior, which they intended to maintain for a season. Since it was successful in the US, they decided to keep it around for a bit longer before simply discontinuing it. Dior provoked discussion, and they will now bring it back. Therefore, if something is discontinued, wait to buy a lot.

It is typically a product, and you can find anything comparable to it or might be a knockoff for it on the market. There may be even better ones out there. Whether it’s undergoing a redesign or many things are being phased out, if you are upset about something you love being discontinued. Companies must adapt to the times as well. Therefore, regrettably, they must depart since if they stay, they will break and sink. Everyone should be successful in their own right.


The product ought to undoubtedly return with a boom. Customers will need to reflect on what we have discussed so far and wait for a better response till then. Businesses are forced to find a replacement when a product fails to perform financially. They may also be pushed down the same path if a product ingredient becomes unavailable, according to Gerrard. The company makes every effort to replicate it, but it is not always possible, and the product is discontinued.”

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