did evinrude go out of business

Did Evinrude Go Out Of Business in 2023? – Why did they shut down?

Did Evinrude Go Out Of Business? Yes! There is no doubt about it. In May 2020, it clearly announced that the iconic Evinrude Outboard Motors went out of business. After being in business for over a century, the company ceased its production in 2020.

The company was struggling with several problems and was proven bankrupt. Evinrude was acquired by the Canadian company named Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) and called Outboard Marine Corporation in 2001. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the company stopped manufacturing products and quit the business. So, everyone knew about its discontinuation as it’s been three years. 

But the concern for many of us is, “Will Evinrude start being produced by Bombardier Recreational Products?” Is your mind also filled with these questions? If yes, what stops you from reading further! Look no further! Continue reading.

Here, we have shared some important and updated information about Evinrude. It includes, Why Did Evinrude Go Out Of Business? Is Evinrude Still In Business? Will Evinrude Ever Return In The Future? And many more. 

We hope we may come up with all the answers you want about Evinrude. So, let’s start reading without making any further delay.

When Evinrude Came Out?

did evinrude go out of business

Evinrude i,e. Evinrude Outboard Motors was a company that manufactured two-stroke outboard Motors for boats. It produced two-stroke direct-injected engines that range from 25 hp to 300 hp. 

The company was founded in 1907 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by Ole Evinrude, who was the man behind establishing the empire with the outrageous idea for a removable outboard motor. 

Since 1935, Evinrude has been owned by Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC). In 2000, the company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and started working as a part of Canadian Multinational Bombardier Recreational Products.

But several decades later of the company’s establishment, it ceased the production of a four-stroke outboard engine and was only left with the production of a two-stroke engine.


  • Founded: 1907
  • Defunct: 2003
  • Discontinued: May 2020
  • Products: Outboard Motor
  • Headquartered In: Sturtevant, Wisconsin, United States & Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Parent: Bombardier Recreational Products
  • Website: http://www.evinrude.com

Why Did Evinrude Go Out Of Business?

On May 2020, during the COVID 19 pandemic, Bombardier Recreatinoal Products (BRP) shut down Evinrude. 

Regarding Why Evinrude Go Out Of Business, we would like to tell you that BRP, the parent company, stated we want to shift our focus to other marine endeavors. This is the primary cause that led to ceased the production of Evinrude.

The company shifted its focus entirely on producing other marine endeavors and products along with new marine innovations (Ghost Propulsion System) and boat-building operations, including Savage boats, Stacer, Telwater, Quintrex, Alumacraft, and Manitou.

Another reason for closing Evinrude was also explained by the CEO and the president of the company BRP, Jose Boisjoli, “Coronavirus Pandemic is one of the reasons for its closure, as the Outboard Engines Business has been affected by COVID-19 to the greatest extent. So, we are forced to take the step and discontinue the production of our outboard motors as soon as possible.”

They also added, “The business was impacted greatly by the effect of COVID. Also, we have faced major challenges. Altogether, it forced us to take this step. And now we are finally closing the Outboard engines business.”

According to some outlets, it is believed that the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak impacted greatly almost every existing parts supply chain. During the pandemic, everything was closed, and a global lockdown stopped the company from producing engines. Evinrude and BRP were part of the production improvement plans, but everything had gone in vain. 

Reopening the entire procedure requires changes to the production process to allow for social separation and several other accommodations in which health-related accommodations were the priority. All of the conditions were pointing to shut down, repurposing the new products plant and Evinrude for the benefit.

BRP promised to support its customers and dealers entirely with parts, not only with the parts but also with honouring new engine warranties. For this, the engine packages on BRP-built boats were supposed to be supplied by Mercury Marine.

BRP also guaranteed to own the groundbreaking E-Tec and G-2 two-stroke technologies for engine and continued to hold its Rotax engines (for recreational aircraft, marine, motorcycle, and kart use).  

The E-Tec and G-2 Two-stroke engines, such as Lynx snowmobiles, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo Jet Skis, and Can-Am on-and off-road vehicles, are used beyond the marine industry.

Evinrude E-Tec was considered to be one of the largest and first outboard engine technology that had won the EPA Clean Air Excellence Award in 2004 (awarded for the achievement of low emission levels)

In more than 120 countries, The Valcourt, Quebec-based BRP reported its sales of about 6.1 billion US dollars annually. 

Why Do People Prefer Four Stroke Outboard Motors Over Two Stroke Outboard Motors?

Two-stroke engines emit more pollutants, while four-stroke engines are less polluting. Also, it runs at lower RPMs as compared to Two stroke engine.

A four-stroke engine is better if we talk about its fuel efficiency. It consumes half of the fuel than a two-stroke engine.

Besides, it is incorporated with 90 percent cleaner, but the case is not similar to a two-stroke engine.

Is Evinrude Still In Business?

A few years ago, Canadian company BRP made an announcement in which it was clearly explained that it would not manufacture Evinrude outboards. That decision shocked the entire recreational boating industry. 

To calm its customers, BRP also stated why they are stopping making Evinrude outboards. We can understand the company was also struggling with several significant challenges that led to cease of its production.

The company BRP went out of business, but they promised to provide service to their customers, and you will find no difficulty or inconvenience while going for the Evinrude maintenance and repair services as the company is committed to delivering customers the service parts and warranty coverage.

People are also asking, Can they purchase all the parts and accessories of Evinrude directly by contacting the Evinrude dealers? How can they get support for Evinrude accessories and parts? What to do if they have concerns with part and back ordered parts of Evinrude? So, here you get your answers!!

Firstly, the answer to the first question is yes, you can get Parts and accessories for Evinrude directly from the dealers. Or if it is not possible to visit them, then a better option is also available. You can go for it online. For this, you must quickly search its online stores to obtain Evinrude parts and accessories.

The answer to the second question is, If you want any support, you can contact the Evinrude authorized dealer from where you’ve purchased the Evinrude parts and accessories. If you’ve purchased them from online stores, we recommend contacting the dealership from where the parts were shipped.

The third answer is, If you have any concerns with the parts and accessories, you should contact the parts manager at your dealership and discuss the entire problem straightly with them. 

Still, if your concern is not resolved, you can directly mention the issue on its official website or get the case number from your dealer for your satisfaction…

Moreover, you can find the Evinrude vintage parts at Sea Way Marine ((425) 412-4006), Antique Outboard Motor/ Dennis Evinrude ((414) 881-4589), Twin City Outboards ((952) 496-1951), American Outboard & Motors Salvage ((410) 822-1740), Gary’s Marine ((888) 891-0101), the official websites are www.sea-way.com, [email protected], www.twincityoutboard.com, www.americanoutboard.com, www.garysmarine.com respectively.

Stern Drive parts are also available at flagship Engine Co. ((888) 282-2840), its official website is www.flagshipengine.com

Will Evinrude Ever Return In The Future?

There is no clear answer to the question, “Will Evinrude Ever Return In The Future?” On May 2020, it was announced finally that Evinrude/ Johnson Outboard Motors went out of business. For now, we are also still determining whether it will come back or not.

Besides, most of the gas stations are at risk. But Mercury Marine’s outboard motor company continues its business and doing well after being turned to four-stroke engines.

Do you know? You can be able to get service parts according to your need. The company indeed closed Evinrude production, but still, they supply customers service parts. Not only the availability of service parts but also the coverage of the warranties and service contracts are offered.

If you are still wondering whether to go to Evinrude dealer for the service of the engines, then we would like to say, YES, you can!!

Because several Evinrude dealers still offer Evinrude maintenance and repair services.


We’ve concluded that the name Outboard Motors disappeared. The 115 years old electric outboard engine’s name was buried a few years ago. 

It is also believed that the shutdown of Evinrude took time; BRP waited too long to cease the production. Evinrude and all the gas engines are on edge and planning to disappear.

By the way, we’ve shared answers to most queries related to Evinrude’s availability. 

If you are unclear about the issue of the operator’s guide, then we would say, If you have an Evinrude outboard manufactured before 2004, you must contact your authorized dealer. If manufactured before 2010, then you should contact Ken Cook Company.

You must also prefer to contact your authorized dealers or the manufacturer when propping your outboard.